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Full Name

Kyrie Breakspear


Human (aasimar)














Eye of Dread


Taldane(common), Celestial, Infernal


Displaced crusader

Strength 18
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Kyrie Breakspear


From Reclaiming the Reclamation: Lessons and Failings of the Lost Crusade by Dame Volza, 4719

In 4715, a group of daring Iomedaean knights stormed Citadel Dinyar in order to reclaim the Inheritor’s sword, Heart’s Edge, an tremendous action that would reverberate throughout Avistan and eventually erupt into the Glorious Reclamation. Heart’s Edge was not all they found in the citadel vaults. The teenage girl who would become known as Kyrie Breakspear was so still and quiet that the knights thought her dead at first....

In a way, I was.

I followed them out not because I wanted to escape. I followed because they told me to come with them. I did not know how to say no to orders.

I remember little of my time before the Citadel. I was probably born in Isger. I heard the Lictor talk about Breachill once. Maybe I am from there. I look Varisian. Maybe my family was traveling through. Lictor Maris probably found me in an orphanage. He said he saved me from mundanity. He said I was touched by the Heavens. He said he gave me purpose. He might have killed my parents. I must have been no more than five. Lictor Maris was a prominent member of the Order of the Godclaw. He believed in their teachings wholeheartedly. He thought he could use them to mold the perfect weapon. I was not the first. He had been trying since the order’s founding. It was founded in 4623.

I trained. I read. He tested me. He punished me. I stopped talking back. I stopped talking. I went months without seeing the sun. He gave me a ring so I would not need to eat or drink or sleep. I did not eat or drink or sleep. He gave me orders. I followed them. I did not feel hate for him. I did not feel love for him. I did not feel gratitude for my captivity. I did not feel envy for the people who were free. I did not feel.

I’m done talking about that now.

The Iomedaeans did not know what to do with me. They sent me to Lastwall. They wanted me to be safe. I tried to get well. I still did not talk. I read. I read every book I could find. I read at least one book every day. Preferably stories. I listened. I had a window. I moved my chair to the window.

I met Beirivelle Starshine at the window. She looked up at me. She smiled. She was walking through the hospital courtyard. She came at the same time every Starday. She always looked at me and smiled. I smiled back on Rova 12, 4715. She came up and visited me that day. She was beautiful. Long silver hair tied up in a bun. Soft green eyes. Her right arm was a prosthetic. It was silver, too. She engraved it with prayers to Shelyn. We talked about the book I was reading that day. She recognized it when I smiled back at her from the window. The Drowned Girl by Katrin Erkurning. It’s about a mermaid, a werewolf, and a girl. Beirivelle asked who I liked the best. I said the girl. She smiled wider and said she did too. She said boys do not usually say that. I shrugged. She asked me why I shrugged. I thought about that question for a long time. Longer than I had thought about anything I could remember. She waited quietly until I spoke. “I never thought of myself as a boy,” I said. She laughed. She said she never thought of herself as one either.

She visited me all the time after that. She brought me the tincture she used to help her look more like herself. She helped me dye my hair pink. I looked like myself for the first time. She asked me what name I wanted to go by. I had never given the nurses one. They had been calling me “The Quiet Boy” when I was not around. I did not like that. I picked Kyrie, the name of the girl in The Drowned Girl. We talked about books. She told me about Shelyn. I asked her about the Knights of Lastwall. She was one of the Knights. She told me if I really wanted, I could join them when I was better, but only if I really, truly, actually wanted to, not just because I thought it would please her. She wanted me to make my own choices. I was scared of making my own choices. I did not remember how. I could stay in the hospital as long as I wanted. I did not have to do anything for anyone to earn my continued existence. I could be safe and read as much as I wanted. I cried. That must have been the first time. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced. I wanted to cry more. I never wanted to stop crying. I asked her whether I would cry more at the hospital or as a Knight.

The nurses were not unhappy to see me leave. They had been having trouble finding more books for me.

I picked up the training easily. I knew much more than most. I was good with a shield. Lictor Maris had never taught me to use a shield. He said a proper weapon does not need a shield. I learned to fight with just the shield. That was when I met Clarenthe and Kalabrynne Iomedar. They treated me like a sister and a daughter. They called me Breakspear. They taught me of Iomedae and how to be like her. They taught me so much. I wish I could have learned more.

The Whispering Tyrant attacked with his Radiant Fire. I was not done training. I could not find anyone I knew. I was alone. My books were ashes. Lastwall does not exist anymore. Many of my friends died. Many people not my friends died. My best friends lived. They began to rebuild. I wanted to stay. I wanted to leave. Beirivelle told me to do what I needed to do. She said that I should choose.

I came to Isger. I cam to Breachill two weeks ago. I am trying to find out where I came from. People in books who forget things walk around until they see something that reminds them. I am not a person in a book. Nobody knows anything. Nobody wants to tell me anything.

I see an abandoned Citadel on the hill. I do not want to go to it. I want to go to it. I want to know what is there. I do not want to know what is there. I do not want to go there alone.

Stat Block:

Kyrie Breakspear
Female Skilled Human, Hellknight Historian, Champion/1
LG Medium human (Varisian) (Aasimar)
Senses Perception +3 (Wis 0 + Prof 1+2 (T))
AC 18 Chain Mail + Armored Skirt + (Dex 0 +Prof 1+2 (T)), 20 w/shield
HP 20
Fort +7(E), Ref +3(T), Will +5(E)
Melee Shield Boss +7 1d8+4 B (T) – Shield: Attached to Shield
Longsword +7 1d8+4 S (T) – Sword: Versatile P
Dagger +7 1d4+4 P (T) – Knife: Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10 ft, Versatile S
Ranged Javelin +3 1d6 P (T) – Dart: Thrown
Str 18, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 14
Speed 25 ft.
General Feats & Abilities
Ancestry Feats & Abilities Celestial Lore
Skill Feats Battle Medicine (b)
Class Features & Abilities Shield Block, Everstand Stance, Champion’s Code, Deity and Cause (Iomedae, Paladin), Deific Weapon (longsword), Devotion Spells (Lay on Hands; Heal 6 hp, +2 AC), Focus Pool (1), Champion’s Reaction (Retributive Strike)
Acrobatics +0 (U)
Arcana +1 (U)
Athletics +7 (T)
Crafting +4 (T)
Diplomacy +5 (T)
Intimidation +5 (T)
Lore (Architecture) +4 (T)
Lore (Heaven) +4 (T)
Lore(Literature) +4 (T)
Medicine +3 (T)
Nature +0 (U)
Occultism +1 (U)
Performance +2 (U)
Religion +3 (T)
Society +1 (U)
Stealth +0 (U)
Survival +0 (U)
Thievery +0 (U)
Languages Taldane (common), Celestial, Infernal
Bulk (8.1/9/14) Chain Shirt, Armored Skirt, Steel Shield with Shield Boss, Longsword, Repair Kit, Wooden Holy Symbol of Iomedae, Waterskin, Backpack, Crowbar, Dagger, Javelin (3), Paperback Fiction (5), 1 sp
Special Abilities
Under construction