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Lemmy Z


Mario Kart


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of Empires II is my favorite.

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Pointless Trivia (Ex): As a immediate action, Lemmy can remember any information as if he had rolled a 20 on a Knowledge check of his choice, provided that the recalled information has no practical purpose or utility.




English, Spanish, Portuguese and VIOLENCE!

About Lemmy Z

My Advice to New Players and GMs:

My Advice to New GMs:

1- Learn to Improvise and Be Willing to Adapt. Your players will often surprise you with completely unexpected ideas. Learn to accept them and mold the story around their choices instead of forcing their choices to match your preconceived script.

2- Don't use DMPCs. That is, resist the temptation of having a character of yours in the party, unless it's absolutely necessary, and even then, it should NEVER outshine the players.

3- Don't Get Attached to Your NPCs. Chances are they will end up dead or forgotten. Memorable NPCs are a real thing, but you should always think of them the same way you think of characters in Game of Thrones. ("This guy is kinda cool. He'll probably die.")

4- Give Them Real Challenges, But Don't Get Adversarial. Remember, the PCs are the heroes! They are supposed to be the stars of the game. Don't be pissed off just because they one-shot'd your villain. Sometimes it happens.

5- Assume Players Will Kill Everything! I'm exaggerating, of course. My point is: Always be prepared for the possibility of the PCs killing (or at least attacking) anything you place in front of them. Sooner or later they will attack someone or something when you were sure they had absolutely no reason to do so. Be prepared.

6- Never rely on a single roll! That is... Whatever plot, mystery or adventure you have planned should NEVER be dependent on the players finding that one specific clue, asking, that one specific question, etc. Always have at least 3 ways the players can reach the next step in the adventure. The more the better!

7- Let choices matter! Not everything has to be an open-ended sandbox with multiple possible results, but whatever choices you give your players should be actual choices. The so-called "illusion of choice" (where the results are the same no matter what the players choose, but the GM pretend their decisions matters) only works until it doesn't. The players always figure it out sooner or later, and when they do, it leads to disappointment with past "choices" and apathy towards future "decisions", thus making the game less enjoyable to everyone.

8- Be honest. Tell your players the truth about what kind of game you're GMing. Is it a plotless sandbox, a rail-road adventure or something in-between? Is it a mindless hack-and-slash, a game of political intrigue or something else? Are you willing to fumble or let the dice fall as they may? Whatever it is that you decide, be honest about it.

9- Listen to your players. Before, after and during the game! Ask them what kind of campaign/adventure/setting/etc they want. You don't have to agree or abide to anything, but listen what they have to say and actually take it into consideration!.

Last, but most definitely not least:

10- Remember: Your Priority is to Make Sure the Players Are Having fun! I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true: The GM has the most fun when the players are having fun. You'll quickly notice that you enjoy the game the most when your players having a blast.

Also, give your players the following advice:

My Advice to New Players:

1- CARRY A FREAKING BOW! If you are proficient with them, there is no reason not to! It's unbelievable how often players (even veteran players!) forget about this! Then a flying enemy comes along and their uber-warriors can't do anything.

2- Carry backup weapons. Because you'll eventually be disarmed or have your weapon destroyed. Have a back up. It doesn't have to be as good as your main weapon, but it has to be good enough to keep you alive until you find a better one.

3- Remember: There are no aggro mechanics in Pathfinder. If you want your enemies to focus on you instead of the squishy wizard, you have to give them a reason to! Most often, this reason is raw damage output, but there are other ways.

4- Don't underestimate consumables. I know potions/scrolls are wasted after you use them, but sometimes, they're all you need to get through that one encounter/challenge.

5- Don't overspecialize. Be awesome at whatever it is that you want to be awesome, but don't do it at the cost of being ineffective at everything else. Sometimes, your usual course of action will not be a viable solution.

6- Knowing is half the battle. Always try and get as much information about your next challenge/enemies/puzzles/quest/etc as you can.

7- Carry wands of Cure Light Wounds and wands of Lesser Restoration. They'll save your life more often than your party. ;).

8- Put skill ranks in Perception. Even if your Wis score is not very good and Perception is not one of your class skills. You'll be rolling Perception skill checks more often than any other, so you might as well invest in it. It'll probably save your life at some point.

9- Buy silversheen weapons. They are really cheap. And quite useful. Not only it bypasses a somewhat common damage reduction, it also makes your weapon immune to rust. All for the small price of 350gp!

Good Luck & Have Fun!

My Wonderful House-Rules!

As much as I love Pathfinder, I still think it includes a huge power disparity between certain classes and characters, so I decided to create some house rules that I hope make it a more balanced game.

These house rules are a work in progress, but they can be found here, in My Magnificent Collection of House Rules, if you want to check them out.

Cool Homebrew Stuff!

- My Custom Weapon Generation System: Now you can have weapons that are cool, fun and unique without sacrificing character effectiveness or game balance!

- My Revised Rogue: It includes a revision of many Rogue Talents and the addition of a new ones, along with a few other changes. I honestly like it better than the Unchained Rogue, but I won't blame you if you think my opinion is biased. ;)

- My Revised Fighter: Because the stamina system is simply not enough to make the Fighter a good class.
Includes new archetypes and a bunch of cool combat feats!

- My Revised Monk: I started this a little after Ultimate Combat was released, IIRC. Went back to updating and fine-tuning it after Unchained was announced. I'm not completely satisfied with it yet, though.
Includes a bunch of cool Monk-related feats and the Universal Unarmed & Unarmored Class Variant.