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Full Name

Lady Annara Utoxier-Lee


Zhodani lineage


| Stamina 12/12 | Lifeblood 11/11 | AC 11/11/10 | R+2 F+1 W+4 | Init +1 | Per: +1 | PSI 14/14


Psionic Noble L3





Special Abilities

PSI Trained



Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 11
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About Lady Annara Utoxier-Lee

Lady Annara Utoxier-Lee
Diplomat and Member of Utoxier-Lee Industry's
Home: Tentatha City

PC IN THREE WORDS: Cosmopolitan, Noble, Gifted.

Lady Annara Utoxier-Lee Back ground:

Lady Annara Utoxier-Lee was born into one of the planets founding family's. A family that own and run Utoxier-Lee Industry's. A family with a very strong Zhodani lineage. This can be seen in their looks. Often tall and slender. As the youngest child of the youngest brother of the family's current head. She would not be holding any board seats soon. Being a Lesser house child, her life was to be, a Good Boarding school, a good university then an arranged marriage and Family. Nothing exciting at all. But for her Zhodani heritage. Like all her clan as a child of 13 she was tested for PSI talent. The test was Positive, this changed her status overnight. Now she was an asset to the family and this meant a change of life plan.

She was enrolled into the PSI-Corps Academy. She spent the next Seven years there. Wile there her range of PSI powers where trained, she learned skills of the mind and how to use PSI drugs. What made her family happy was the fact she was very gifted. Of the five areas of PSI she had talents in four. Few ever learned that many and this meant she was noticed out side the family. Being such a gifte Noble, the ruling council offered her a place in the planets Diplomatic core after graduation. She She meet with the house head her uncle. Who agreed that she should take up the post even if it meant dull office work. As a miner house on the planet it would add a small amount of prestige. Possible give them even some advantage in negotiations with larger and more powerful houses.

In the Diplomatic core she rubbed shoulders with Nobles of much higher rank then her. Most from real power player houses who had little time for her even with her gifts. How ever she gained training. Sent on a number of less then spectacular postings well away from the real halls of power. She found little chance to shine, but then again, she made any mistakes. Then out of the blue she was judged competent to the point she could head up to the planets only space-station. Probably because no one wanted such a risky and out of the way post. There she was to oversee Budgets for work under-way. Endless meetings and the discomfort of space had finely made her mind up to must out after this tour.

A skilled diplomat and gifted Psionicist she lives between the family business estates and her Capital City Condo.


Lady Annara is an strongly independent and highly intelligent woman.
Keenly smart and with PSI gifts, she can stand on her own. She is always polite with that noble bearing others notice at once. Sometimes she is a little hoity to the point of being seen as bossy. But as a noble she expects others to at least respect her. she has a Paranoid steak, having had run-ins with, the press, other houses and even anti noble terrorists. So Annara is very secretive about her privet life, Most of all her love life. She has had a number of lovers of both sex's. At the moment she is seeing a female Artist and painter.

Annara's family has a strong Zhodani lineage, hence her looks. She is 6'2" Annara is very slender. White Hair and deep vividly blue eyes a Zhodani trait. In other words very much a Utoxier-Lee in Looks. But after 400+ years the blood line has thinned, so she also has some Solomani about her as well.
She is always well dressed and has TL9 tech, marketing her out as a Noble. She moves with grace, doing her best to look presentable at all times.
Diplomatic Psi-corps uniform


Str - 10 +0
Dex - 12 +1
Con - 11 +0
Int - 18 +4 [16+2]
Wis - 12 +1
Cha - 12 +1
Edu - 13 +1 [15-2]
Soc - 16 +3

Psi [14]

BAB +1

Saves F+1/R+2/W+4

Lifeblood 11
Stamina 12

AC 11 touch 11 Flat-footed 10
Ballistic weave jump suit. DR4/ Ballistic DMG [dos not cover head]


