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Following the orc witchdoctor's words you take your leave of the Oracle and backtrack the way you came. Sadly it does not take long for the orc priest to make a break for it. Realizing he is privvy to your plans you decide he is far too dangerous to allow to live, and once Ranalfus subdues him a quick slit of his throat and a fiery blast from Grezzor turns his corpse into something the other priests won't be able to recognize (or raise).

Sending the corpse's ashes down the underwater river you make your way past the purple worms remains and up the stairs. Consulting your notes you realize the next level up is nearby leading up to where the S*** Monster lurks. While you do indeed smell it nearby you all manage to avoid it.

After wending your way back to the tunnel leading back to the mauseleum you make it inside bypassing the remains of the black skeleton you defeated here. Moving to the doors you see the green statues stationed around the Mauseleum. As you climb out of the depression that holds the Mauseleum, you all feel a chill up your spine as one of the green stone gargoyles animates and flies off to the skies in the pre dawn air.

With that image in your mind you do not tarry here, pushing your bodies to the limit trying to get as far way from there as possible. Crossing the Old Coast Road before reaching the bridge you take a circuitous route finally making your way back to Mitchrod.

Yet despite the fact your bodies are aching and tired you are summoned to meet with Komm in his office. Silently cursing the devil's lack of need for rest you hurriedly comply. Fortunately an old friend Raaz al' Zuul managed to help dispel your exhaustion by providing some potions. "Courtesy of Malzii." The tiefling intones. "Komm awaits."

Feeling refreshed you go to meet Komm and deliver your report. The briefing takes many hours as the bearded devil quizzes you on every detail of your venture into the depths of Rappan Athuk. As you describe each area you visited he marks up his huge map of the dungeons below Rappan Athuk. Finally he waves you to sit.

"Well done. You have learned much of what we face here. While the loss of Arlok is a serious blow to our cause, the existence of one of the Demon Prince's major shrines in the dungeon is a valuable piece of intelligence. The fact such powerful guardians like the vrock and the spectre exist tell me this is the case. Now onto Demonbane..."

When you tell him what the Oracle says he is silent for a long while before speaking. "Slavish...a name I have not heard of before yet he...or it...must hold the blade we seek. We must learn more of that one, yet it is good to see the blade does still lie where we believe." He grins in a terrifying manner, "Of course something must be done to recover its destined wielder...if for nothing else he reveal the existence of Mitchrod to his captors..." He abruptly rises to his feet. "You are dismissed...until I call upon you again. I have plans to make..." He then raises his clawed arms and with a billow of brimstone smoke, vanishes from the room.

END Chapter One.

I hope you guys enjoyed this game as much as I did. I will mark this Campaign as Inactive in the next day or so. Should I decide to start Chapter Two, then I will send a PM out.

Okay guys I have some bad news for you here: I am going to be putting this game on an indefinite hiatus here. A couple of reasons for this I will explain:

1) You guys have completed the mission assigned to you which is quite an accomplishment!
2) As you may have guessed I am going through some RL issues and I find my enthusiasm (not to mention bandwidth) to run PF games diminished. Sadly I have made the call to end this one as you have ended this mission on a high note, though not without cost.

I may revisit this campaign here in the future, as you definitely have some threads to pick up on, i.e. the rescuing of Arlok, dealing with Saracek's assigned task, or even trying to recover Demonbane!

I will give you guys a chance to wrap up in the Gameplay thread here but I will FF things a bit here and give you a final post when you reach Komm in a day or two.

Once again thanks for gaming with me!

The Oracle gazes at the proffered sacrifice, "Yes, this is an acceptable sacrifice. Place it in the pentagram." Once you have done so there is a bright flash of light and the breastplate vanishes!

Once you turn your attention back to the Oracle it intones,

Down below,
In cavern great,
through falling water,
down the stone path.
To the door you must address,
the one beyond.
Speak his name,
and Enter.

Okay guys you have technically completed your mission and just need to escape Rappan Athuk and return to Komm to deliver the Oracle's words to also may want to take care of the priest as well...
PS: Please see the Discussion thread for an important announcement.

The Oracle turns to face the orc priest, who quails under its gaze. "That one has already sacrificed. It is not suitable for sacrifice."

