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| Climb +2, Linguistics +2, Perc +2, Profession Soldier +4, Survival +4, Swim +2


| Active Conditions: none


N/N Male Human Fighter/2 | HP: 20/20 | AC Norm/Tch/FF: 22/13/19 | CMB/CMD: +6/18 | F/R/W: +4/+2/+0 | Init: +2 | Speed 30 ft

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Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Ling Chang

Resource Tracking:

Loot Held:
Acid uses:
Wand of CLW uses:

Ling is a large oriental man, stoic as is typical from those of his culture. He also has a fetish about physical contact not only including hugs and handshakes, but even casual contact in a crowd and will go to great lengths to avoid such. he is a new immigrant from southern Tian, having served as a soldier in the army. He was able to loot an officers body after a particularly chaotic battle and use the money to travel to the land of ease and comfort, only to find that paradise was anything but and losing his money to a flim-flam man. He joined the Pathfinders to gain a new fortune. He is more than a little gullible.

Main Stats:

Name (141936-16) N/N Male Human Fighter(Martial Master)/2
Faction Grand Lodge

Str 18, +4 (12[race] +6[10 points spent])
Dex 14, +2 (10[race] +4[5 points spent])
Con 12, +1 (10[race] +2[2 points spent])
Int 13, +1 (10[race] +3[3 points spent])
Wis 10, +0 (10[race] +0[0 points spent])
Cha 10, +0 (10[race] +0[0 points spent])

HP 20 (+16[2d10] +2[con] +2[favored class])
Init +2 (+2[dex])
Senses Normal
Perception +2
Speed 30 ft. (light armor)
Base Attack +2
Languages Tien, Common, Dtang


CMD 18 (10 +2[BAB] +4[str] +2[dex] (+1)[grapple/favored class] (+1)[trip/favored class])
AC normal 22, touch 13, flat-footed 19 (10 +2[dex] +1[dodge] +1[def of soc] +6[breastplate] +2[shield])
Fort +4 (+1[con] +3[fighter])
Ref +2 (+2[dex] +0[fighter])
Will +0 (+0[wis] +0[fighter])
Special Saving Throw Bonuses:
  • xx

  • Offense:

    CMB +6 (+2[BAB] +4[str])

    Normal Attacks

  • +6/1d6+6 Scimitar [crit 18-20/x2; S] (+2[BAB] +4[str] +1[wfoc] -1[Power Attack]/1d6 +4[str] +2[power attack])
  • - [dice=to hit scimitar]1d20+6[/dice]
  • - [dice=damage scimitar, whetstone]1d20+6+1[/dice]
  • - [dice=crit scimitar]1d20+6[/dice]
  • - [dice=damage scimitar, whetstone]1d20+6+1[/dice]


  • +4/1d8+4 Composite Daikyu (Longbow), +4 str [rng: 110 ft;crit 20/x3; P] (+2[BAB] +2[dex]/1d8 +4[str])

  • Skills:

    Skill Ranks 8 ((2 +1[int] +1[human]) * 2[fighter level])

    Acrobatics -4 (+0[ranks], +2[dex], -6[ACP])
    Appraise +1 (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    Bluff +0 (+0[ranks], +0[cha])
    Climb +2 (+1[ranks], +4[str], +3[class], -6[ACP])
    Craft +1 (+0[ranks], +1[int], +3[class])
    Diplomacy +0 (+0[ranks], +0[cha])
    Disable Device N/A (+0[ranks], +2[dex], -6[ACP])
    Disguise +0 (+0[ranks], +0[cha])
    Escape Artist -4 (+0[ranks], +2[dex], -6[ACP])
    Fly -4 (+0[ranks], +2[dex], -6[ACP])
    Handle Animal N/A (+0[ranks], +0[cha], +3[class])
    Heal +0 (+0[ranks], +0[wis])
    Intimidate +0 (+0[ranks], +0[cha], +3[class])
    - arcana N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    - dungeoneering N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int], +3[class])
    - engineering N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int], +3[class])
    - geography N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    - history N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    - local N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    - nature N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    - nobility N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    - planes N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    - religion N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    Linguistics +2 (+1[ranks], +1[int] - Tien)
    Perception +2 (+2[ranks], +0[wis])
    Prof Soldier +4 (+1[ranks], +0[wis], +3[class])
    Ride +0 (+1[ranks], +2[dex], +3[class], -6[ACP])
    Sense Motive +0 (+0[ranks], +0[wis])
    Sleight of Hand N/A (+0[ranks], +2[dex], -6[ACP])
    Spellcraft N/A (+0[ranks], +1[int])
    Stealth -4 (+0[ranks], +2[dex], -6[ACP])
    Survival +4 (+1[ranks], +0[wis], +3[class])
    Swim +2 (+1[ranks], +4[str], +3[class], -6[ACP])
    Use Magic Device N/A (+0[ranks], +0[cha])


