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Of six ap’s this is the worst


Into book three of this ap; have played six other ap’s and this is hands down the worst ap. The story is extremely underwhelming and feels like it was written as a “where are they now” tour of previous ap’s. If you want to take a tour of previous ap's NPCs and locations then this is the ap for you. If you want a good story I’d try any number of other ap’s.

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Amazing scenario but can vary by gm


Overal this is an amazing scenario. Although I played this before running it at Origins (repeatedly) this review is written from the gm's perspective.

Overal = 4 This scenario is great from the stand point that throughout the scenario the actions of the pc's are constantly affecting things. Affecting the tactics of creatures in combat, role playing, and in other ways then tactics making the scenario easier or harder. A beautiful blend of pseudo dark horror (as much as we do in pfs) and causing consequences (good & bad) depending on the players actions. The only reason I don't give this five is some glaring editing issues and the complexity of gm prep in regards to changing combats.

Roleplaying = 4
There are a number of great Roleplaying moments and I got to witness some amazing inter-party roleplay triggered by events in the scenario it is possible to miss a chunk of the rp gm wise depending on the actions the party takes.

Combat = 5
There are some very potentially lethal combats in here; however with the exception of one they will either be made harder and more lethal or easier based on the actions of the characters. Now.... Keep in mind; gm's use tactics appropriately otherwise this scenario can rapidly crank up the chances of a tpk.

The only big 'issue' is although the party can find out a good bit of the back story it can be very hard depending on the party make up.

I will always love scenarios that find ways to emphasize ROLEplay over ROLLplay. This isn't to say it's roleplay heavy; it is the exploration of a labyrinth but encouraging roleplay in the more dungeon crawl style scenarios is challenging.

on a side note to all my players from origins '16 thank you for such an amazing time running this for you all