The Oracle turns its red gaze upon the goblin, yet does not speak for a moment. Finally it addresses the goblin in the same monotone voice. "Your question is difficult hence the sacrifice is greater. The currency is your lifeforce, or if you wish, powerful magic items."

Basically you can elect to sacrifice life levels, attribute points, gems, unique items or magic items. It would be a good idea to review the Loot list.

The human skull turns to face the fetchling, gazing at Keil impassively. It repeats the words, "I am the Oracle, possessor of all knowledge. Ask what you wish and you shall learn the answer you seek.”

Trussing up the orc priest and with Ranalfus close by to ensure no mischief is forthcoming, you wend your way through several empty barren rooms before finally reaching one room at the far end of this complex.

Inside this otherwise barren room is a small pentagram inscribed on the floor with a human skull in the center. As you approach closer, it rises into midair and the eye sockets glow with an eerie red flame. It then speaks: “I am the Oracle, possessor of all knowledge. Ask what you wish and you shall learn the answer you seek.”

Map Updated.

"For serious questions an appropriate sacrifice must be made!" The orc priest laughs.

"Ask your question. The Oracle will say the price to be paid for the answer."

"That they are still on the loose."

The priest glares at the ghast but does answer the goblin, 'Yes, always a charge for his counsel. The price depends on the question."

"Then you must be uncouth barbarians, slaughtering your foes instead of offering them quarter--" The blow from the ghast silences his outburst. Gasping for breath he points to the door leading out of this room. "Follow the doors and you shall find it!" he wheezes in reply.

The priest looks up sullenly. "We were sent to ask the Oracle who slew one of our guardians on the upper level...and whether his killers were still...alive." here he gets a crafty look in his eyes, "His name was Marthek...ever run across him?"

Actually those '20's were not wasted...

Something in the tone of the party members here must have hit a nerve as the orc priest slumps his shoulders in defeat. "Aye what did ye want to know? I was jes' returnin' from seein' th' Oracle here. Jes' let me go now. I got nothin' else you could want from me!"

As you divvy up the loot garnered during the battle, the orc priest leader finally throws off the paralysis caused by Ranalfus' claws and struggles against his bonds.

"You puny runts get nothing from me!" He spits at his feet in your general direction.

Intimidate checks here to make him talk, if you wish.

These priests were very well equipped, with three of them carrying 2 potions of cure light wounds, a potion of entropic shield, and a potion of longstrider each. Also each was wearing masterwork scale mail, and carrying a masterwork heavy wooden shield, and a masterwork light mace.

The fourth priest must have been of more importance as he is even better equipped: 2 potions of cure serious wounds, a potion of invisibility, a fully charged wand of inflict light wounds, a magical breastplate (+1), masterwork heavy steel shield, masterwork heavy mace, a magical cloak of resistance +1, spell component pouch, and an unholy symbol of Orcus.

The total number of gold pieces found is 132 on the four priests as well.

Also Brok sees the leader of the priests is still alive, though his underlings have perished.

Loot list updated.

Vargrenz steps forth and clobbers the orc priest, leaving him reeling...until Grezzors spell leaves him charred and smoking. Brok's arrow slams into the remaining priest, and Ranalfus gleefully steps forward to dig his claws into the orc's side. The badly scorched orc stiffens up as the paralysis takes hold!

As quickly as the combat started it is over as the priests lay defeated before you!



Priest: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2; 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9; 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 27; -33 hp, paralyzed for 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 rounds.
Acolyte 1: -42 hp, dead
Acolyte 2: -28 hp, dying, prone
Acolyte 3: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 1 = 19; -33 hp, dying, prone

Grezzor sends a gout of flame into the two remaining foes...

Reflex save DC 17: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 1 = 18
Reflex save DC 17: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20

...and both of them duck behind their shields before they stand to their feet...This will provoke 2 AoO's from Keil (please designate which opponent you wish to attack).

One of the orcs swings his mace at the fetchling...

light mace: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10 miss

while the other one holds up his unholy symbol, sending a wave of unholy energy washing over everyone in the room! Curiously the effect seems to harm the other priests as well.

Channel Energy: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 1) = 9 damage. Brok, Grezzor and Keil need Will save DC 14 to take 4 damage.

Round 2: Priests, Everyone.


