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Extensive prep required, but it pays off!


I have run this scenario two times now (once as a slot zero), and I would definitely run it again. This is not a scenario you want to run cold, or with limited prep time. However, if you take the time to prep this properly (I strongly recommend the awesome handouts on pfsprep!), and you have a group that is even a little interested in role play, the players will have a great time, with some memorable moments. The key is in how you present the debate mechanics, and to take the time to do it in an easy-to-follow fashion. The rest of the scenario is flavorful, but not overly time consuming, so there's plenty of time to spend on making sure your players understand the duel mechanics without sacrificing anything else.

My only complaint is that there is so little backstory given to go off of for the debate, so players and the GM will need to fill in the details. However, if you get a group that pays attention to their in-character role, you can end up with some fun, creative solutions!