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Salim's Big Adventure


A quick note on how I review. I give a score based on my enjoyment and how well the product holds up in its category.

I took a break from The Malazan Book of the Fallen and dove into this quite enthusiastically. I had been looking forward to more from Salim the moment that Death's Heretic came to a close. The Redemption Engine picks Salim back up in the wonderfully odd(alien?) city of Kaer Maga. The locations and descriptions as Salim moves about are where Sutter is at his strongest, the first half of the novel gets a ton of credit for this. (It is no surprise given Sutter's background with the Pathfinder Setting.) The Redemption Engine manages to be fast paced all the while juggling a cast of characters and elements that all manage to blend wonderfully into Salim's journey, both physically and emotionally. Succinctly, it was a fun read.

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Don't be dissuaded


A player review.

This was incredibly fun. The monsters had us in a constant sense of what and why in the dungeon. Stepping back into my GM shoes for a minute, I thought the monster builds were incredibly creative and subverted what the players expected to be playing against.

I had a lot of fun. It might not be what we expected but I think that ended up being why we had so much fun. It was a bit of a combat slog, but that I think was in the scope of our expectations.