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WarDragon wrote:
How does gestalting multiple Veilweaver classes work? I assume you can still only have one veil in a given slot (barring the feat that lets you have two)?

Pretty much. Gives me more shaped veils, more essence to play with, and a wider variety of veils, but I'm still limited in how many veils can go in a chakra. Twin Veil is going to be handy.

At least I have a place to put all the essence, being able to shape veils on other people will come in handy.

Yeah, Princess is a pure veil user, all three classes use veils, although Rajah adds a small selection of maneuvers in as well. Be interesting to see if she works the way I intend for her to work lol.

Ohhh, someone else who can use veils. Nifty.

WarDragon wrote:
I just thought of something; do we have a healer in the group? I can heal myself, but nobody else. If we don't, it wouldn't be terribly out of theme for me to take on the duty.

Yeah, my character can. Quite a bit actually. Between veils and the Radiant Dawn discipline she can heal a decent amount. Even be able to patch up the 200+ hp characters in a few rounds.

River of Sticks wrote:
That’s a good point. Might need to shift it closer to LN...

I dunno, what you originally mentioned sounded pretty in line with LE or NE. I could totally see it as a NE character honestly.

Tenro wrote:
Voice of Awesomeness wrote:
13) Counter question: Why would you need to retrain prior to game start?
I had actually planned to do so as well. it helps folks that don't have full BAB by letting them put weapon finesse as a first level feat, and im sure it works for a lot of other stuff and builds by putting higher level stuff in lower level slots within the allowance for the retraining function.

Pretty much this, retraining allows for feats earned early on to be swapped for feats at later levels.

About the paladin thing, I think that a normal paladin might be a stretch in a group of evil people, but don't they have an archetype or two that lets them be something other than good?

Otherwise...eh, if enough of us are lawful it could be doable. Be running the risk of losing their powers though.

And another question lol.

If we pay the fee for it, can we use the retraining rules prior to the game starting?

So it looks like I might end up with Leadership from a class ability (lack of interest in some of the other options). Is a cohort made using the normal rules, one class etc, or are they something more than that?

And are the downtime rules from Ultimate Campaign going to be used? If so can we invest a bit of our starting money?

Ohhhh, fun fun. Can't wait for that. Since I'm remaking him I need to think of a new name, I don't think the old one works very well for how he is ending up.

Are you going to do another big answers post for some of the questions again?

Hey Voice, so can a custom race based on being a symbiotic being do the dual Parity thing like a semoxa veryx?

*Edit: Also, can we use the Unquiet Grave martial discipline from Lords of the Night? It isn't on the wiki but I don't know if you have access to it or not.

Voice of Awesomeness wrote:
Could you post the relevant info for me? While I backed the Kickstarter, and have my PDF, I haven't actually read it too, too much, as I prefer to do my reading via hardcover. Which I am eagerly awaiting!
City of Seven Seraphs pg 362-363 wrote:

As acceptance slowly began to become the norm, more and more semxi veryx offered “the Deep Bond” to humanoid spellcasters. To the disturbance of more conservative residence of the City, a surprising number of individuals entered into the veryx symbiotic state of “semoxa” or “spell-guardian.” This relationship caused the formation of the modern legal system in Hyraeatan as that the codifications required consideration for joined plural beings and how they caused re-evaluation of many standing rules to come into question.

Most notably was in reference to the Wardens and the Law of Parity. The semoxa state was noted to be able at times magically “count” as two representations within a Circle for purposes of transporting an Anchor seraph statuette. Parity membership with regard to semoxa bonded veryx is complicated but this advantage was no small thing to overlook. It was determined that each partner in the bond was allowed a Parity membership despite effectively sharing a single joined physical state.

Because of their symbiotic state, semoxa can be in two parities, one for each half. Could a custom race based off being a symbiotic relationship do the same thing?

Okay, I gotta ask. Is the ability to join two Parities limited to semoxa veryx or could a custom race with a hybrid nature be allowed to do the same?

Alias ad Tempus wrote:
Ellioti wrote:
I kinda like the undead paladin. But the CHA-to-everything strategy might land you in the too-strong-as-compared-to-the-rest-of-the-group-corner of the mission base.
Are we all working to fit within the limits of Bench-Pressing? If so, I'll review the race to make the character fit within these parameters...

