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Kogall The Conflicted


Character Sheet

Kogall was raised on a peaceful and quiet farm. His mother was a quiet and timid human, while his father was an Orc hardened by the manual labor of maintaining a farm. His father preached non-violence seeing too many Orcs be swept up in their ancestral lust for combat. Kogall spent time with other half orcs and orcs and felt the aggression in him. Occasionally he would lash out violently but only as a last resort. When he wanted to join the local militia his father begged him to take a non-combat role. Kogal eventually agreed becoming a field medic. His agility and speed served him well allowing him to aid those injured in battle.

Kogall now feels the need for more and he isn't sure that he can live by the same principals of his father and avoid violence forever. Recently Kogall has heard rumors that the nearby town of Breachill is looking for adventurers to investigate the abandoned castle atop Hellknight Hill. Feeling that this is his calling Kogall packed his meager belongings and bid his parents farwell.