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Hey creative folks, I am currently playing a Wayang Ninja Barrister, there is a shocking lack of reference material on Legal Precedents in Cheliax, i would love to roll off legal mumbo-jumbo when its needed in an upcoming dealing with devils adventure. fabricate away!

Okay, thank the merciful gm, been knocked out nearly dead many times now. Had two hours where we discussed a "getting dead" proof way past a beastie and anticlimactically kayaked it in one round, other stuff had most of our large party nearly qualifying as landfill. Great adventure!

To bring in two new players as the mans promise arrives at bonewrack isle, I had two Cheliaxan survivors of the sunken ship hiding in the beacon, but could have set them zombie survival ready in the Villiage huts too.

Okay so here is the full meal deal dealt at sea when mans promise first departs the wormwood. It an example to show that you can tip your hand as much or little as you like.

Lachlan's eyes are locked on the Captain's card for a moment too long before he puts on a bluff of enthusiasm, relief and joy as he begin's his reading. Derwyn is no Harrow card reader but he thinks to himself it is the very worst binding of an anchor he has ever heard about, he thinks how fortunate that the new captain and first mate are frauds or they would know it too.

"Okay, great! The Captains card is (the twin) right, well that means the captain and the first mate shall work together as one to guide the ship." He reaches out with his musical instrument to tap the card he is talking about.
" the officers' card is [the betrayal] gone sideways! which mean that if we ration with austerity we shall end up with some to share. The sawman's card is [the desert]...oh goody! That means we shall not need them very much as we will all be healthy with only sniffles and scratches..."
The captain and first mate were watching Harrigan's boat pull farther and farther and were just going through the motions of listening now.
"Sailors's card is [the Mute Hag ] which means no gossip rumours or intrigue on this nicey nicey trip. Most useful tool is the [Unicorn] upside down, so that means we might have spare time to do the extra mending, see how it's horn is like a canvas needle for crewel work? Okay now the most useful part of the ship is the (here he gasped and closed his eyes) Teamster, that means the capstan which is what I'm sitting on right now. I guess I will be singing fun work songs all day long to help us enjoy all our light work."
Derwyn reached out and gave Lachlan's shoulder a reassuring squeeze.
"Okay the wind of the crux is [the Beating] which as everybody knows means that we will have nice strong winds to give us great speed on our journey." The real sailors who knew the twin card as first card meant that the reading must be an opposite or it would all be ten times worse, all feigned joy and nodded maniacally.
" the guide card is the Demon's Lantern, that means that a crooked path is the right one to avoid troubles and makes a troublesome journey easy. The setting off card is [the Uprising] which means the powerful wind will show up right as we begin! Off to a good start then. The at sea card is [the Survivor] upside down! which means we will all arrive safely and the captain may even gain new friends on the way! Lucky you captain! The hard weather card is [the Sickness] which of course means we may help to prevent illness by pressing on through hard weather. The rope or ending card is [the Wanderer] which means we will find a treasure where others find junk. The danger you won't see card is the empty throne" here all eyes joined the officers gaze at the disappearing Wormwood.
" [the empty throne] means restless and vengeful ghosts from your past mistakes will haunt you... But of course this is the one thing you won't have to worry about as that is a danger you won't see. The bounty all aboard will share at the end is [the Keep], signifying that the weak will be kept from temptation by the powerful and inflexible. Wow! What an incredible forecast lies before us! I have never seen its like! Truly good fortune smiles on us this day! Three careers for our good captain Hip Hip Hooray!..."
When the forced and manic cheers were done no one seemed quite sure what to do until the captain yelled at everyone to get to work and get them moving, never once looking at the anchor, but all the while watching and waiting for the Wormwood to slide over the horizon.

I use this each time there is a new departure from a port, I was going to weave in the harrowing adventure so I wanted them immersed in it already, the harrow deck so this is how I did it.

They had an option to have a Varisian Port Harrower do a minor or major reading, according to reputation and payout.

Binding the anchor, a tradition when leaving port or claiming a ship at sea.

When Varisian ships leave port for fishing a reading based on two cards is paid for by the captain. These are "the danger you won't see" and "the bounty to be shared by all aboard" which are drawn from a full deck of harrow cards and pegged into the eyes on the front of the ship.

When vessels leave dock or are departing from being taken at sea, tradition dictates that the anchor is laid horizontal and flat and one by one cards are laid on specific parts of the anchor and bound on with ribbon or rope to signify the crew's brave acceptance of their journey ahead.

The cards are first shuffled one half lifted and rotated 180 degrees, and reshuffled. The captains cArd is placed first sideways on the shank betwixt the eye and the stock. It is tied on, and then the officers' card is placed sideways on the left arm of the stock betwixt the bands there. It is bound on with one loop per officer. Next the sawman's card is placed on the right of the stock betwixt the bands and bound on with one loop if there is one person who is both doctor and carpenter, and two loops if this job is divvy'd. At the crown of the anchor is again sideways placed the sailor's card, and it is double looped in an "X"
On the rear fluke is laid and pierced on the bill is "the most useful tool", after this the same is done to the front fluke with "the most useful part of the ship". Next a card is laid and bound to the palm of the rear fluke as "the wind at the crux", and the same on the front fluke's palm is "the guide card".