It's earlier in the thread but Voice said within a level or two of the benchmark.

Ellioti wrote:
Krigare wrote:
simply because no one else seems to have arcane casting.
My monkey King has Magus AND wizard. I hope that's enough arcane casting;)

I kinda skipped over it since it has a hybrid prestige class, and I was pretty sure gestalts aren't supposed to have those. Same reason I can't play a trinity knight or angel.

Mr. Rattlebones wrote:

I have actually been reconsidering my character for something Int-based using wizard levels...

Monkeygod, would you allow the Kung Fu Genius feat? It is from v3.5.

That would be awesome if you do that. I really like the idea of taking all three classes being veilweaving classes.

Plus Rajah does some really good party support.

Well, here he is. I can't say I'm entirely happy with him, I still want to replace Theurge with Rajah. Hopefully someone decided to play a wizard/witch/something so I can ditch Theurge.

Thygrox the Damned, Statblock No Veils:

Male Enhanced Semoxa Veryx Nexus 10/Vizier 10/Theurge 10
N Medium humanoid (aberrant, magical beast, verminoid)
Init +11; Senses Darkvision 60 ft; Perception +16
AC 20, touch 16, flat-footed 16 (+2 armor, +4 dex, +2 deflection, +2 natural)
HP 179 (11d8+50+31+10)
Fort +15, Ref +12 Will +13, +2 save vs fear and despair effects, +2 to save vs spells and spell like abilities
DR 2/bludgeoning or piercing; Resist acid 20, cold 30, electricity 30, fire 20
Defensive Abilities Dual-Minded, Never Alone
Speed 30 ft, Climb 20 ft,
Melee +14/+9 +2 cestus (attuned) (1d4+9 19-20/x2)
Ranged planar detonation +11 (5d6)
Space 5 ft, Reach 5 ft
Special Attacks
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 10th; concentration +17)
At will-Divine Favor
1/day-enlarge person, mirror image
Arcane Spells Prepared (CL 10th; concentration +20)
5th-greater grease, teleport, wall of force
4th-acid pit, dimension door (2)
3rd-displacement, haste (2)
2nd-fog cloud, gust of wind, mirror image (2), rope trick
1st-enlarge person, long arm (2), obscuring mist, shield
0-read magic, prestidigitation
Divine Spells Prepared (CL 10th; concentration +14)
5th-righteous might, true seeing
4th-blessing of fervor, greater shield of fortification (2)
3rd-black sword of war, dispel magic, prayer
2nd-lesser restoration, weapon of awe (2)
1st-bane (2), bless (2)
0-create water, light
Str 9, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 30, Wis 13, Cha 20
Base Atk +7; CMB +11; CMD 20
Feats Becoming-Major, Becoming-Nascent, Combat Reflexes, Craft Wonderous Item, Deadly Agility, Essence of the Immortal, Extra Essence x3, Forge Ring, Improved Initiative, My Master's Favor, Quicken Spell, Shape Veil (Courtesan's Cloak), Spell Penetration, Twin Veil (Shoulder), Twin Veil (Wrist)
Martial Tradition Custom Critical Genius (Glaive), Pikeman Training, Polearm Mastery, Spear Dancer
Traits Dealmaker, Flexible Forms (Reaper's Scythe), Magical Wit (Theurge, Wis), Merchant Family, Reactionary, Semoxa Mindvoice
Skills Appraise +22, Bluff +18, Climb +7, Diplomacy +18, Disguise +18, Fly +5, Intimidate +18, Knowledge (Arcana) +23, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +23, Knowledge (History) +23, Knowledge (Local) +23, Knowledge (Planes) +23, Knowledge (Religion (+23), Linguistics +23, Perception +16, Sense Motive +16, Spellcraft +23, Use Magic Device +18
Languages Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Fade, Giant, Goblin, Gnoll, Ignan, Infernal, Orc, Sylvan, Terran, Undercommon, Veryx