Priest: -7 hp
Acolyte 1: -42 hp, dead
Acolyte 2: -28 hp, dying, prone
Acolyte 3: -11 hp

While Praetor and Vargrenz hurry to join the battle, Brok sends a trio of arrows into the wounded orc priest sending him sprawling to the ground. This allows Keil to step forward driving his blade into his companion's throat. Ranalfus starts an eerie chanting which seems to help focus the attention of the fighting men whilst distracting their foes.

Grezzor is UP!


Priest: Awake, Prone
Acolyte 1: -33 hp, dying, prone
Acolyte 2: -28 hp, dying, prone
Acolyte 3: Awake, Prone

The fetchling positions himself behind the brooding priest and drives his blade deep into the orc's side...wounding him but not fatally...


Brok: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
Grezzor: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11
Keil: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
Praetor Grey: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (3) + 0 = 3
Ranalfus: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
Vargrenz: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12
1d20 - 1 ⇒ (8) - 1 = 7
1d20 ⇒ 16

The orc gurgles out a warning whilst he raises his weapon to retaliate...

light mace: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14 Miss.

...while his blow is wide, the sounds of combat erupting are more than enough for the other orc priests to begin to stir!

Round 1: Priests, Everyone


Priest: Awake, Prone
Acolyte 1: -18 hp
Acolyte 2: Awake, Prone
Acolyte 3: Awake, Prone

GM Screen:

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

The fetchling cautiously eases the stone door open a crack, enough for him to peer inside the chamber. A hexagonal chamber lays on the other side like the others he has seen here, yet this one is occupied. Four humanoid creatures are set about the center of the room where a small cooking pot sits above some dying embers. Three of the men, who Keil soon realizes are actually orcs, lounge on the floor fast asleep, while the fourth walks around the edges of the chamber his armor clanking softly. The orc mutters to himself in the orcish tongue, words like 'fool' and 'sacrifice' are able to be made out. A closer look reveals they are all well armored and armed, and Keil's keen eyes pick out a symbol hanging over the orc's neck...the Unholy symbol of Orcus, the Goat Prince!

So far the lone orc has not noticed the watcher...yet.

The fetchling moves past the door, seeing there is a small triangular chamber beyond, with a door on the opposite wall. He does hear some noises beyond the portal, some clanking mixed with a faint muttering.

GM Screen:

1d100 ⇒ 3
1d4 ⇒ 1
1d100 ⇒ 32

The fetchling determines the door is not trapped in anyway, so once the others have joined him he slips inside, followed closely by the goblin ranger.

The door leads to a small, empty cavern with an ordinary stone door leading to a passage that winds to the south before opening into a hexagonal chamber, also empty except for two doors opposite of the entrance.

Map Updated.

I am here guys just been a long week so far. I will pick this up tomorrow.

Since we have two players that are currently unable to post, and since I will be making a trip to see family over the holiday, I will put this game on pause until the 27th of November.

See you guys then!

The door appears to be open so the two scouts decide to risk a peek. The room here is mostly empty but someone has scrawled "In the Stoneheart Valley, when east becomes west, the Bridge of Scepters shall be found" on the west wall in an archaic form of the common tongue, and several empty flasks are scattered throughout the room. Three doors, one in each wall, lead out of this room.

Map updated.

The fetchling slowly and carefully works his way around the edge of the large cavern. As he approaches the purple worm carcass the rats and spiders scatter at his approach but soon return back to their feasting.

After seeing several opening cracks in the walls dead ending, the fetchling makes it to the underground river which flows through the cavern at a rapid pace. All around him the cavern is filled with stalactites and stalagmites, but no piercers reveal themselves. Also non-digestible castings around the cavern from the purple worms litter the cavern

While the river is fast flowing you may still take 10 on your Swim check here, which is plenty good enough to make it across.

After making it across the river successfully, Keil continues his exploration. A large stone formation dominates the southern part of the cavern but it looks to be featureless. The other crevasses in the cavern prove to be dead-ends as well, but one does lead to a short passage that ends at a door.

Map updated.

