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For thematic reasons, I'm looking to put together a greatsword-wielding Soul Forger Magus. Reading through the class abilities, this would negate spell combat (or rather it would incur some pretty hefty penalties) but not spellstrike. Would I be correct in that reading?

Yes, I have played MMOs (probably far too much) but I fancy trying to build a tank (by which I really mean high AC, high HP) in order to command the battlefield somewhat.

Has anyone tried a build with this feat before?

I'm currently leaning towards Angel-Blooded Aasimar Cavalier, Order of the Blue Rose.

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So going with the rule that one character can only be in one scenario at one time; if I GM three different scenarios simultaneously online, can one of my characters claim all three credits once complete or must they be applied to different characters?

I want to inject some real thrill into my adventure paths. I am currently running Carrion Crown but I am enormously tempted to run Kingmaker but with either 10 or 15 points.

Do you guys think that a 10 point buy is just cruel or could it feasibly work?

I'm currently GMing CC on the boards here. We've just started, have just completed the funerary scene and the group are about to retire to Kendra's home.

I'm going to introduce Adivion soon, because I have a character who is a 'White' Necromancer. She believes that the dead can be used to better society, which aligns quite well with what the Way believe.

My plan is to introduce AA, but have AV provide temptation up to Blood Moon. When AV is killed, I'm going to supplant him with AA and hopefully manage to keep the relationship between them quiet.

This way, either AA gets an assistant for the final battle or the reveal will be even more awesome! However, I could use some ideas for how I can slowly turn this character towards the Way.

Just putting this up in anticipation of the game starting.

Put in place for post-selection celebrations. We'll make a start once I've audited the character sheets. For now, feel free to make introductory posts in the gameplay thread.

"For speech." 'For thoughts.' OOC info only.

Descriptive posts with rolls at the bottom. An example of all rules below.

'A dragon!' Fedryn thinks to himself. "Watch out for it's breath!"

Init: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5


I've been leafing through the published adventure paths by Paizo and I rather like the look of Carrion Crown. As I've been wanting to flex my DM muscles for some time, I figured a play by post game would make sense as it would afford me time to check rules and get advice from other, more experienced, DMs.

Therefore I am opening recruitment for four (4) characters with an option for a fifth in the case of having five characters I just can't decide between.

Creation Rules
- 15 point buy. This is a horror campaign and I like the idea of our characters being low-powered. No abilities above 18 or below 8 prior to racial stats.
- 2 traits, one of which must come from the Carrion Crown Player's Guide.
- Average gold for your class.
- Published Paizo material only. The only thing I'll not allow is the synthesist archetype for the Summoner class. However, I'm not interested in someone attempting to break mechanics so if I feel that is what you're attempting your character won't get chosen.
- Background, description and personality. Nothing too overboard, but a minimum of three paragraphs on the background and one paragraph for the others. Remember you are first level, so try and keep exploits at a believable level.
- No Chaotic or Neutral Evil. Lawful Evil is permitted, assuming you aren't working at cross purposes with the group.

If you have any questions, post them here.

Closing date: Friday 3rd August, 2012.

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Name: Order of the Thorn
Accepted Alignments: LG, LN, LE. For the purposes of gameplay, the Order will have a Lawful Neutral alignment.
Role: Guardians / Lawkeepers
Website: Order of the Thorn

The Order of the Thorn is a Hellknight-based organisation for Pathfinder Online. We want to offer a home to those people who like to roleplay the authoritarian side of lawkeeping and guardianship.

We embody the characteristics of the Hellknights; we look for results and are willing to go to considerable lengths to achieve them. The Order and it's Lictor, Fedryn Mannorac, are both Lawful Neutral. To those that the Lictor guards, he is benevolent as he understands that those who feel safe are more productive. However, he is relentlessly ruthless to those who stand in his way.

Background: Some of the finer points of the background cannot be worked out until we get more information on the Hellknights that are already in the area, but the basic gist of it is that the Order of the Thorns were created in order to prevent the Lictor of the current Hellknight Order in the area being ousted by Fedryn, a local to the River Kingdoms, who was rising rapidly in the ranks of the organisation with a reputation for getting results both civically and criminally.

This fledgling Order was dubbed Order of the Thorn as two slights against it's Lictor; first that a thorn was small and insignificant, and second that it shared part of it's name with Thornkeep, the local den of inequity. However, Fedryn will not be daunted and intends to prove himself the better of the Lictor who tried to stymie his progression and raise the Order of the Thorn to a prestigious place amongst their peers.

Organisation: The Order of the Thorn follows exactly the same structure as set forth in the Pathfinder P&P game. The organisation is led by the Lictor, currently Fedryn Mannorac. Beneath him are the Master of Blades (with the rank of Field Commander) and the Paravicar (the leader of the Order's arcane and religious forces). Both of these posts are currently vacant.

Below the Master of the Blades are the Paralictor's (his lieutenants and officers of the Order) and the rank and file Hellknights.

Below the Paravicar are the Signifiers (any Hellknight spellcaster).

Regardless of the path that a recruit wishes to walk, they will all have the inital rank of Armiger.

An organisation chart will follow.

Aims for the Game: Aside from a healthy does of RP-based PvP, the Order has a goal of establishing a fort in the wilderness which will act as a bastion of civilisation, law and order. Eventually we intend to expand this into a settlement and possibly into some form of nation, although whether this is by ourself or with allies remains to be determined.

Are there any Hellknight-based Companies going at the moment?