SQ Ancestral Memory (Sense Motive), Combined Spells (3rd), Convergance (Abyss), Convergance (Elemental), Convergance (Heavens), Curiously Aware, Eldritch Insight, Focused Caster, Improved Essence Capacity +2, Mystic Attunement (Crafter), Spell Synthesis (1/day), Teleprojective (50 ft), Veilshifting (2/day 2 veils), Verminoid
Veils and Binds (Essence 31)-Robe of the Forgotten Diety, Shaitan's Earthen Armor, Boatman's Ferry (B), Unicorn's Feathering (B),Djinn's Turban (B), Five Rivers Amulet, Ring of the Abjurer (B), Courtesian's Cloak (B), Ferryman's Cloak (B), Reaper's Scythe (B), Shackles of Perdition (B)
Gear heavyload belt, Thygrox's Robe (combine's a robe of components with two handy haversacks) lenses of detection, cloak of the hedwizard (divination), sleeves of many garmets, travelers any tool (2), ring of sustenance, least akashic catalyst, lesser akashic catalyst, dusty rose ioun stone, wand of lesser restoration (50 charges), scroll of plane shift (2), scroll of comprehend languages (3), scroll of planar adaptation (2), oil of align weapon (good), silversheen, scroll of magic circle against evil, bandoleer, bedroll, belt pouch (2), blanket, book of letters (Hyraeatan), canteen (2), chain (10 ft, 2 lengths), coffee pot, compass, cooking kit, crowbar, everburning torch, flint and steel, grappling hook, hammer, hip flask (old law whiskey), holy symbol tattoo (500 gp, on left hand and forearm), ink, black (2), ink, red (2), journal, mess kit, scriveners kit, silk rope 50 ft (2), linguists codex (expanded), elemental explorers kit (magic items listed with magic items), fiendslayers kit (magic items listed with magic items), underground survival kit, explorers outfit (2), cold weather outfit, courtiers outfit (with 50gp of jewelry), hot weather outfit, 3 days each of dwarven, elven, gnome, and halfling trail rations, imperial conquest (game), cestus 6,308 gp
Favored Class Bonuses Nexus 1/5 essence/level, Vizier 1/5 essence/level, Theurge +1 spell from secondary source/level
Spells Known
0-All Sorcerer/Wizard, summon instrument
1st-arcane pocket, burning disarm, charm person, disguise self, enlarge person, expeditious retreat, hold portal, hydraulic push, identify, long arm, mage armor, obscuring mist, shield
2nd-augury, create treasure map, darkness, fog cloud, full pouch, gust of wind, hideous laughter, invisibility, knock, mirror image, rope trick
3rd-burning entanglement, dispel magic, displacement, greater magic weapon, haste, heroism, magic circle against chaos, magic circle against evil, magic circle againt good, magic circle against law, sleet storm, slow, suggestion
4th-acid pit, agonize, arcane eye, black tentacles, crushing despair, dimension door, dimensional anchor, greater invisibility, thaumaturgic circle, wall of fire
5th-cloudkill, greater grease, hold monster, hungry pit, planar adaptation, lesser planar binding, teleport, wall of force, wall of stone, wreath of blades
0-All Cleric, chameleon scales
1st-bane, bless, bless water, entangle, hedging weapons, murderous crow, pass without trace, sanctuary, shield of faith, summon monster 1, true appraisal
2nd-align weapon, dragon turtle shell, lesser restoration, shield of fortification, sickening entanglement, weapon of awe, wild instinct
3rd-animate dead, bestow curse, black sword of war, call lightning, deeper darkness, dispel magic, magic vestment, prayer, shield of darkness, speak with dead, stone shape
4th-aspect of the stag, aura of doom, blessing of fervor, divine power, greater shield of fortification, grove of respite, restoration, thristing entanglement, vermin shape II
5th-aspect of the wolf, break enchantment, call lightning storm, commune, fey form II, plane shift, righteous might, summon monster 5, summon nature's ally 5, true seeing

Thygrox the Damned, Statblock With Veils:

