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I have a spoiler-y question about starting conditions and class features for SF 5-15: Beta Test.

Behind here just in case:
I have a player who is a mechanic with a drone. I don't want to take away from their class abilities when they go all squoxy but there isn't anything about extra characters in the game. My gut instinct is to give them an extra squox to move around, but I don't want to bring in everything that isn't class specific (mounts, familiars, pets...).

Discussion thread for Bounty 3 (Gameday XI)

First time PbP GM, so I'm starting simple with a bounty.

Please fill in the <Sign up Sheet> (first come, first served), and post a little bit about your character.

If you are new to PbP, welcome! Let me know and I will try to smooth the way as much as possible. Check out Doomed Hero's Guide to PbP for an intro to the system.

I'm still figuring this out. :)

I will be posting a minimum of once a day (once per weekend) and I expect that you will too. Please include botting instructions and macros at the bottom of your character sheet for those inevitable times when you won't be able to post.

I will post a link to Google Slides once I get that up and running. There will be some info for you to fill out to make my life a little easier.

Play Style:
Ummm, still figuring this out, too.

For combat, I'll respect initiative to resolve attacks when reasonable, but don't feel restricted to wait to post. Please list your actions in the order they happen, including saves when necessary.

Pleaes make sure you keep your tagline updated with your current Saves, Perception, Armor Class, and spells cast.

If something looks off during combat or any other time, please post in the Discussion Thread. I would much rather fix issues and discuss rulings sooner rather than later.

Please dot and delete.