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I know, there has been a few of these. Anyway, here is version 1.0 of what I was thinking might do OK for a revised monk to kinda boost his power up to be on par with the other melee classes.

Comments and constructive criticism appreciated.

Krigare's Monk Revision

OK, these were inspired by some of the 3.5 Feats and Classes, but I'm posting them here since they aren't direct ports of the original sources.

Dual Weapon Proficiency:
Chose one type of dual weapon. You can now use that weapon in the manner it was intended.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1
Benefit: You may make attack rolls with the weapon normally, and may fight with the weapon as if you possessed the Two-Weapon Fighting feat.
Special: You may take other feats which require the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, however, they may only be used when using the weapon selected with this feat unless you meet the requirements otherwise.

Dual Weapon Focus:
Prerequisite: Dex 15, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus with a dual weapon, base attack bonus +4
Benefit: When fighting with a dual weapon, you can a +1 bonus to your attack rolls and AC. If you have the Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feat, this bonus becomes +2, and if you have the Greater Two Weapon Fighting feat, this bonus improves to +3.

Tempest Defense:
Prerequisites: Dex 17, Two-Weapon Defense, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +6
Benefit: When wielding a double weapon or to weapons (not including natural weapons or unarmed strikes) your shield bonus from Two-Weapon Defense increases by +1. If you have Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, it increases by +2, and if you have Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, it improves by +3.
Your bonus when fighting defensively or using the total defense action is increased by the same amount.

Two Weapon Spring Attack:
Prerequisites: Dodge, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Mobility, Spring Attack, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +8
Benefit: When making a spring attack, you may attack one each with two different weapons. You take all the normal penalties for attacking with two weapons during this attack.
Normal: You may only attack with one weapon during a spring attack.

I did the dual weapon proficiency because I think most of the exotic dual weapons are a serious screw job for a player. EWP states you learn to use the weapon, along with all its special manuevers, but it still takes TWF to use an exotic dual weapon to complete effect. Seemed a little harsh.

The others were insprired by the exotic weapon master and tempest classes.

Let me know what you think.

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How would Klars (from the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting) interact with the shield feats and TWF?

Like it says...anyone think Paizo will add a forum solely for Char Op stuff like what wotC had?

I think it would be kinda fun (always is playing around with the theoretical stuff) and even does serve abit of a purpose (lets designers know what and how people are using RAW to achieve brutal effects, possibly outside of the scope of what was intended).