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Ref:DM Zyren's Heart of Ruin 3rd

ZZ would like to link these threads. It would also be nice if the old recruitment thread could be merged and linked as well. It does not seem possible afterward. If there is a way, please give the info on how to do it, if not please add it to your to-do list. After all it's doesn't have more than one or two thousand items on it, does it, Gary? :)

Thanks for anything you can do.

I ordered the bound product: Book of the River Nations: Complete Player's Reference for Kingdom Building (PFRPG) Print/PDF Bundle published by Jon Brazer Enterprises, on July 17, 2011. It appears not to have shipped though a estimate of shipping in 2-6 days was given.
Could someone please look into this and give me a status update?

Thank You.