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About Legacy of Armistice

A Mongoose Traveller campaign based in the far future within a much changed Spinward Marches.

Where the Marches had X-boat routes were replaced by a Stellar Gate Network which allowed for virtually instantaneous travel to and from any system in the Marches except for travel across the Great Rift to the rest of the Solomani Imperium.

These Gates granted the ruling government known as the Sol Empire almost unquestioned power until 14 years ago when the Gates inexplicably exploded taking much of the Imperial forces with it.

It is now 1256 and the Marches are in the throes of a dispute between the four forces that control the Marches.

The Forces of the Marches 1256:

The Solomani Empire: Ruled the Marches almost unopposed ever since 1105, the destruction has left most of the Marches in their control and compared to most of the rest they're almost benevolent in comparison!

The Theocratic Consulate: The religious extremists of the Empire they seek to place everyone under the control of the Church namely theirs and were building up to invade the rest of the Marches when the Gates exploded almost wiping out their military needless to say this has made them much more ruthless than they were before!

The Aryan Conclave: Formerly the heart and soul of the Solomani Empire and the most advanced nation of the Empire. They have almost no empathy nor compassion for those not part of their society and their drone armada is second to none. The only good news is that the Gates destruction effected them just as badly as anyone else.

The Sword Worlds League: Literally the descendants of the first humans to colonise the Marches these Space Vikings have always resisted Imperial rule and the destruction of all but a handful of their worlds when the Gates exploded sent them mad with rage. Now holding the second largest number of worlds in the Marches they unlike the others have realised the extent of the damage that was inflicted but the effort of keeping their new province leaves them little desire to ally with any of the others who are equally resistant to any kind of truce.

This the Spinward Marches of the future, can you make the difference in a future that has almost literally gone to hell?