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Ah well. It looks like 4th Edition is here. Damn. I at least hope that Wizards takes a leaf from Paizo's book and allows free PDF downloads like Paizo did for Player's Guides.

Daigle wrote:

Perhaps, "4 days of adventure"? A Gen Con kick off?

Thanks for the suggestion, Vascant.

Oh God I hope so. When I heard the speculation about 4th Edition I nearly had a heart attack.

Sebastian wrote:
It's apples and oranges. If we're going to do April Fool's, how about Christmas? We could have stats for Santa's elves, a write up of his sleigh, and maybe a magic spell allowing travel through chimmney's.

That would be awesome. You have inpired me. I'm going to start work on this now.

Wizards of the Coast actually has stats for santa and his elves somewhere on thier site.

IMHO it would only improve the quality of pathfinder to have comics. The intermitent humor would improve Pathfinder greatly.

I came to Dragon reletivly recently. My first magazine was the 3.5 edition preview about new warrior classes. I think my first issue from a subscription was the Dark Sun issue.

Topics of Interest:

1) New Charecter Classes/Feats/Etc.
2) Any Comics? (I know there are no plans for any but I would appreciate it if there were some)
3) Is this a combination of the aspects of Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine, one or the other, or something new?

Will you open up Pathfinder to a year long subscription? I prefer getting magazines that way.

I agree. I always loved looking at new information for players. My campaigns typicly feature fights against NPCs of the common races with class levels rather than against monsters. The player info always helped me improve my NPCs.

Apart from adventure paths and other DM material what does Pathfinder include? I know that personaly I thought that the comics were one of the most important parts of the magazines. By any chance are they still in Pathfinder? Also does the Savage Tide Adventure Path finish in the last issue of Dungeon?

It is sickening to think that someone can decide to take the life of other people. I personaly think that school shootings are the worst type. The people involved, even if you don't know them personaly, are connected to you in some way. Even if they are just someone you pass in the hall everyday they still are connected to you.


I just found the second grail. I had found the first one weeks ago and I just figured out the clue to the second grail. I feel like an idiot.

It would be nice if you could provide an online addition to that article for epic progression in the dragon class.

Well, I used the translation from the spellweaver article to try to translate the tablet in the picture. It seemed to be just gibberish but has anyone found a pattern that they could use to understand the script?