Kyra Inflicted by Vampiric Hunger

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Great for my wizard


At Origins I played #10-11, #10-13, and this one #10-15 with my tiefling teleportation/conjurer wizard. Everyone at my table knew what we were signing up for, and had very deliberately selected this scenario. I also had completed #10-11 with some of them, and #10-13 with others. So we weren't expecting combat (although all of us could and easily did handle the one nearly unavoidable combat) and were ready for skill challenges and roleplay. We got exactly what we wanted. It was terrific.

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Played at Origins 2013

Wildly entertaining and a change from the norm. Requires a lot of creative thought from us as players. Especially since I had a big dinosaur pet.

The whole scenario reminded me of a bit from the Boondock Saints, "Fine, get yer stoopid foockin rope"