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Congratulations on everyone selected!

Happy New Year to all!

Ladarraton Corvus II is complete.

Dropped Diplomacy for Nature; a Quartermaster should be a drover.

Added weapons and other equipment.

Thanks for your consideration.

All questions and comments welcome.

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Some updates to the profile and some extra story here.

Orchid and Corvus:
Orchid is one of the few that could remember the Corvus family after so long. The relationship between a devotee of The Prismatic Ray and one of The Lady in the Room was interesting, shall we say. Orchid did watch Ladarraton grow up, noting some talent in the very young elfling. But it was a long time ago even as such as they would count it.

Adding the above for Orchid since she might remember him. I kept it vague so Orchid could take the lead in what the past relations between them was.

While I don't want to try to write a connection this early with everyone posting such excellent entries, I do have to note the arrival of a rival.

Mateo's overall very similar in what he does to Ladarrion so here's the start to a rivalry (between the characters of course!).

Landarrion and Mateo meet:
Before the disaster, Captain Funkle's company was retained by Breachill to chase bandits and such but not allowed in town because of warnings by others of past unfortunate events. A while back a bandit raid on the supplies for the town and the company was promptly defeated. Ladarrion took Mateo into custody reliving him of his weapons and armor. Corvus is still wearing them to this day, because his was worn or damaged. While ordinary, they do have a distinctive look about them. (Which JR may define if he wishes.)

More refining to come, tired now, yesterday was exhausting. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I see that my entry is kind of colorless compared to many entries, but I'll just double down on that. Be the contrast to the others. I'll add a bit more story and flesh out the crunch Monday. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Here is my entry.

An elven mercenary soldier with many skills, a rogue with a combat focus and a touch of magic.

Short Version Backstory:

Over a century ago, Lainau Corvus, a Calistrian Cleric and her husband Condlavim, a Merc Quartermaster, came to Breachhill for her to give birth to their son Ladarraton. After twenty unremarkable years, they left for the home between the surface and the Darklands, where Ladie, finished growing up and learning his father's trade.

Jet black hair and eyes, six foot tall and willowy and graceful, in that elven way. Chiseled muscles, snappy movements. Well spoken if somewhat aloof. Very neat in dress and comportment. Usually dressed in light leathers, with light weapons visible.

Professional, that is the first impression. No nonsense, crisp and to the point in speech. Bit reserved but polite if spoken to. Often reading something if not otherwise busy.

Town Questions:

1. Full Name: Ladarraton Corvus II

2. Age: 111 according to town records.

3. Gender (strike through as appropriate): Male

4. Place of Birth:Breachill

5. Current Residence and how to contact you (for payment purposes): Wizard's Grace, the proprietor can pass messages on.

6. Faith (you may choose not to share this information): At my homeland Calistria or else. Here maybe Abadar, if I die, just drop me at the mortuary I don't care.

7. Current employment (please state if not applicable): Mercenary Quartermaster Private looking for contract.

8. Details of your next of kin and how to contact them (in case of emergency - adventuring is dangerous): My father is Condlavim Corvus, lith' Sonecle, last I knew he's in Mendev trying to keep order. Send a missive to the Bulwork of Gorum in New Steven Brevoy. Might get through. Mom is Lianau Corvus, she in The Hearthland of the Serene Sting, send a message to Yorkie a merchant in Kalada a small town, they sometimes trade there.

9. How did you first hear about the Call for Heroes? Born here, hard to miss, surprised it's still going on.

10. Why should we select you to aid in our call? What are your greatest strengths? Professional soldier. Trained Skirmisher and forager.

11. Tell us about a time when you made a mistake. What did you do to solve it?
Signing up with Captain Funkle, a.k.a Captain F-moving on. Good warrior, terrible leader. Bad end. Solution: Came here.

12. What do you like to do outside of your official responsibilities? Mercenary, wine, women and song. Well, sometimes, I'm not always a stereotype. I like to read and study magic, though I'm not good at it yet.

13. Is there anything else you would like us to know before the Call for Heroes? I'm loyal to my contract.