Utoxier-Lee Industry's ->
mw Body Derringer: [Hidden on body]
Cost Cr 600 Weight 200g Range 5m Damage 1d6 (X2) (Piercing) Size: T
TH+3 - 3 Tranquilizer - 3 Normals

mw Snub Pistol: [TL8]
Cost Cr 900 Weight 250g Range 18m Damage 1d10 (Piercing) Size: S
Laser Sight 200Cr +2 Close range TH +5
Clips x4
2 clips Normal rounds.
2 Clips Tranquilizer Rounds

Tranquilizer Rounds - [Body Pistol]
Target must make a Fort save vs. DC15 or fall unconscious. Check made at +1 DC per round hit by

mw Boot Knife [Hidden in Clothing]
Cr20 0 250g - 1.5/3 meters 1d3 TH+3

Feats and Traits:

Starting Feat x1
1: psi Training
Bonus feats x3
1: PSI-Talent -> Clairvoyance -> Sense.
2: PSI-Talent -> Telekinsis.
3: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> Detect life.

PSI Free PSI feat.
1: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> PSI Shield.

NOBLE - Starting Feats
Armor Proficiency (Light, Vacc suit)
Weapon Proficiency (Swordswoman)
Weapon Proficiency (Marksman)
Vehicle (Ground – Wheeled)


Psionic Mental Discipline Autohypnosis [Int/Edu]
Benefit: You have had some basic training in mental control. Autohypnosis is always considered a class skill for you, and you get a +1 trait bonus to Autohypnosis checks.

2: Planet Noble House Utoxier-Lee
You come from one aristocratic family's that rules the plant,
you again access to higher level Tech.
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (nobility) checks. In addition, gain access to +1 Higher Tech Level Equipment with the GMs approval. [TL9]

3: Diplomat
You know how to handle delicate communications with different groups of people.
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks.

Paranoid Noble
You believe that someone or something is always out to get you, so you have a hard time truly trusting anyone. Red Faction, the Press other houses.
Effect: Anyone who attempts an aid another action of any type to assist you must succeed at a DC 15 check instead of the normal DC 10 check.


Starting Skill Points:
Levels 6+4 x 3 = 30
Human +3 Ranks Level
Skill points 33 Ranks 33 used


+1 Acrobatics[/url](+1dex, 0rank)
+8 Appraise(+4int, +1rank +3Class)<
+10 Autohypnosis (+4Int +2Ranks +3Class +1Trate)<
+10 Bluff (+3Soc +1Ranks +3Class +3trait)<
+7 Bribery (+3Soc +1Ranks +3Class)<
+1 Climb(+1str, 0rank)
+4 Craft (all)(+4int, 0rank)<
+- Disable Device (+4int, 0rank)
+12 Diplomacy (+3Soc +2Rank +3class +4Trates)<
+1 Disguise(+1cha, 0rank)
+- Escape Artist(+1dex, 0rank)
+3 Heal (+1wis 0rank +2Item)
+7 Intimidate (+3Soc 1Rank +3Class)<
+10 Linguistics(+4int 1rank +3Class +2Item)<
+1 Perception(+1wis, 0rank)
+0 Ride (+0Str 0ranks)
+1 Perform [All] (+1Cha 0Rank)<
+4 Profession (All) (+4Int +0rank)<
+8 Sense Motive(+1wis, 3rank +3class +1trait)<
+1 Sleight of Hand(+1dex, +0rank)
+1 Stealth(+1dex, +0rank)
+1 Survival(+1Wis 0rank)
+0 Swim (+0Str 0rank)
+- Use Alien Device (+1Cha 0rank)

Concentration +7 (3L+4INT)

Traveller Skills ALL [Stat+4 if no Ranks
+5. T\Drive [+1Dex +1Rank +3trained]<
+10 T\Leader [+4Int +1Ranks +3Class +2Trate]<
+5 T\Comms (+1Edu, 1rank +3class)<
+5 T\Computer (+1Edu, 1rank +3Class)<
+7 T\Admin (+1Edu, 1rank +3Class +2item)<
+7 T\Law (+1Edu, 1rank +3Class +2item)<

Knowledge Skills : [+1edu +0Ranks] Unless Ranks
+1/+3 K\Engineering (+1Edu, +0rank)<
+1/+3 K\Geography (+1Edu, +0Rank)<
+1/+3 K\History (+1Edu, +0rank)<
+5/+7 K\Mathematics (+1Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+5/+7 K\Local (Homeworld) (+1Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+1/+3 K\Nature Sciences (+1Edu, +0rank)<
+6/+8 K\Nobility (+1Edu, +1rank +3Class +1trait)<
+1/+3 K\Religion (+1Edu, +0rant +2item)<
+5/+7 K\Psionics (+1Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+1/+3 K\Physics (+1Edu, +0rank)<
+5/+7 K\psychology (+1Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
NOTE: With 1d10 Minutes use of her PDA, gets +2 item added to K\X rolls from Knowledge DB software.