Male Enhanced Semoxa Veryx Nexus 10/Vizier 10/Theurge 10
N Medium humanoid (aberrant, magical beast, verminoid)
Init +11; Senses Darkvision 60 ft; Perception +16
AC 37, touch 25, flat-footed 33 (+9 armor, +4 dex, +5 shield, +2 deflection, +7 natural) +5 insight vs ranged attacks
HP 179 (11d8+50+31+10)
Fort +18, Ref +15 Will +16, +2 save vs fear and despair effects
DR 6/bludgeoning or piercing; Resist acid 30, cold 30, electricity 20, fire 20
Defensive Abilities Dual-Minded, Evasion, Never Alone, Robe of the Forgotten Diety (30% miss chance)
Speed 70 ft, Climb 20 ft, Fly 60 ft perfect
Melee +20/+15 +5 keen Reaper's Scythe (1d10+6d8+12)
Ranged planar detonation +11 (5d6)
Space 5 ft, Reach 10 ft
Essence Investment Robe of the Forgotten Diety (4), Ring of the Abjurer (4, 5 with least akashic catalyst), Courtesian's Cloak (4), Reaper's Scythe (4, 6 with lesser akashic catalyst), Shackles of Perdition (4), Boatman's Ferry (4), Djinn's Turban (3)


Transcendent Akashic Catalyst
Aura strong transmutation CL 20
Slot none Price - Weight-
A Transcendent Akashic Catalyst is a very long strip of an unknown material about half an inch wide. When a veilweaver wraps it about themselves, they find it is long enough to wind around all of their limbs and their torso without any problems. Once it is being worn, glowing mandalas form all along it. Unlike most catalysts, it isn't not worn on a single chakra. It provides the benefits of a least, lesser, and greater akashic catalyst to three of the wearers chakras. Each chakra is assigned when essence is assigned, and can be changed when a veilweaver alters their essence commitments.

It also enhances a veilweavers ability to bind chakras, allowing them to bind chakras as if they were 4 levels higher in whatever veilweaving classes they possess. The wearer also gets the benefits of the Twin Veil feat, although they must choose one chakra to gain this benefit when they shape their veils for the day.

A Transcendent Akashic Catalyst can be work with other akashic catalysts, however no chakra may receive the benefit of more than one catalyst at a time.

Enhanced Semoxa Veryx:

+2 str, +2 dex, +2 con, +8 int, wis, +4 cha
Quick Reactions
Static Bonus Feat (combat reflexes)[/i]

11 RP base semoxa
4 RP advanced stats
9 RP advanced intelligence x2
4 RP advanced wisdom
9 RP advanced charisma
2 RP static bonus feat
2 RP quick reactions
41 RP total

Thygrox is the result of an unusual combination for a veryx. Thyranous was an inquisitive semxi, always curious about what else there was. Even so, growing up in the Warrenweave kept him safe, with plenty of opportunities to learn about almost anything he desired. For the most part, his childhood was a happy one, especially considering that he was rather outgoing, for a semxi anyway. When he reached adulthood, and decided to take him and his veilweaving talents out to find adventure, he wasn't sure exactly where to go or what to do. After all, Hyraeatan is a big place, with portals to virtually everywhere. Eventually he fell in with some members of the Chrysalis Covenant, and journeyed the planes with them. It didn't take long for him to decide to join the Covenant, the whole concept of becoming something else was an ability every semxi was born with. Thyranous hadn't found anyone he felt like bonding to yet, but he alse knew he was young. It wasn't long before he met a being that would change things for him.

Rangrox came from an unremarkable Prime world. Well, mostly unremarkable. The sheer amount of warfare on Rangox's homeworld was enough to sate even a demons bloodthirst. His world had existed in a constant state of warfare for almost 2,000 years. Getting in or out of the plane was a bit difficult, as apparently whatever divinities held sway there wanted as little interference as possible. Rangrox was a determined fellow though. By the time he had reached adulthood, he had shed more blood than he cared to think about most nights. He had heard the stories of people who left, the ones who traveled to other places that were not in a constant state of war. While he had never experienced peace, he certainly wanted it. It took him a few years, but he finally managed to find one of the mysterious portals to another place. He wasn't sure where it would lead him, but he knew staying was just going to end up with him dead. No one died of old age on his world, once you couldn't carry on the war, or aid the war in some useful way, nothing was left for you. Traveling through the portal was a difficult thing for him, but he did it anyway, walking away from everything he knew for the hope of a better tomorrow.

