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If only you were a master of many styles, then you could throw Snake on with it, and with a decent enough Sense motive total turn two attacks into outright misses.

Fighting in full defense with that and panther would be so much fun until your DM decides to stop letting mooks kill themselves on you while you dance around them.

You may find Guided to be quite the useful enchantment for your hand wraps, so useful you may want to scrap the idea of putting your strength so high since it lets you increase your damage and hit with your full wisdom bonus instead of your strength.

Aside from that I would drop Greater Fortitude in exchange for Dazzling Display, drop Dodge for Cornugon Smash/Enforcer, and then aim for Shattered Defenses the moment you can get your hand on it.

If you do that, you'll be able to set up your own requirements for Medusa's wrath, if you splash into rogue and pick up the thug archetype you'll also be able to use Dazzling Display to cause Fear instead of just shaken if you can score +10 on your Intimidate before it hits, if you went with Enforcer you can -Force- a target to become feared and run away with no choice so long as you can actually intimidate it.

I was actually in the process of making a rogue with no levels of monk who'd rely on Medusa's/Shattered Defense, and the whole intimidation/circle of intimidation based off of the characters will cowing everything around it fits One Piece to a T with the whole Haki thing.

[Information on Feats/Enchantement brought up ]

With an extra arm would I be able to dual wield hand crossbows and with the proper reloading feats be able to fire both repeatedly?

If touch spells can deal sneak attack damage, and touch spells can be applied via Unarmed Strikes, what happens if you use chill touch applied via an unarmed attack ?

Will it do Unarmed + Sneak Attack then Chill touch + Sneak attack?

Another way to force sneak attack damage as much as you can would be through the use of Enforcer + Shatter Defenses, though you'd have to use either one attack to apply shaken to one target, or Dazzling Display to spread it across multiple, with Skill Focus Intimidate and any other bonuses you can get to it it's very possible to send groups of mooks running just by waving your weapon around if you chose the thug variant.

I'm actually in the middle of preplanning myself up a debuffing rogue for the next campaign I'm going in who's focus is upon Applying all the tasty -2 conditions I can [Shaken, Sickened, etc].

As for damage, pretty much everything he's gonna do will be Non-lethal via merciful daggers aside from using one Sneak attack to apply Bleeding attack so I get the satisfaction of knowing my character kills by leaving things beaten into unconsciousness before bleeding out.

Frightening [From thug variant] + Enforcer is funny as all hell when you realize you get one round of shaken for every point of nonlethal damage you do, I could be applying Fear with 0 chance for people to resist it after I get skill mastery in intimidate.