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Can Eidolons benefit from natural healing? It states they have the same hit points since they were unsummoned when they are resummoned. But can we assume now that they don't get unsummoned at the end of the day, and can sleep gaining the benefit of a day's rest of healing?

I noticed there's no evolution like All Around Vision or Uncanny Dodge for Eidolon's, which was something brought up when the Eidolon in question has multiple eyes all around it's body (as part of it's cosmetic look, as it's more of an aberration) and keeps on getting flanked and sneak attacked.

While it's fair that it gets sneak attacked based on the points I invested, I realize that there's no evolution that matches the concept of having multiple eyes. I'm guessing if there was one it would be a 1 or 2 point evolution.

Lord Vile wrote:

Is Celeste single? I'm just worried that with K-fed on the prowl he might try to make her his new suger-mama.

Here is a question can Eladrins mate with mortals? I would hate to see the stats for a half-Eladrin/half-PopoZao.

She's an eladrin, I don't think it matters if their single, when it's well-known that Queen Morwel has at least one boyfriend and at least one girlfriend.

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I'm intrigued what more obscure ones they are, are they ones that got just a name mentioned before back in 1e, or ones that were name-dropped by Xanxost the Slaad, or did they have write-ups before?
For the most part, they'll be ones that I've been mentioning here and there in previous Demonomicons. For example: You'll find out more information about Ugudenk. There's others that haven't yet been mentioned in a Demonomicon I'll be doing some stuff on too.

So a few of the Obyrith lords, and maybe Xinivrae and Lynkhab?

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First of all... thanks for the kind words! It's always good to hear that I'm not the only one who gets a kick out of D&D's demons! :)

Let me answer the questions here in Shopping List Format.


So...is that a yes or a no on a CR 32 write-up of Graz'zt? Not a whole Demonomicon treatment since we all know that's not happening, but his stats? (like Orcus got his?)
The Demonomicon in Dragon #359 will not have Graz'zt or Orcus. It will not be about a single demon lord, in fact, but several of them (mostly more obscure ones.) Think of it as James getting 6,000 words to say all the other things he wants to say about demons and demon lords before the print medium for the whole thing goes away.

I'm intrigued what more obscure ones they are, are they ones that got just a name mentioned before back in 1e, or ones that were name-dropped by Xanxost the Slaad, or did they have write-ups before?

1) Demonomicon
2) Campaign Classics
3) Monster Ecologies
4) Class Acts

I want the job done on the rest of the Modrons, and it doesn't matter if it's done all in 1 article or 2 more, it needs to be done.

Yeah, I can see where this whole perception of gender issues comes from. The genre of fantasy art has been biased that way from the start. Even though compared to other magazine covers out there Dragon's is typically tamer in terms of sexuality.

But in terms of gratuitous covers, has their ever been one 'sexy cat-fight' cover? Really, I'd want to see one...

But I guess the aim would be to come up with new and interesting ideas for covers. Less Frazetta and Vallejo, who still are quite influential in fantasy art. It's not like those two artists are a bad thing, but everyone doing art like them is. It's a good thing because we're seeing more variety in fantasy art nowadays.

As all of the covers are drawn and painted you can do a lot more than all of those photographed covers. But I guess Dragon is more likely competing against Heavy Metal and White Dwarf which are the ones more likely to be right beside it on the stands, as opposed to Maxim and FHM.

I heard that Demogorgon is coming up next, but I'd like to see Pale Night or Obox-Ob soon.

I just read through Perdido Street Station, and saw nothing out of the Weaver or Slake Moths stats, that would make the Weaver immune to paralysis from the Slake Moth's hypnotic wings, even though in the novel it was.

I'm guessing it's the Monodrone, Duodrone, Tridrone, Quadrone, Pentadrone and Decaton being covered in this article.

I wonder if they're going by the rule that rogue modrons no matter what type they were before, become Quadrones once they become rogue.