  • Gear:

    Explorer's Outfit
    Weapon Cord
    Scimitar, cold iron
    Composite Daikyu (Longbow), +4 str
    Breastplate, 6 armor, ACP -4
    Heavy Steel Shield, 2 shield, -2 ACP
    Plate Helmet (no functional benefit)
    Belt Pouch
    Ioun Torch
    Masterwork Backpack
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds
    Spring-loaded Wrist Sheath
    Nightdrops (5/5)
    Air Crystals
    Oil of Bless Weapon
    5 Acid Flask

    Fighter's Kit
    Climber's Kit
    ~200 gp

    Racial Traits, Traits:

    Race Specials
  • +1 skill/level
  • +1 feat
  • May take +1 CMD vs. two maneuvers as favored class bonus

    Starting Traits

  • Hard to Kill: When you are attempting a Constitution check to stabilize when dying, the penalty on the check is only half your negative hit point total instead of your full negative hit point total.
  • Defender of the Society: +1 trait bonus to armor class if wearing armor

  • Class Abilities:

    Class Abilities
  • Martial Flexibility (Ex): At 5th level, the martial master can use a move action to gain the benefit of a combat feat he doesn’t possess. This effect lasts for 1 minute. The martial master must otherwise meet all the feat’s prerequisites. He can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + 1/2 his fighter level.
  • - The martial master can use this ability again before the duration expires in order to replace the previous combat feat with another choice. If a combat feat has a daily use limitation (such as Stunning Fist), any uses of that combat feat while using this ability count toward that feat’s daily limit. At later levels, when he gains multiple feats through this ability, the martial master can use those feats to meet the prerequisites of other feats he gains with this ability. Doing so means he cannot replace a feat currently fulfilling another’s prerequisite without also replacing those feats that require it. Each individual feat selected counts toward his daily uses of this ability.
  • - At 9th level, a martial master can use this ability to gain the benefit of two combat feats at the same time. He can select one feat as a swift action or two feats as a move action.
  • - At 14th level, a martial master can use this ability to gain the benefit of three combat feats at the same time. He can select one feat as a free action, two feats as a swift action, or three feats as a move action.
  • - At 17th level, a martial master can use this ability to gain the benefit of one combat feat as an immediate action or three combat feats as a swift action.
  • - At 20th level, a martial master can use this ability to gain the benefit of any number of combat feats as a swift action.
  • - This ability replaces weapon training and weapon mastery.
  • Feats:

    1) Dodge
    1H) Power Attack
    1F) Weapon Focus (Scimitar)
    2F) Combat Expertise
    2F) Bravery +1
    3) Improved Trip
    3F) Armor Training 1
    4F) Weapon Specialization (Scimitar)
    5) Mobility
    6F) Felling Smash
    6F) Bravery +2
    7) Spring Attack
    7F) Armor Training 2
    8F) Improved Critical
    9) Greater Trip
    10F) Bravery +2
    11F) Armor Training 3

    Martial Expert Feats: Blind Fight, Critical Focus (BAB 9), Dazzling Display, Disruptive (BAB 6), Gang Up, Greater Trip (BAB 6), Improved Disarm, Improved Grapple, Improved Sunder, Intimidating Prowess, Lunge (BAB 6), Pushing Assault, Saving Shield, Second Chance (BAB 6), Shield Focus, Step Up, Swift Aid (BAB 6), Whirlwind Attack (Spring Attack)

    Chronicles And Boons:

    Google Docs for Ling

    Chronicles and Boons:

  • The Consortium Compact
  • - Inside Knowledge: +2 to Knowledge Local on Consortium untrained. Cross off boon to take 20.
  • - Lord Avid's Recommendation: +2 to Charisma-based skill check on Isle of Kortos. Cross off boon to gain +4.
  • The Wounded Wisp
  • - Exploer, report, Copoperate: Ask if action is good
  • - Prized Find: Gain 1 PP if failed to earn one
  • The Confirmation
  • - Exploer, report, Copoperate: Ask if action is good
  • - Confirmed field agent: 2 PP for a Wayfinder
  • Scars of the Third Crusade
  • - Mendevian Commendation: +1 influence mendevian crusaders