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"If your business is concluded my assistant will show you out."

”Grung you hail from a long line of ancient dwarves from the clan Hammerford. You are the second son, Prince Grung, from the Highhelm of Druma clan.” She pauses and lets that sink in. ”You left the tunnels near Highhelm on a trading expedition. Your caravan was on the Coast Road and it failed to pay tribute to Aragnak the Red Dragon. It was a short slaughter. You survived the trauma…barely. Finding a small cave for refuge.”

She waves you closer. See your family and she pulls out a crystal ball canting a few foul sounding words and a foggy image appears in the glass. You can see an old man sitting at a forge, his arms still have strength, but you know he’s seen a better day. He pounds with his hammer and behind him a shadow moves, stepping out of darkness is your youngest brother: Prung. He has look vile look on his face and there’s glint of metal coming from his left hand. He steps behind your father, your father’s eyes widen and he drops his hammer.

She waves her hand over the crystal ball and the scene changes. Your clan is gathered toasting the life of King Hammerford. Then an advisor stands and makes an proclamation, ”Three months ago the Great King Hammerford’s oldest son, Prince Brung, died in the tunnels putting down the duegar attack. And it’s been eighteen months since the second son, Prince Grung, was last heard of. Now, we need leadership and King that thinks of his clan first, not himself, and Prung is that rightful dwarf. All Hail King Prung Hammerford.”

She smirks, "It appears as if your brother has taken your rightful throne."

Here bony fingers tap the ivory throne. "Do we have an agreement?"


bluff: 1d1 + 16 ⇒ (1) + 16 = 17

Grung you listen to her and she's been fair to the others so far. Besides she hasn't killed anyone. Overall, she seems believable.

She does sneer at Kalim. Then answers Grung. "I seek to brew a potent virility potion. A potion that offers strength, resistance, and protection. Your blood is the missing ingredient." Her sagging flesh jiggles a bit. "As I said I'm putting no dwarf in danger."

"" She cackles, "Potent virility potion...yes."

Her bony fingers make a steeple in front of her. "Not only will I reveal your birthright, but I'll show you, your clan in my crystal ball." Her finger tips tap together.

"A simple request for barter..."There is long pause. "...I seek only nine drops of your blood freely given in exchange for your birthright knowledge." She motions to a servant who steps forward carrying a ruby encrusted goblet along with an ivory ceremonial knife.

A bony finger runs over her thin dry cracked lips, "You, seriously, don't know the answer to that question." She cackles grimly. "Yes...yes, I could divine an answer to that question for rght price...Prince."

"Well Kalim the Dungeon of Graves is filled with raw untamed power seeking anew host or meal. I'm sure Grand Cornu will take much delight in extracting every tidbit of usefulness from your enthusiastic soul.

As she mentions soul, she slurps the blood from a fat liver. She slurps with childish glee. Blood trickles down her ashen face.

You dwarf...yes the one called Grungsi do share a glass of fortified spiced mead with me." The crackly voice shrills. "Tell me your desires."

"They all serve the current Grand Cornu, Lorvius, who has held the position since shortly after the fall of Tsar and the retreat to Rappan Athuk by the army of Twilight. They are the command structure. Each ultimately, they do seek greater recognition, fame, and position." She glances as a bloody piece of meat and picks it up slurping the juices. "Everyone, even the numerous underpriests serve others and the Grand Cornu...but each desires to move up the food chain. Chaos is a coveted demonic characterist."

"Patrol Captain Luther, a is a dwarven vampire who controls the skeleton and zombie troops that patrol the courtyard Black Garrison. That is the former army of Tsar. He positions and watches over the first floor areas ensuring the remaining teleporation in and out of the area is scrutinized. Nothing arriving at the teleportal gets by the drawbridge." She lets that sink in. "Of course, the second floor is a wide open floor plan; the inhabitant is a marilith demon known as Blayze." She giggles. "Blayze you get the irony, don't you?"
She laughs more. " She personally leads the elite black skeleton troops, deploying the archers along the battlements before meeting with her infantry to repel anyone in the courtyard." She looks over your small group. You're not intending to try to rid the place of evil are you? Because if you are then the third floor is a magnificently appointed greatroom, with maps of the wilderness for miles in all directions adorning the walls. This area is the domain of the garrison captain, Lord Naphrathoth, the fallen empyreal, and former lieutenant to General Nimrod and tasked to keep the “back door” into Rappan Athuk secure, Naphrathoth takes his station VERY serious. He would rather die than lose this garrison position, and will fight any force to his utter destruction."

She smirks. "Now it [i]is a functioning city. Trade is welcome, but not fair. Is there something you want to know about Captain Luther?"

"LORD NAPHRATHOTH, FALLEN EMPYREAL COMMANDER is a corrupted fallen angel. Orcus himself perverted all that was good and twisted him into a deathleech." Her empty eyes sparkle with envy. "Lord Naprathoth oozes necromatic death, he senses death, radiates death, and claims death for his own empowering and drinking energy."[b] She makes sure the information sinks in. [b]"It's a fools folly to challenge the Lord Naphrathoth directly. Such move will result in certain corrupted death. But should a moron decide to tackle that task, it is rumored that he can not be harmed by ability damage, ability drain, acid, cold, death effects, evil spells, negative energy, and petrification.'

There is long pause before she says, "So, you want to know about Patrol Captain Luther." It's more of statement than question. Her obvious disdain for the graveknight resonates. I'll have to fill this in a bit later but it should get you chatting. She is open to answer question about Lord Naphrathoth.

She motions to display your maps on the table. Her advisor steps forward to review the levels. He nods...they seems to be communicating. "You've been busy...survivalist too." Her bony finger taps her sagging mouth. "Yes, copies of your maps, information has value. We have a deal."

"Does a troll mite have your tongue dwarf? You lose your faith and courage in these tunnels? Or haven't you had enough golden amber?"

Everyone's been so busy, I'm just trying to engage the group to converse.

Goggles of Night:

Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot eyes; Price 12,000 gp; Weight —

The lenses of this item are made of violet crystal.

Even though the lenses are opaque, when placed over the eyes of the wearer, they enable him to see normally and also grant him 60-foot darkvision.

Both lenses must be worn for the magic to be effective.

"Yes, I can help you see in the darkness." The undead sitting on her thrown motions towards an area of treasure. There one her minions retrieves the opaque goggles that strange over the eyes.

The halfling spends a solid hour casting spells and examining the wares. Meanwhile refreshments are brought and small talk is had with undead drow.

"Is there knowledge that you seek and what information do you have to dispense with? Here in the Rappan Athuk that can be more important then quality gear."

There is small keg of golden amber brought out and some spiced mulled fortifications for the others. This along with a couple rounds of hard cheese and crusty bread are offered. Overall, you don't get the sense of hostility, and if several of your members didn't know otherwise, you'd think this is simply a well guarded wealthy merchant.

"As you should be, as you should be but let that not keep us from trade." She motions your group halfway forward. Then puts out a a withered hand to signal far enough. "Show me what you have, tell me what you seek." With that a miserly looking halfling steps out from behind throne and moves towards you. He has spectacles on and wears a magnifying glass around his neck.

karnog and Felic:
You notice that she stopped your advancement well outside of her auras.