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My biggest issue with Unchained Monk is Wholeness of Body ability.
2 Ki points, as a standard action to heal as a barely stronger CLW. This ability was insult with the base Pathfinder monk, mediocre in 3.0 and 3.5, and working as intended in AD&D 2nd edition (implying anything in the 2nd edition was working as intended after all), it was copy of Paladin Lay on Hands ability.

So more then 10 years and 4 editions later, this ability is still mediocre, while Paladin gained useful Lay on Hand, usable as a swift action, and further empowered with mercies.

Was making this ability cost 1 Ki point and make it usable as a standard action asking too much for such overpowered class as monk?

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I remember a game some 10+ years ago, AD&D 2nd edition. We had such DM.

Moment you gain Mace of Distruption (was more powerful then later weapon enchant) you will no longer encounter undead. Fighter wearing Frostbrand (you take half damage from all fire attacks) is never targeted by fireball or any fire attack anymore.

We joked that such items are giving us real immunity, and if we continue to gather them, DM will run out of monsters. Good old times!

Or maybe to be an elf. Bonuses on dex/int are great, take +hp as a favorite class bonus to negate con penalty. And you get free proficiency with Elven Blade, which is 1d10, 18-20/x3 crit 2h finessable weapon. You gain free weapon focus at the first level, take finesse as a 1st level feat, and you can add dex to damage at the 2rd level. Also this is 2h weapon, so you can have greater bonuses for power attack later