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Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 8
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 8
Charisma 10

About Korgoth Darkhand

First Two Years Training
1) Working around inn, becoming accustomed to working with animals, CHA, Handle Animal skill
2) & 3)Training with Scabbard's Empty's stablemaster Feisam, Weapon Finesse, dagger proficiency (STR)

4)Event rolls

Second Two Year Training
Korgoth - gets Simple Weapon (Club) as a proficiency. (From Jeridd fight)

1. Trains with Tomas, the noble's son. Martial weapon (rapier?)(STR)

2. Begins a daily regemen of exercises to build up his strength and endurance. (CON)
3. Attempts to master the use of dexterity over strength in swordplay. Weapon Finesse (DEX) ?

Third Two Year Training

Combat Stats
AC 11 (+1 Dex), touch 11, flat-footed 10
Total hp 3
Current hp 3
Fort -1, Ref -1, Will -1

Spd 30ft.
Melee +0 (+0 BAB, +0 Str) Fist 1d3-1 nonlethal 20/x2
Melee +0 (+0 BAB, +0 Str,) Dagger 1d4-1 or simple club 1d4-1
Base Atk +0; Grp -1
EXP: (5)

Appraise -1 (-1 Int)
Balance +1 (+1 Dex)
Bluff +0 (+0 Cha)
Climb +0 (+0 Str)
Concentration -1 (-1 Con)
Craft -1 (-1 Int)
Diplomacy +1 (+0 CHA, 1 rank)
Disguise +0 (+0 Cha)
Escape Artist +1 (+1 Dex)
Forgery -1 (-1 Int)
Gather Information +0 (+0 Cha)
Heal -1 (-1 Wis)
Hide +1 (+1 Dex)
Intimidate (class skill) +0 (+0 Cha)
Jump +0 (+0 Str)
Knowledge (DC10 or less) -1 (-1 Int)
Listen -1 (-1 Wis)
Move Silently +1 (+1 Dex)
Perform +0 (+0 Cha)
Ride +1 (+1 Dex)
Search -1 (-1 Int)
Sense Motive -1 (-1 Wis)
Spot -1 (-1 Wis)
Swim +0 (+0 Str)
Use Rope +1 (+1 Dex)


Wealth and Treasure

Rapier w.scabbard and belt
several pairs of good hand-me-down outfits

Korgoth's Background:

Korgoth Darkhand III was born in difficult times. His Grandfather, also known as Korgoth, was feared in the village of Tricaster as a cultist of that foul demon-spawned demigod Iuz the Evil. It is widely believed that he burned the Square All-Shrine. When Grandfather Korgoth was brought to justice, his entire family except for his infant son Korgoth was put to the sword by angry villagers. This Korgoth was saved by a paladin who stopped the mob from committing infanticide.

Brought up as little more than a slave on a local farm, the younger Korgoth worked hard and became a sheep farmer with his own freehold, enjoying the isolation the life gave him. The village still shunned him, but he didn't care as much. He did find a wife on a journey to Greyhawk, who didn’t care about old village prejudices. They started a family with their first-born, the third Korgoth.

When Korgoth was ten, tragedy struck the family. An epidemic of anthrax carried off most of the Darkhand sheep. Jocasta, Korgoth’s mother, also died of the disease. To make matters worse, the tax officials refused to give the Darkhand family any leniency on the taxes due that year. Korgoth’s father was forced to sell the farm and find sharecropping work at Sir Kuiper Stranlich’s Estate. His health began to decline and he is becoming frailer with each year. He was unable to find a place for Korgoth, so he had to let him go find his way in the village. His two sisters had to be surrendered to Saul’s Refuge.

Korgoth III is in the unenviable position of being forced to find a living by his wits. His hatred of the tax collectors is tempered with his sense of justice. He has always grown up with his father admonishing him that as a Darkhand he would have to be twice the law-abider of anyone in the village, as the villagers all assume there is bad blood in the family. He is beginning to wonder if a law is evil and wrong, is it better to break it? Does the fact that tax collection is lawful make it good? Or can law serve evil as well?

Korgoth III has found work at the Scabbard’s Empty as a scullery boy. He gets room and board and a copper every week. He also has an unlikely friend in Feisam Trunfell, the tavern’s stable master. Korgoth sleeps in the stables and helps Feisam when there are no kitchen duties to attend to, and Feisam is showing young Korgoth how to defend himself. Feisam is an old warrior from distant parts who washed up in Tricaster. He is lame and has an alcohol problem. Despite this Feisam is a decent sort, and pities young Korgoth because of the constant abuse he gets from the village youths who spare no excuse to gang up and thrash him.

After the Jerrid incident at the barn, Korgoth feels a little better knowing that some people are willing to overlook his ancestry. The general population, though, seem to blame him for all the troubles despite Jeridd's continuing hostility. Korgoth finds that he can use a glare to silence people, and he figures if he is being tarred with the 'evil' brush he might as well cultivate the evil stare as protection.

Shortly after the fight, Korgoth's mentor Feisam succumbs to drinking issues. The loss devastates Korgoth, and he misses the old drunken soldier terribly.


Korgoth is a skinny boy, just growing into his size. He rarely gets enough to eat, but he has a certain wiry strength. He is pure Suel in background, blonde, blue eyed and has a certain devil-may-care attitude that masks his sorrow.