Current Status:

Brok: 58/58 HP, 1 Hero Point.
Grezzor: 54/54 HP, 3 STR damage, 2 Hero Points.
Keil: 40/40 HP, 3 Hero Points.
Praetor Grey: 47/47 HP, 1 Hero Points.
Vargrenz: 56/56 HP, 2 Hero Points.
Ranulfus 30/30 hp, 1 Hero Point

Current Date: Freyrmond 26 of 3517 (I.R.).
T plus 26 days.
Time: Around 2:30 am
Weather: ??

Keil: The ghouls are considered Indifferent to you, but are by no means allies of yours.

GM Screen:

1d6 ⇒ 2
1d20 ⇒ 10
1d20 ⇒ 6

Thanks to the scout's tracking abilities and Vargrenz's unerring sense of direction it is a fairly easy matter to backtrack your way back to the priest level, then wind your way back to cavern where you battled the ogres, then through the tunnels upwards to where you first encountered the skeletons, then finally past where you encountered the undead lord Saracek and then down the staircase leading to the cavern where Keil met his untimely end.

Once you have reached the place where you fought the worm you can see many other scavengers have been to work upon the readily available source of food and there is little left of the worm but bits and pieces of its carcass.

As you peer out into the large cavern you await any signs of another worm, but thankfully all is quiet...for the moment.

Current Status:

Brok: 58/58 HP, 1 Hero Point.
Grezzor: 54/54 HP, 3 STR damage, 2 Hero Points.
Keil: 40/40 HP, 3 Hero Points.
Praetor Grey: 47/47 HP, 1 Hero Points.
Vargrenz: 56/56 HP, 2 Hero Points.
Ranulfus 30/30 hp, 1 Hero Point

Current Date: Freyrmond 26 of 3517 (I.R.).
T plus 26 days.
Time: Around 2:00 am
Weather: ??

The ghoul responds, "Many people like yourselves, explorers looking for treasures or those looking to defeat the Master ...they only found us..." he rubs his distended belly in emphasis.

That is correct Grezzor, you only have 3 STR damage now.

Grezzor does find a magical aura on the door, that of a faint abjuration spell.

Knowledge Arcana DC 22:
The door is warded by Arcane Lock.

The ghoul leader stares at Ranalfus in a respectful way, "We have never tried to open that door Master, as there are no places to grip the door to pull it open. We have seen people enter from the other side without any problems, so perhaps you need to follow their path."

Grezzor wrote:
I admit I can't remember exactly, but I think it was from hits from the black skeletons?


Brok the only items of value in the tomb were the elvish chain and the longsword. Also you do get a Hero point, I will update the Status.

The goblin heads down the passage all the while keeping an eye on the ghouls. The passage heads a short distance before ending at a door on the other side of an empty chamber. The heavy stone door refuses to budge here despite the fact there appears to be no lock.

Current Status:

Brok: 58/58 HP, 1 Hero Point.
Grezzor: 54/54 HP, 4 STR damage, 2 Hero Points.
Keil: 40/40 HP, 3 Hero Points.
Praetor Grey: 47/47 HP, 1 Hero Points.
Vargrenz: 56/56 HP, 2 Hero Points.
Ranulfus 30/30 hp, 1 Hero Point

Current Date: Freyrmond 26 of 3517 (I.R.).
T plus 26 days.
Time: Around 1:00 am
Weather: ??

Deciding to take your chances you decide to rest here in the tomb without disturbing its resident...with Ranalfus staying in the entry room.

Due to this arrangement watches are not necessary as the undead ghast is untiring, and the evening passes uneventfully. Soon you all awake feeling refreshed and more experienced than before. Truly the dungeons of Rappan Athuk are a crucible of fire. Survive the dangers and your skills grow exponentially. Still you all realize you are here to find the Oracle which may hold the key to unearthing the location of the blade Demonbane!

Current Status:

Brok: 58/58 HP, 0 Hero Point.
Grezzor: 54/54 HP, 4 STR damage, 2 Hero Points.
Keil: 40/40 HP, 3 Hero Points.
Praetor Grey: 47/47 HP, 1 Hero Points.
Vargrenz: 56/56 HP, 2 Hero Points.
Ranulfus 30/30 hp, 1 Hero Point

Current Date: Freyrmond 26 of 3517 (I.R.).
T plus 26 days.
Time: Around 1:00 am
Weather: ??

There are other ways to inspire your allies...Comedy for one, though that is nearly as disturbing he he.