Fortunately for the both of them, Thyranous and his friends were the first people from the city to find Rangrox. The semxi didn't know why, but he took an instant liking to the newly arrived traveler. Rangrox wasn't sure what to make of a talking spider, but he kept up a brave face while he slowly got used to the semxi. It didn't take long for the two to become friends, although Rangrox found the Covenants desire for change a little odd. He eventually fell in with the Sanguine Sovereignty, although that didn't dimish the friendship between the two. Indeed, after a year of knowing each other, the semxi began to feel out his companions thoughts on the bond. Thyranous had a feeling that the bond would be good for him, and for Rangrox. It took a while, but after six months, they had come to an agreement on the subject. While neither lived in the Warrenweave, they both felt it approriate to become a semoxa surrounded by others who had undergone the process. While the process didn't take any extra time, nor did anything untoward happen during it, the semoxa that resulted was different from normal. The best Thygrox, as the being stated its new name to be, could figure out is that it had something to do with Rangrox's plane of origin.

Regardless, Thygrox took up life as a semoxa as normally as he could. It was a little difficult at first to get the two's Parities to come to terms with it, but eventually things got sorted out. The Sanguine Sovereinty took it mostly in stride, the Chrysalis Covenant was less happy but eventually they respected the right for semoxa to belong to two Parities. Thygrox split's his time between the two as best he can, although lately due to his more recent goals he has been investing a little extra time with the Sanguine Sovereignty.

Ten Minute Background:
Write five things about your character’s concept and background, five things that you think are the most essential parts of your character.
1. Thygrox' semoxa bond is a bit odd, while both Thyranous and Rangrox are somewhat aware of things, the gestalt conciousness that makes them a semoxa is a unique conciousness, resulting in the three of them having some lively (mental) discussions at times.
2. Thygrox is an explorer at heart. While he currently is making his way as a mercenary, and a bit of a brutal one at that, what excites him the most is the opportunity to explore someplace he hasn't been yet.
3. Since becoming a semoxa, Thygrox has tried to take care of unfinished business from his previous lives. However most of that is from people he calls friends, he always pays his debts.
4. Thygrox is willing to do quite a bit for a being he calls friend. While he has many aquaintances, he can count the number of people he calls friend on one hand with fingers left over. Doesn't mean he is against making them, he just needs to make sure they are worth it.
5. While warfare isn't an unknown to Thygrox, he doesn't default to killing an enemy as the first option. He has enough blood on his hands already. This doesn't make him a pacifist, or particularly nice to enemies. It just means he won't outright kill someone just for crossing his path.

List at least two goals for the character. At least one of these goals should be one that the character has, while another should be one that you, as a player, want to see developed over the course of the game.
1. Thygrox has the goal of becoming something more. Transformation by way of the Covenant, or becoming a vampire thru the Sovereignty, or both.
2. I would really like to see Thygrox find a reason to settle down, put down roots in a part of the city, build something that he can call his instead of being the eternal wanderer.

List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet.
1. Thygrox' biggest secret is that he knows why and how the process to become a semoxa worked on him the way it did. It mostly has to do with Thyranous experimenting with various chemicals that can induce a change. He doesn't want veryx society at large to know he experimented on the bond like that, as he feels they might be more than a little upset about it.
2. What he doesn't know is that the plane Rangrox comes from doesn't allow people to escape all that easily. The powers that be usually get around to doing something to either bring their recalatrant charge back, or kill them.

Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile.
1. Jioshin is one of Thygrox's oldest friends. A xodai, they both met when they were new to the Covenant and became friendly rivals. Over time that blossomed into a friendship that still holds today. He doesn't adventure as much any more, but he does run a shop in the Pact district, catering to explorers of the planes.
2. Sioban Glineva is a more recent friend. A dhampir, they are both members of the Sovereignty. While Thyrgox isn't sure of her intentions, he does know they get along well, and she has useful information for him fairly often. She works as an information broker for the Sovereignty.
3. Soosup is a ceptu who has known Thyranous for a while. The first being to introduce him to the Covenant, he is less than happy about Thygrox's ties to the Sovereignty. While he hasn't tried to get him kicked out of the Covenant, he does what he can to make the semoxa's life difficult.

Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has. They don't have to be elaborate, but they should provide some context and flavor.
1. The memory of the rush he gets from seeing something or someplace new for the first time is always with him. Finding ways to recreate it is part of what gets him out of bed in the morning.
2. While he can be charmingly social when meeting someone new, it also means he tends to act very differently to what he is thinking. Occasionally this shows through in his body language.
3. As much as he can, he dresses in bright colors with eye catching patterns, usually in shades of blue, with gold and black trim, in honor of how he looked as a semxi.

