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Thalios Dondrel, Son of Mordeki, you say?" He chuckles a bit. "Haven't seen 'im in a 12 moons or so. He's back in town you say?" He gets your scrolls for you.

Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

Astrianna ponders a moment longer, and decides now is the time to ask. "You know, Sagacious Sam is the one who told me about this shop, and he asked me to deliver a message to you. "debts should not go unpaid" was the phrase." She raises her eyebrows slightly, but her face was still neutral. "I dislike the man and his squeaky condescending voice, but I stay on the good side of even the most annoying wizards. Perhaps you could use some assistance in repayment- my companions and myself are quite capable. Or is this a simple matter of loaned coin...?"

Lefty blanches at the comment. "Well...he may be pompous and an arse but he is The best and when you get down to it probably one of the most powerful people in the city. He enchants the more powerful items for me...this out of my expertise. He charges a premium but he is the best and his items are never cursed. I'm in the hole a few thousand gold...thing is he could destroy this place with a wiggle of his fingers." He pauses, he is being a bit upfront with you. "do not go into the item enchanting business that could be costly."

"I'm always willing to assist you in redistribution of your excess coin, Mame." He smiles. "good stuff? Like what? I've the best instruments in town....non-finer."

The rest of the shop goes about their business, your items are gathered by the clerk as Lefty talks to you. The sound of another violin being tested by patron drowns out other sound. So it's safe to talk, especially since the player is not that talented compared to what everyone just heard.

"Ships...well in the Tides of course. the Harbormaster should be able to help you out. There a couple for sale or for rent down there. Not much of sailor myself. I know the smithy...oh, what's his name Relgin is looking to sell his cousin's fishing sloop,Rita. His cousin, Harok Mcfarrows waiting the gallows." He shakes his head.

"Now if you be looking at movers and shakers that's Commander, Gregory Boneduece, he's the best fiddler around and I think he is looking to sell a ship he captured from a smuggler."

"Now, THE mover and shaker of course is Elder Barrison Hargrove aint nothing happening in this Port that he doesn't know about. He is the Grandfather of Port Shaw. Lot's of people get rich with him, or get poor without him if you know what I mean. Beware, he does not like the Tulita." He lets that statement sink in. "He believes their Dragonsmoke is the cause of much of crime, a bit of the smuggling, in Port Shaw. Rumor has it he lost his mother to the smoke and a Tulita."

He shifts subjects, "I know there are a few other ships for sale, Captain Bethany Razor and her first Mate, Korg, brought in the Black Rider last month that damn slaver wrecked havoc on the coast for decades. Heard she is looking to sell her. I don't know the other ships."