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John Napier 698 wrote:
I am a programmer working mainly with C / C++. Several years ago, I developed a stand-alone database program to keep track of large anime collections. The first thing I did was design the structure of the generic database entry. Then I got some graph paper and did some "paper prototypes", which is how every screen is supposed to look. I then wrote the "usual" database manipulation routines and bound them to the buttons on the appropriate screen. If anyone is interested, I'm willing to provide free advice for any sub-project for this thread of discussion.

Any idea on a good way to store errata? Or should that be left as an afterthought and just focus on the core content?

I'm currently working on a Pathfinder Character Manager but struggle to find the time for it.
I try to spent at least 3 evenings out of my week on it.

I'm good on the technical side but what I really like is a good design, if yous want some JSON blobs I could upload what I have somewhere if you like?

So far I've got some json files for equipment, feats, naturalDamage, races, sizeModifiers, spells and traits.