I hope that artifact will work. Considering Thygrox is a veilweaver first and a spell caster second, I want an artifact that highlights that.

Tenro wrote:
wizard casting is the most important and versatile set of skills in the game

Yeah, I know. That is what prompted my question. I know some folks were talking about Sphere casters but that still isn't a wizard (or in my case arcane and divine casting both). I guess I can always take advantage of Voice's generous offer to let us redo our character later if someone else takes wizard spell casting.

So I'm curious, anyone think we will need wizard spell casting? Right now the character I am working on is a Nexus/Vizier/Theurge and the crunch is mostly done, but tbh, mainly taking Theurge simply because no one else seems to have arcane casting. I'd really like to take a third veilweaving class (the Rajah) and spread the veil love around to the party that way.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and for the stat block, do you want it with or without essence invested in veils?

Voice, do casters who use a spellbook start with any extra spells or just the base ones from leveling up?

Ellioti wrote:

@voice are we doing fame and reputation? Do we start with level+CHA?

I'd like to know this as well

Kigvan wrote:
Krigare wrote:
@Kigvan - How are you getting a +19 to init? Especially with a 12 dex.

Noble Scion (War) changes Init from a Dex check to a Charisma check,

+8Cha, +4 Improved Initative, +4 Insight (Powerless Prophecy Curse level 5 benefit), +3 competence (Circlet of Persuasion)

Huh, neat. I'll have to remember that trick.

As for the Leadership thing, the usefulness of a cohort really depends on the build rules. And having one is similar to having an animal companion or an eidolon. Bit more roleplaying oriented, since it's a living breathing intelligent being who isn't bound to you by magic. PbP is great for having a minion, it doesn't eat up time to run them like it would at a table.

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Tenro wrote:

Looking at it more:
Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone (5k gp) + Wayfinder (250gp) gives a synergy of a +1 insight to CMB/CMD for 5250. This item uses the (bonus squared)x2500gp formula, and additionally gives you +1 insight to AC. Insight is a powerful bonus, but untyped is the most powerful type of bonus. so this is probably a little better of a place to work with.


an item of continuous Resinous Skin would be 45k. Not the best price, and there are ways to cheapen it like giving it uses per day rather.

an item of continual Lockjaw would be 48k. same as above in that it could be made more cheaply by doing uses per day or whatever.

the second spell does give a larger bonus, however, but it is untyped. the first spell gives some other side buffs.

The best comparision if you want to do it for untyped would be Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver. That is 4,000 gold for a +2 untyped bonus to CMB for a specific maneuver. Or basically bonus^2*1,000.

At most a circumstance bonus to a maneuver should cost that. Honestly if Voice is okay with it, the couple items I was looking at I can re-engineer using the cost of the gauntlets for the slotted ones, and double that for the slotless ones. I had completely forgotten about the gauntlets till a friend reminded me about them.

Voice of Awesomeness wrote:

Krigare asked me these questions via PM, but since the 1st & 3rd are ones other PCs might want answers to, I decided to reply here:

Krigare wrote:

1) Can we take Leadership, and if we can what build rules would we use for a cohort?

2) You said True Becoming is not allowed at the start, are the other 3 feats that lead up to it allowed? It's a chain to get to.

3) Spheres of Might changes some untyped bonuses to competence bonuses (mainly the bonuses for the equivalent Improved/Greater maneuver feats). Is it possible to change a bonus on a magic item from a competence to something like a circumstance bonus?

1) I'm not sure about Leadership. Firstly, I don't really like the way the feat works, mechanically. Not only does it give you a full 2nd character for just a feat, but the way the followers are handled is pretty awful.

Thus, before I decide on whether to allow Leadership, let me first ask the other players if anybody else wants the feat as well.

3) Yes, but I am unsure how to price this out. If anybody has suggestions, I'm more than willing to listen to them!

Yeah, followers are handled pretty poorly. I was just interested in a cohort, mainly because I have two cool (to me anyway) ideas and can't do both on one character (way to MAD).

After I sent the PM, I thought of another answer for 3, would it be possible to just house rule the talents that replace the Improved/Greater feats to be untyped bonuses like the feats they replace?