Now the cards are laid on lined up from the shank near the stock to the shank near the throat of the anchor. They are bound on with four loops down and three loops spiralling up and signify "journey's beginning", "at sea", and "the hard weather card". Two cards are laid on the rear and front arms and bound from Palm to throat, these are the "danger you won't see" and "the bounty to be shared by all aboard.

The very last card is pierced at its top and tied to the anchor's ring, it is " the ring tag" and signifies how the journey will end, and it rests on the captain's card.}

I started the adventure with a small crew of two so I NPC'd some missing roles to fill it all out. Now I have five folks keen to join so it's going to be a chance for plugg and scourge on the mans promise cull them out. Any ideas of workplace health and safety opportunities for their demise?

I have done something similar with the wormwood, although less elegant. It would be cool to have a sort of prop library for gaming stuff, sign out the big Rubbermaid container for wormwood mutiny chapter 1 with minis, boats etc... Even a grooveshark playlist or something like it. It could have a checklist to redact with a minimal rental fee and a damage deposit. You would have to have a pretty large community to make it worthwhile.

Is there some kind of reality show contest to govern a state as ridiculously as possible without actually getting the people of the U.S.A. To take constructive thoughtful action? The prize for this back room giggle bet must be amazing to be worth turning the constitution inside out so roughly. These guys are totally going to win ahead of Florida, He is merely a climate denier in a lowland coastal state, that's old hat. This is exciting and new - wrapping good old bigotry in the flag of freedom! Freedom of conscience or freedom from conscience?

free market forces give you full jails and obesity, gut reaction results. Why not look into ethical paths to best outcomes? I know not very exciting, very Finnish, no drama.

Is there a way to use articulate buy-clotting to effect change in this circumstance. Have a recommend page for inclusive affirming businesses so the "no haircuts for homos" type businesses feel the empty air in their chairs and see oceans of happy customers gleefully spend next door? Can kindly conversations break down the barriers of xenophobia?

One great city by the weaker thanks cranked up louder than the nasty exhaust fan of my double kilns pinging away as they heat up.

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Wow! Good on ya! And what detailed and constructive critiques by the judges, l learned a ton just by reading them. So exciting seeing the cover as the announcement! Every year gets better and better! Work knowing we are all behind you excited to see its final form, what an awesome year lies ahead! Steady wins it!

Darn, I had hoped sword and board was a fun way to say long weekend rpg sleepover marathon!

It's sort of like peeking at the surprise which wrecks the surprise part, but if the player ISVs good at role playing you can pull aside and have them be an ally in the story telling, they need to intentionally act from their character's perspective and not rig the game.

If they are unlikely to do that then toss in some surprises not in the text but which fit the story. Is this a pattern for this person?

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65. A little more oomph! Spells reach an extra five feet further from the caster, arrows fly ten feet farther, hand held weapons do one extra point of damage, but you have to flip a coin, heads yep, tails nope.

66. Quirky killer~ an enemy made by an ancestor of yours has sworn to kill you personally at a certain time in a certain way, to make it clear it is payback for the mistake your great grandmother made during the crusades. He will not allow you to die any other way, but then he himself gets killed , you think, or maybe you lost him, or perhaps this is him now with the catapult full of hot stew!

67. A deity gives very veiled and ambiguous clues about distant parts of the adventure once a day, possessing ordinary folk around the character and speaking easily through them. This deity is also asking one survey question per prediction, once a day. ( did this, it was a little odd but made for a bit of a mystery while they sorted out what was actually going on)

64. An unusual ninja order requires its third level initiates to serve for a fortnight as a secret guardian for a randomly chosen person as a way to develop awareness of the lives or ordinary folks and bring to their awareness some of the challenges of the guardian, and alternately, the assassin. The glass blower's blind daughter was his first assignment, you are his second. You won't even notice he's there, and we won't tell you when it will start...

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Spell: expelliarmpits ( summon odour eater)

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I paid for my whole seat but right now I' m only using the edge!

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Then we can put stars on items listed that we see again post cull, and see who is surviving. Oh the tense anticipation!

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Okay so I hit my three goals of dedicated, see my own item and have ten I really liked, so from here I will keep voting with less of a intensity, might work on warm up maps on the slim chance I step through and joke items instead.

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Material 1

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Keep on keepin on!

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Ever go herping and LARPing on the same weekend? Which one required more stuff?

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Adverb : Pseudo-chiropractically

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Boring? Oh good my +1 puffed rice cake of exceptional blandness is in!

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Feros wrote:

Guys I know you are avoiding naming the item or being specific about the powers, but many of the items you are referencing are somewhat...unique in their concepts and powers. It's becoming increasingly easy for me to identify them.

