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Fitzwater wrote:

Healing? Why didn't you say so?

How much? Want spells or positive energy?

Kotori shakes his head.

"No thank you, I will not have to fly far and you still have a lot of traveling to do. They are little more than scratches anyway." He watches as the young human slips out of the undergrowth and clicks his beak thoughtfully. "Interesting, Wolf, that one who chooses not to serve would have a two-legged friend."

"I believe one of the camps is located close to a river... I just don't know which river and where at the moment." Kotori says as his head swivels again. He stretches a wing out to point in the direction the dogs came from. "That would be the best way to go. Unless you have anymore questions, I need to go get my injuries mended and my feathers cleaned before trying to find out how this meeting was found out."

"A bit of both, actually. We believe Karakian soldiers have campsites spread throughout the southern part of another forest not far from here. It is separated from this one by a wide expanse of plains, but you could make it to the edge by nightfall if there are no more attacks."

"I do not know how long it may take you to find out anything you deem useful, but perhaps you chould try to make it back here in seven days?"

With the falcon retreating, Kotori glides unsteadily down to the group. His feathers are ruffled and there are several small cuts matting the ones that are still in order.

"That.. was why we need.. information." He says between shaky breaths. "They know about us, but we know next to nothing about them! Not even the spellcasters we have on our side have been able to tell us anything except who would the most likely to succeed where others have failed... you."

Lobo-Noble Wolf wrote:

"What are you expecting of them, Owl?"

A tilt of his head gestures at the pair of rodents and the feline.

"The same things I am from you, Wolf. Information and the will to survive freely. It is not too much to expect from you, is it?" The owl inquires with a swivel of his head

Fitzwater wrote:
Izbahn asks we work together against a common threat. Species rivalry has no place. Let us prove ourselves against those aiding Karakia.

"This one is wise." Kotori states simply.

"There is a nut tree near my nest.. Kotori offers. "It's not like we're sending you in completely blind, or even asking you take care of Karakia by yourself. Right now we just need information."

Meet Kotori, my helpful NPC. He is Izbahn's contact with the good Nobles.

A screech owl glides into the clearing and Lands on Izbahn's shoulder, ruffling it's dark blue(almost black) feathers as it settles. It appears almost regal.

"Izbahn, I believe I expressed an interest in being here when you arrived? You could have at least waited until night fell, the sun hurts my eyes." The screech swivels his head to lake at everyone gathered before continuing. "I am called Kotori. To answer the rat's question, we have no idea who specifically serves Karakia. Scouts that returned have reported quite a few different species, from serpents to dogs to birds of prey. There may be others."