Ranalfus, your PC is good to go. Have you considered equipping yourself further with any weapons?

Looks like we are just waiting on Praetor to post his level up changes here. Once he has completed that we can resume here :)

Since I am not familiar with any of the Dreamscarred classes, I am going to veto this one as well.

Ranalfus, have you looked into any of the Occult classes from Paizo?

As the rest of you file your way into the tomb you discover Ranalfus is barred from entering the place, though he is able to enter the inset room without difficulty.

Despite your best guesses the identity of the elf maiden remains a mystery to you.

Praetor feels this place is indeed a shrine, yet he does not recognize the person to whom the shrine was dedicated to. Still the witch doctor can easily sense the inherent goodness that permeates the area.

Sorry Ranalfus, I am going to have to say no to the Warlord class. It seems a Bit overpowered to me. I am OK with you selecting the Alchemist class though.

While the goblin wizard does not find any magical auras upon the items here, he does detect a moderate aura here that appears to be abjuration by nature.

The fetchling sees a room inset here which is empty, but includes an unlocked secret door set in the floor, beyond which is a ladder set into the wall leading down to what appears to be a tomb of some kind. This tomb contains frescoes depicting a young elf maiden battling the forces of the Goat Prince. At the end of the room is a stone table on top of which is the corpse of an elf warrior maiden in a suit of elvish chainmail holding a finely crafted longsword laid across her body. Aside from these items on the body, there appears to be nothing of interest in the room.

As you spend time in this place you feel an odd sensation, which takes a moment to realize it is one of contentment.

The ghoul stares at Keil with a look of barely constrained hunger, "We cannot enterrrr it. It resssists our pressssence."

Let me check into that Warlord class Ranalfus, and yes you only get one level. Keep in mind you will level up faster as your CR is less than the others.

Ranalfus: I see no reason you cannot do that, so go for it. Keep in mind you are rather light on melee types, so keep that in mind when devising your tactics.

Grezzor: A wizard's strength is in his flexibility with his spells, so keep this in mind. Still if you wish to take a level on Sorcerer/Arcanist feel free. Don't forget about the Retraining rules as well.

No worries Ranalfus.

Just checking in here. I am doing well guys, so feel free to take your time. I will resume posting next week.

Okay please post your level up changes here in this thread.

As before, you roll your HP for the level (including you Ranalfus) and you can spend a Hero Point for a re-roll.

Also, I am dealing with some family issues so posting will be slow for a couple weeks.

PS: Due to the bug in Paizo where the Campaign page cannot be edited, I cannot show any updates on the Campaign page until it is fixed by Paizo, which should be in a few weeks.

Ranalfus steps forward in a threatening posture, followed closely by his companions. The lead ghouls who showed themselves as supportive of the cause step aside allowing the half dozen or so of the remaining ghouls to stare down at the remaining companions.

First one steps forward, jaws slavering...but then Brok answers in kind...

Then several more move to surround the companions, but Vargrenz moves closer to block the path...then Keil and Grezzor join the ghast (despite the stench) and finally Praetor steps behind the others.

The ghouls stare at you all for what seems long hours yet finally the standoff is the lead ghoul steps aside...

"You wisssshhh to stay here? Explore thisssss toooomb," the lead ghoul motions to the door leading to a room inset in the crypt.

OK you have averted combat...for the moment. The ghouls are considered Indifferent to you now, so while they will not aid you actively neither will they hinder you here. So in recognition of bypassing the combat you gain 600 XP each, which means you LEVEL up To 6th! As always this change will take effect when you rest for the evening.

As Ranalfus takes the lead here you are reminded of the way wolves establish the so-called 'Alpha male' here...which apparently applies to ravenous undead as well.

The lead ghoul seems to challenge the ghast initially, yet it does not take long for it, along with another of its kind to step aside and allow you free entrance into the room...yet you see more of them watching the display with an eager hunger at those who are NOT undead...

Ranalfus, you have Intimidated two of the ghouls to stand aside here, yet the other ghouls are still considered Unfriendly, (they never consider Ghasts as Hostile here due to their nature), so you will need to figure out what to do here. You could try Diplomacy here to get your 'allies' to help you here, or another Intimidate check, or simply attack them. It is up to you.

Ranalfus: I will need an Intimidate check here.

Glad to hear it!

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