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Except for the changes that are listed, the kineticist talent Telekinetic Invisibility says it otherwise works as invisibility, so does that mean I can use it on the whole party and objects?

I'd like to create a mythic greater artifact that can cast the Permanency spell (limited times per day, up to 3 max with a maximum of 9 total spell levels per day) but can burn Mythic power instead of diamond dust, how many mythic points per 1,000gp would you recommend ?

At most I'd want it that at tier 10 (23 mythic points, draining everything) would allow for permanency for spells with a cost of 22,500gp but spells such as Lost Locale (cost 90,000gp) or Yellow Sign (40,000gp) are beyond it's capability except under special circumstances or coming up with the full cost in diamond dust.

Also the desired spell to be made permanent, must be supplied separately.

If the spell Mark of Blood was made into an Oil and placed into a Bountiful Bottle for a Mark of Blood 1/day, would it work ?

I'd buy that.

Is there anything special from this book I can make from the corpse of a Wendigo?

Goblin_Priest wrote:
You want to keepit hidden from only characters or also their players?

Kept from the characters

Anyone run a low level adventure where one of the characters is actually a high level adventurer on vacation or hiding out so has to keep a tight leash on his/her abilities so as not to make it too apparent that almost nothing is actually a challenge (or brushing his teeth with magic which blinds the low level wizard who happened to be using detect magic at that moment)

How well did it work out and did the other characters ever find out?

Would a mythic kineticist be able to use the Archmage - Mage Strike to make an attack with Kinetic Blade?

Can Amazing Initiative be used for kinetic blasts and other talents since they aren't spells?

Other than the kinetic invocations and item creation feat, do kineticists get any other feats?

Also what sort of magic items are there?

Anything to bring along or send an adjacent creature when using Ride the Blast?

QuidEst wrote:

Acquired, and HOT DANG.

Kineticist gets a ton of options of varying usefulness, but of note: the elemental planar races (and a few others) finally get Kineticist perks! Specifically, one get-out-of-a-specific-feat-tax-free card. Favorite low-level thing: at-will Silent Image for Water!

Which feat tax?

What sort of magic items do we get?

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Can a familiar gained by Elemental Whispers gain the benefits of magic items via Inscribe Magic Tattoo (Item Creation Feat)?

Do elemental Whispers familiar's have any senses when not manifested?

Any good traits worth mentioning?

Ring gates could be useful too

If you have an creature that can summon monster (with a long enough duration that they'll last long enough to transport whatever) on the demiplane then you could have them instead of the mercane, and when the spell expires they disappear, just summon as needed
Since teleport can work on a creature carrying up to its maximum load just summon the biggest available for largest transport capacity

If you include other planes you could use Planar Refuge from Heroes of the Wild, it can be made permanent, it's basically an area on a plane that's received the bountiful trait and any food takes on traits of the plane it was created on, so you could sell it as exotic from some mysterious place

Is there any prestige classes that are compatible and complement kineticists?

Is there a Canadian source to get this?

Can humans or other pc races mix with the various dark folk? And what would be the result of such a pairing if possible?

Can Supercharge and Infusion Specialization be used to eliminate burn from using the any-blast option from Omnikinesis?

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How would you describe the Emptiness defence from the perspective of the kineticist when activated?

When accumulating burn what sort of visual affect would a void kineticist gain?

If Aether is my second element and want to take Many Throw with the Extra Talent feat, what 's the minimum level I'd have to be? Or is it too high level?

What's the benefit of the second use (2 mythic power) of the legendary item ability Rejuvenating over the 8th tier base ability Unstoppable?

"Unstoppable (Ex)
At 8th tier, you can expend one use of mythic power as a free action to immediately end any one of the following conditions currently affecting you: bleed, blind, confused, cowering, dazed, dazzled, deafened, entangled, exhausted, fascinated, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, shaken, sickened, staggered, or stunned. All other conditions and effects remain, even those resulting from the same spell or effect that caused the selected condition. You can use this ability at the start of your turn even if a condition would prevent you from acting."

The bearer of this item can expend uses of legendary power to rejuvenate her body. As a standard action, she can expend one use of legendary power to heal herself of 10 points of damage per mythic tier she possesses. Alternatively, as a standard action she can expend two uses of legendary power to remove a single condition affecting her.

A legendary item must be a minor or major artifact to have this ability."