PSI: Spheres Affinity
- Teleportation. [Ranks 2]
- Telepathy [Ranks 2]
- Clairvoyance. [Ranks 3]
- Telekenisis [Ranks 3]


Alternate Racial Traits:

Silver Tongued:
Human are often adept at subtle manipulation and putting even sworn foes at ease. Humans with this trait gain a +2 bonus on Leader, Diplomacy and Bluff checks. In addition, when they use Diplomacy to shift a creature's attitude, they can shift up to three steps up rather than just two. This racial trait replaces skilled.

Noble L3:

Nobles generally move in high-powered circles, meeting rich, powerful or well-respected individuals in the course of their activities. They often serve as diptomats or act as representatives for interest groups. Many Nobles have a specific vocation, such as Naval Officer or Diplomat, while others are freelance troubleshooters or members of a higher noble's household or court.
Characteristics: While some Nobles are rich playboys, most are skilled and dedicated, either born into a tradition of service or elevated to their rank in recognition of their past deeds. Either way, Nobles tend to be skilled at leading and directing people and have a get-things-done mentality. The vast majority of nobles would be very reluctant to act against the interests of the govern)nt or the people it represents.

Background: A character can be a member of the nobility in two general ways. They can be born into a noble family or elevated for exceptional service. This can be military or diplomatic service or in recognition of scientific or artistic brilliance. Nobles tend to be well educated and cultured individuals, or are expected to become so after their elevation.

Adventuring: Having a Noble in the party opens doors. Red tape tends to vanish and officials are often more polite and efficient than towards other characters. A Noble will tend to get better sults than a commoner when trying to take charge of a situation, however good their respective ideas may be. A Noble's skills are primarily in leadership and diplomacy, but many Nobles develop proficiency with weapons - particularly the dueling sword - and may have high combat skill levels due to a previous career, for example in the Navy.

Class Type: Core
Initial Requirements: A starting character must have Sociai Standing 16 + to become a Noble.
Multiclass Restrictions: To multiclass into the Noble class, a character must have Social Standing 16+
Abilities: Social Standing, Education, Intelligence
Stamina: 1d6 + Con modifier per level
Starting Funds: Cr5,000

NOBLE CLASS FEATS *Noble Presence *Noble Indignance *Patronage *Trust Fund

NOBLE - Starting Feats
Armor Proficiency (Light vacc ), Weapon Proficiency (Swordsman), Weapon Proficiency (Marksman).

NOBLE - Bonus Feats (as per table above)
Carousing, Connections, Fast Talk, Hobby, Interrogation, Iron Will, Legal Eagle, Natural Born Leader, Noble Indignance*, Noble Presence*, Patronage*, Trustworthy, Trust Fund*, Vessel (any).

>* Specialised class feat.

Appraise (INT), Bluff (SOC/CHA), Bribery (SOC/CHA), Craft (any) (INT), Entertain (any) (CHA), Gather Information (CHA), Innuendo (WIS), Intimidate (SOC/CHA), Knowledge (any) (EDU), Leader (INT/CHA), Liaison (SOC/CHA), Profession (any) (WIS), Read/Write Language (None), Sense Motive (WIS), Speak Language (None).


