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btown_mc wrote:
Hello, I dont have the games that I played in at Origins 2018 posted on my account. Does anyone know the contact for those events?

Having just seen our (Columbus, oh) VC on Saturday he and I were chatting about Origins (general debrief & such) he stated then that he is in the process of getting the reporting completed. If you don’t see anything soon, feel free to drop me a message and I’ll bug him for you.


*** Venture-Agent, Tennessee—Columbus aka LeoKermit

for some reason when I click on them I'm only getting the blank starship sheet

*** Venture-Agent, Tennessee—Columbus aka LeoKermit

Usually they say to cross it off when used on most chronicle sheets; I was reading it that way but wanted to make sure as I know some players would argue semantics. Thanks for confirming that.

*** Venture-Agent, Tennessee—Columbus aka LeoKermit

On the chronicle sheet; jiraku's respect; it does not state if that's a single use spell like ability or daily use. I assume it's single use but wanted to double check before running it Sunday. Thanks in advance.

I and her play in PFS however we are looking to run a campaign on sunday evenings that is not PFS.

Ben, my girlfriend and I have been talking about getting a new campaign going. I do not mind DM'ing and have some stuff I have wanted to run. We're talking about doing this on Sunday nights a couple times a month.

Hayden are you still looking for gm's/players? Myself and my girlfriend have been wanting to either join a game or start a new game (i don't mind GM'ing have experience and some stuff I want to run.) We live on the westside of Columbus and can host if needed.