Lessah wrote:

@Arcane Trickster - It's a fun looking class. But a gestalt game is a shining opportunity to emulate a PrC ... : )

@Bard Scrolls - Mm!


Completely unrelated the idea of a scroll merchant isn't too far fetched and it sounds like there's an existing demand. Mehehehe *twirls stache*

What else would a wizard/cleric do for a business? Lol.

@Lessah - Yeah, but that starts to break down to much past the starting level. I mean honestly what I wanted to do for a business makes the most sense with something wizardly and all, and I just like cleric. But I could honestly do it as an unchained rogue/investigator. It would still make sense, and it would have skill points to spare for things. I mean the rogue/investigator would be what, 8 from rogue and 3 from investigator, and an extra 3 background skills a level, before counting anything like human bonus skill or FCB for skills etc. I'd do a rogue/wizard but that always makes me want to take arcane trickster and that just isn't possible in this game. Still might do it but mixing rogue and investigator has a lot of potential for shenanigans.

@GM TWO - Okay, so yeah, if a character has to be completely self sufficient in all areas all the time, then what I was thinking wouldn't work. I did not realize you expected a character to be able to do all of that on top of whatever the class does. Since that seems to be the case I'll go back to the drawing board.

Ah, okay, that's the part I missed. Didn't see that in the feat list.

@Kigvan - How are you getting a +19 to init? Especially with a 12 dex.

Part of the fun of being a wizard is having spells that do a good job for things. They can't completely replace skills, but they do have ways to mitigate the lack of skill points to a degree.

Combining that with cleric is always a fun thing, they work well together, although it does get pretty MAD.

I may just say screw it and go wizard/alchemist or investigator. Reduced the attribute dependency quite a bit, and adds skills. I just was aiming for a cleric/wizard of Nethys.

Lessah wrote:

I too thought about that. Ended up with the following short list:

1) Profession Merchant - for obvious reasons.
2) Appraise - to evaluate deals
3) Sense Motive - to avoid scams
4) Diplomacy - to negotiate deals

Plus probably several of the following:

a) Bluff - to scam or just oversell
b) Knowledge Local/Nobility/Geography ect - to find markets/customers/goods ect
c) Perception - to keep an eye on the goods or spot counterfeits
d) Craft X - if you are making what you are selling
e) Spellcraft - to spot/engage in magical trickery

This was just what I brainstormed so there's no guarantee that it's accurate. But maybe : )

Once you discount what is background skills, there is 4 or 5 skills that I can think of that might be needed. You listed them. It isn't that skill intensive. But GM TWO indicated that it should be. Which is why I was asking him.

GM TWO wrote:

Krigare, I somewhat expect your other gestalt class will help support your skill rank desire; going with two low-end skill rank classes ... probably won't help you make for a very good merchant.

So we are on the same page, what skills exactly do you see a merchant requiring?

Mat_H wrote:
Krigare wrote:
Yeah but neither get boosted skill ranks.
Don't forget that in Gestalt you get the ranks from whichever class has more and then half of the other, so only getting a couple on the cleric side isn't an issue depending on what you mix it with.

Mixing it with wizard. Not a big deal. Easy enough to get the couple extra from Herald Caller, I don't mind giving up a domain that way.

Lessah wrote:

I'd like to express interest in your ambitious ideas once more. Don't have any idea of what (or even if) inspiration will compel me to build so that shall be all for now : )

Edit: I think I shall be as bold as to point out that the Theosophist actually does still have Linguistics.

Also - it looks like the Ecclesitheurge and Separatist archetypes from Paizo would emulate most of those features.

They don't stack by RAW but you would be able to pick what feels most important to you (clothy-cleric perks or odd domain).

Yeah but neither get boosted skill ranks. I was looking for a cleric something that gave 4 skill ranks per level without going for Herald Caller or Roaming Exorcist. I'd do Cardinal but I think it gives up a bit much for the extra skill ranks and class skills.

Won't be the first time I've done Herald Caller, probably won't be the last. I was just trying for something different.

Two more questions.

1) What templates are allowed for Becoming, True and can it be taken more than once?

2) Is High Aspirant allowed, and can we start with the Rank 2 Membership required for it (without the prestige I would assume, just the Fame to meet the rank requirement)?

Does a Vizier count as a full caster for the limit of one full casting class? And if we take two veilweaving classes, does the essence stack?