Terms 1
Duty Assignment: 1d20 ⇒ 12 Diplomatic Post
Survival DC (4): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22 Social Test
Promotion Check DC (21): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10 No promotion
XP Bonus DC (8): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11 Success
Bonus XP: 1d4 ⇒ 4 4000 XP bonus, 4000 XP base
Character has reached 7000 exp, maximum to start game, mustering out
Cash Benefits: 1d6 ⇒ 2 50,000 credits
Material Benefits: 1d6 ⇒ 1 High Passage, invalid to start, 9,000 credits

Final Result : Level 4 Noble,
59,000 credits,
7,000 EXP,
Age : Starting Age + 4 years

Annra served for 4 years as a diplomatic attache. She basically went between regional councils and helped negotiate border disputes, trade disputes, and so forth. She didn't distinguish herself, but they didn't embarrass themselves either. They made decent, but not spectacular (by noble standards) money.

On this planet, Noble is basically a Scion of one of the founding houses. Noble titles are much like the modern world, they have meaning socially, but not from a 'I can boss around people on the street' standpoint. Basically, your character would be a House Knight.


Annara is Psionic, From ger Familys Solamani/Zhodani mixed blood.
Tested as a child of 13 and find to have a PSI ability, she was sent by the Family to be trained. Finishing at 21 with the aqivalont of an undergrad in Psionics and Deplomacy.

PSI score [14]

Spheres Affinity
- Teleportation.
- Telepathy
- Clairvoyance.
- Telekenisis.

psi Training


Clairvoyance ->
1: Sense Rank2 Cost 2PP + Range time 30 Seconds.

Telekinsis ->
1: Telekinsis 1g 1pp 10g 3pp 100g 5pp +Range 60 Seconds.

Telepathy ->
1: PSI Shield, Always Cost 0 Rank 1 Always on.
2: Detect life 2pp+ range 60 Seconds.

-Trained Talents so far.
1: Clairvoyance -> Sense (become aware of characteristics of a general area)
Rank 2
Cost 2+
Distance )pp to Planet 6pp
30 Second
See keep points in a location.

The Difficulty Class for saving throws against psion powers is 10 + the power's level [Rank] + the psion's Intelligence modifier.

Starting Feat x1
1: psi Training
Bonus feats x3
1: PSI-Talent -> Clairvoyance -> Sense.
2: PSI-Talent -> Telekinsis.
3: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> Detect life.

PSI Free PSI feat.
1: PSI-Talent -> Telepathy -> PSI Shield.


Psionic Mental Discipline Autohypnosis [Int/Edu]
Benefit: You have had some basic training in mental control. Autohypnosis is always considered a class skill for you, and you get a +1 trait bonus to Autohypnosis checks.


With her on Space Station

Clothing Jump suit Ballistic weave 2500Cr TL9
Ballistic weave jump suit. DR4/ Ballistic DMG [dos not cover head]
Vacc Suit TL9 9000Cr Max Dex +0 SP-5 AR+4 8Kg Speed/2
Personal Watch, Wrist + TL8 -- 100c
Personal Communicator 8 Cr250 0.3 kg Special x2 [mobile phone]

Belt case[ Water / Shock resistant] 200Cr
PDI-Hand Computer (TL 9) [Computer/1] min to use 3000Cr
A hand computer is a portable computer system with considerable processing power. It is more powerful than a computer terminal, and can be used without access to a network. A hand computer costs twice as much as a normal computer of the same TL but can he held in one hand and operated with the other.
Database: [Specialist books DB] [+2 Kn-skills, 1min use time] A database is a large store of information topics that can be searched with a Computer check or using an Agent.
Built in Mic [Short range]/HD Vid-Camera/mem-stick reader/Data link
Small Med Kit 5/5 With Heal drugs and
Buster x2 +5pp 1hour at max PP +3pp 1 hour if below.*
*note taking more than 3 Doses of PSI drugs in 3 days means a DC6 con roll or lose a PSI point permanently.