If I can identify them, then the various authors definitively can. And what they are hearing is quite dismissive if not rude. We need to vent—believe me I know—but we have to be very careful here. The authors are unable to identify their items without disqualifying themselves. So their hands are tied in trying to defend their decisions.

I have compared it in the past to someone holding your arms behind your back while someone else punches you in the stomach. Not cool. So while we have been doing a decent job so far, we do seem to be slipping towards the bad zone where posts get flagged and eliminated.

Before you post ask if this statement could apply to more than one item. If it can't don't post it. If it can you are probably OK.

Let's try and keep these threads a fun place to visit for everybody.

Just in case it was myself, I pulled my most recent comment. Thanks for good guidance.

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I learned quite a bit from voting last year, I missed the deadline. I'm sure I could have gained a level just from doing that as well as the good feeling of comments and games like bingo, drinking game and the madlibs.
Come off the porch there chum, c'mon in to the warm light of the party. Or if you have some other good wArm company and friendship good on you there and well wishes!

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A map with different levels of altitude or tidal levels would be a nice curveball, or a cutaway three quarter view of a tower or decks of a ship.

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Undead lychy leashes, dunk your tongue in your libation.

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

I think I saw that shield too, I really liked a ranged item that comes slithering back, great!

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Cartographer's guild is a good place to bone up on all things mappy.

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Thanks for stepping in Petty Alchemy

Can I throw in a noun in advance?
Stomach Pump

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This one had so much, it required a flowchart with yes no choices to sort out.phew complicated....
This one has a great and simple idea, but absolutely no formatting or basic info, more like a pitch actually.

This one a creative snake item j'taime!

A magical suit of "RUN AWAY"!

Helicopter of scoping out and scouting

One construction equals only it's price but description has quite a shopping list of spells and materials.

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I wonder how many entries there were?

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The black raven wrote:
SIAC and SAK in one (wondrous) item. Had to upvote it though, as the other one was clearly a joke item :-(

Yeah it's a Jo SAKIC, hockey item from the Colorado avalanche.

Swiss Army Knife In Can. Dibs on writing it up in joke item thread!

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Aaron Miller 335 wrote:

Cutlass of LongPork

Aura moderate necromancy; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 2,315 gp; Weight 4 lbs.

This blood stained +1 Cutlass can be used unlimited times per day to create 5 meals from any sailor.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor ; Cost 1,315 gp

Wow! you should send this one to the joke items thread for enjoyment in posterity also!

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Brigg wrote:
I'm already compiling a new blank template. Should have it by the end of the day.

Thanks! This is such a great idea.

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Strong entry here, but missing the school of magic, although it said "strong" before "(no school)". Sort of thing that makes me question myself as my knowledge is incomplete.

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Think I just read a badly formatted advert for pathfinder novels. Who would enter such a thing?


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Loooove that puking halfling item! Can see many great applications that enrich the story rather than simply quick solving!

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

And the haunting cries of the spirits of the escargot quietly and slooooowly process, each one representing a poorly formatted, GM taxing, overpriced or overpowered item on its eternal descent into the void.

But what is this! One mighty small ethereal spectral slug slowly turns from the funeral parade and takes a tai chi pit stop allowing itself to be inspected, receiving direction and suggestion from others and is transformed into a mighty new and gleaming creature reborn for 2016's contest, it's handler now having an eye for what makes a successful entry.

This years entry did not give its life in vain dear Friends, it died so that we could grow and learn and make its siblings all the better! so stand tall rising upon thy toes comrades and drown out the spirit snail cries for they are a crucial part of the dawning creation of tomorrow and without them our universe would have less colour and vibrancy! Cheer loudly for their procession turns the whelk of existance! Until it's glistening slimy opening founders in the light and it rights itself again, ..............wly.

And I fear mine will be among them, I shall try to catch its eyestalk as it passes.....

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Tiger woods item!?

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Again again! One a week!? Oh pleeeeeeeeeease!

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Skill: profession (sailor)

That's so difficult, my heart goes out to all of you. Know folks are thinking of you and take some of the help people offer you.

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Gripping vs. grippli

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

I think I remember a Brer Rabbit item just like this one.

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This item is a work o'fart.

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Feros wrote:

...and Marathon. Good.

Now the hard work begins. ;)

Congrats on marathon, and preemptive congrats to all that slog over that line!

Next item on the to do list!

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Great idea but mispelled! Did autocorrect strike again?!

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Voted last year as I found out about it once voting started.
Followed it avidly and decided to enter this year, seems like a good course in design and I hope to one day make a really wonderful adventure to share.

I have really enjoyed some of the pathfinder ap designs and hope to do as well but with my own twist on it.

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Skull and shackles had so many great magical weapons that perfectly fit the theme, I am seeing more and more evidence that people's imaginations got deeply hooked by that and they came up with great skull and shackles themed items, way to go creatives!

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