I'm interested in making a character for the merchant role.

Since you said we can ask about 3pp, would you allow a cleric with the Theosophist archetype?

Simmyish wrote:

This is gonna be theatre of the mind, I prefer that for PbP personally.

For races - all races are available - no limits.

Both unchained and original variants are allowed.

When you say all races, does that include zaniness like the drow noble or custom made races?

River of Sticks wrote:

Lets see... From me, I have the following questions:

1. Are we limited to Standard, Advanced, or Monstrous racial traits?
2. Is the innocent Blood Story feat approved for use?
3. What level of the Bench pressing table are we trying to keep to?
4. Is VMC approved?
5. Martial traditions from Spheres of Might/Power trade out your starting proficiency with weapons/armor for a themed set of proficiencies and talents... Are those ok to use?
6. I think we have had this discussion before; would you consider Omenwalker from Harbinger sufficient for Dimensional Agility and it's ilk, in this campaign?

I really like the idea of a Nodachi being wielded as a double weapon, just need to figure out a better solution than Spear Dancing style.

Some others:
Restrictions on traits; specifically deity and campaign specific ones;
A request from Josh Ingle for the minor artifact feedback;
That seems to be it, plus Tenro's question.

Plus the question about the Trinity prestige classes. Pretty sure he will say they aren't allowed but it never hurts to ask.

Also, for races from Co7S how many RP should the base race eat up if we want to modify them?

And much like Tenro, I would like to know if the non-humanoid races from Co7S are allowed for a race.

And for skills, if a skill is considered a class skill for any of the classes does it count as a class skill, or only the class skills of whatever we are using as a base class?

Anyway, I'm looking at doing a Striker or Sentinel/Nexus/Theurge for a character. Might mix Striker and Sentinel, just want one thing from Sentinel lol.

Might make a character, if I do it will probably be a wizard.

4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 5, 5) = 18 16
4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 6, 2) = 15 14
4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 5, 2) = 14 12
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6, 1) = 13 12
4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 5, 4) = 16 14
4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 6, 4) = 17 16

Well, no reroll for me. Lol.

Is Trinity Knight a valid prestige class for the game?

If we want to use a race from Co7S, like the spiders, how would we calculate how many Race Points we have to modify them?

Aslo, are veilweaving classes counted as casters for the limit of one full caster? And which ones count as full casters if so?

Belltrap wrote:
Certain triclass prestige classes like the Trinity Angels and Trinity Knights are a part of one of the Parities in Co7S. Would access to them be restricted? What about other classes like eldritch knight, mystic theurge, etc?

Trinity mages as well. Kind of curious about if access to them is restricted or not.

bigrig107 wrote:
Krigare wrote:
So for monsters, how does that work with HD above the CR? Like a stone giant is CR 8 but has 12 HD. You only end up with 8 racial HD?
That’s how these rulesets usually handle it, so you don’t end up with more HD than other PCs arbitrarily.

Okay, wanted to make sure I was reading things right.

So for monsters, how does that work with HD above the CR? Like a stone giant is CR 8 but has 12 HD. You only end up with 8 racial HD?

Two questions

1. How does multi-talented interact with gestalt for this game?

2. Can crafting feats be used on your initial wealth, or only after the game starts?

Might be interesting

Would a Darklands/Underdark enhanced Earth Gensai be okay?

Race Points:
3 Outsider (Native)
0 Size: Medium
-1 Slow Speed
4 Advanced Attributes (+2 Str, Dex, Con, +4 Int, -2 Cha)
4 Advanced Wisdom (+2 Wis)
1 Energy Resistance Acid
3 Deep Magic (+2 Caster level checks to bypass SR and dispel checks)
2 Stone Seer (+1 CL for Earth Spells, spell like abilities)
1 Stone Singer (+1 level for casting earth spells, and earth domain/bloodline/oracle mystery etc)
2 Darkvision
-2 Light Blindness
-2 Elemental Vulnerability Electricity

I'd be wanting to pair it with wizard, probably with the Worldseeker archetype from Planar Adventures. Not sure about a faction, probably Ciphers since they have always been my go to faction.

For the Celestial Centurion archetype, are the 4th level mantle benefits increased if he limits them to himself, like the 1st level ones are?

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