Displays data. Using a computer without an interface is a Formidable (+6 DC) task.
Security programs defend against intrusion. Rating 0 is Average (+0 DM).
Difficult (+2 DC Computer Hack) difficulty
Translator: TL9
Translators are specialised Expert systems that only have Language skills. The TL 9 version just provides a near-real-time translation.
All weather shock case. 200cr

Cold light Torch x2 40Cr
First Aid Kit 250Cr


mw Body Derringer: [Hidden in boot]
Cost Cr 600 Weight 200g Range 5m Damage 1d8 (X2) (Piercing) Size: T

mw Snub Pistol: [Hidden on Body] [TL9]
Cost Cr 900 Weight 250g Range 18m Damage 1d10 (Piercing) Size: S
Laser Sight TH+5

mw Boot Knife [Hidden in Clothing]
Cr10 0 250g - 1.5/3 meters 1d4 TH+3

Tranquilizer Rounds - 30 60Cr
Target must make a Fort save vs. DC15 or fall unconscious. Check made at +1 DC per round hit by

* (1,000 Cr) Medical Drugs (TL 8): (10 doses) Heals 3d6 Stamina, 1 d4 Lifeblood. If the Medical Drug is taken more than once in a 24-hour period there is a high risk of overdose. The user must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC20) or immediately fall unconscious (reduce Stamina to 0) and suffer 3d6 Lifeblood damage.

Condo - Home
Heavy/Magnum Autopistol: [Kept in Car]
TH +4 Cost Cr 500 Weight 1500g Range 65m Damage 1d12 (X2) (Piercing) Size: S + Laser Pointer. 15 clip x3
Home Computer 500Cr
Printer 200Cr
First Aid Kit 250Cr
Bladed weapon (Fine Dualing foil) 250Cr [On wall]
Fine clothing Assorted +400Cr
Binoculars Cr25 1 kg
Cameras Telly Photo x20 100Cr
Recording Devices 300Cr
Travel Case with clothing 30Cr
Smoke Grenades x2
Tranq Gas Grenades x2 In car
Most grenades and explosives are beyond the scope of this work, being primarily military in nature. However, gas grenades are frequently used in security applications and are available with a Cat 3 permit. When a Tranq grenade is set off, anyone within the radius of effect (6m) may be affected. They must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or immediately fall unconscious. This save must be made each round the character remains
within the blast radius of the grenade and the gas persists. The gas will persist for 1d3+6 rounds (1d3+1 in windy conditions). Tranq gas has absolutely no effect on persons in vacc suits or wearing breathing gear, filter masks etc

Custom car SUV roadster.

Starting 50,000 Diplomat +9000 mustering out + 5000 Noble Class)
= 64,000 credits,


[b} Armoured Roster SUV
TL [9]
Agility: +2 [Manoeuvrability +1]
Size Large Car -1
AC 15 -1+2+4
Passengers/Crew: 2 [3]
Off-road: 40kph, Very Slow: 0-20kph, Slow: 21-40kph, Cruising: 40-90kph, Fast: 122-224kph, Maximum: 160-250kph
Design Specifications
Installed Components
Size Large
weave + Reflective + MEP shielding, DR 10/
Cost EP Range Damage SI
Fuel Cell engine Fuel 150 - - 750 km - 18
Passenger Seats (2) Cargo 40lv
Seances, Anti Flare, 250m spots.

In Car
Cold light Torch x2 40Cr
First Aid Kit 250Cr
Binoculars Cr25 1 kg
Breakdown Kit 200Cr
Cameras Telly Photo x20 200Cr
Recording Devices 300Cr
Weapons -> see
Travel Case with clothing 30Cr

contacts and Enemys:

1: Utoxier-Lee Family [Father Mother and three bothers]
2: Vathan Head of Her Security - Utoxier-Lee Industry's
3: Bleena Rivess-Coop Best friend Layerr.
4: Fernán Miguel Gómez - Works for Vathan as Body Guard.
5: Great Uncle Johann - one of the ruling council.

1: The Press, always seeking a story. [Always after a story]
2: House Brinx-Hina [Competing house]
4: The Red Faction - Anti-Noble Terrorist group.

Relationship Vathan:

After a run in with the anti noble terrorists. She only survived because of Vathan her long time body Bodyguard, Driver and head of personal security. She will in most cases act on his input, being well trained and very skilled.

Relationship Fernán Miguel Gómez:

Fernán Miguel Gómez
It was Vathan that suggested employing Fernán into her security detail wile on the space station. He could use a Vacc suit and was skilled in technology and Piloting. She likes Fernán he's charming and good at his work.