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Huh, I get to add this one...
Name: Dende
Race: Half Elf
Class: Wizard 5/Riftwarden7 Tier 6 Archmage
Adventure: Demon's Heresy
Catalyst: A critical, max damage Mythic Enervation to the face.

Details: Our encounter through Xanthir Vang's lair was going fairly well, and we had an answer to everything he threw at us. Finally, in his anger (Totally justified, my character is always angering everything we fight), he fires off a mythic enervation. The DM rolls to hit, and cringes. Rolls again, confirming the critical hit. And as he rolls that D6, his eyes go wide...

After confirming that yes, enervate damage does double, and if a 12th level character has 12 levels drained, it's kinda hard to bring them back without higher level spells. Full disclosure, this is only the second time this DM has killed me, and both times he's had ways of bringing me back because he doesn't want to figure out how to bring in a new character. For this, he did not have it slay me outright, I was instead turned into a Juju Zombie. After Xanthir Vang fled, the party used the luck blade we had found to 1) undo the negative levels and then 2) revive me. Still, I figured being turned into an undead, then technically dying from having my undead state reversed would be a fun read for some.

Necro one more time! Got into a conversation with a coworker who has only played 3.5 about this, so we started digging. So far, there's only one thing I've found talking about using the fighter's armor training towards the shield. So, from 2016:

Tower Shield Specialist
Source Armor Master's Handbook pg. 19
You wield tower shields with ease.

Prerequisites: Shield Focus, Tower Shield Proficiency, base attack bonus +11 or fighter level 8th.

Benefit: You reduce the armor check penalty for tower shields by 3, and if you have the armor training class feature, you modify the armor check penalty and maximum Dexterity bonus of tower shields as if they were armor.

Looking at it, it kinda feels like the archtype was meant to make the tower shield more appealing, and they made the feat because the class missed their mark. It does feel odd that the archtype would have something about the Max Dex if you are still being hampered by the Max Dex of the tower shield. Only thing I can think that it was meant to do would be to match your heavy armor (full plate) to the tower shield since not many characters have 2,500gp to spend just on a set of +1 Full Plate at 3rd level.