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Arena Manager


Brutal Dragonborn

About Linxx Koldrish

Linxx Koldrish is a female dragonborn with nightblue
scales and more scars than can easily be
counted. She dresses plainly and carries no weapon,
but her skill as a martial artist is legendary among
the patrons of the World Serpent. She is obsessed
with the art of brutal, personal combat, and finds
every aspect of the bloodthirsty ballet fascinating and
awe-inspiring. To Linxx, there is no more beautiful
sight than a group of supremely skilled melee
combatants letting loose on one another with all of
their might and fury.

No one really knows where Linxx came from, and
she never brings it up willingly. She’s a dragonborn
interested in the here and now, not yesterday or
tomorrow. Linxx organizes the regular “fight nights”
in the World Serpent Brawling Pit on a semi-regular
basis, and she occasionally joins in the brawl herself
to prove her own mettle and strength against any
boastful winners.