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A regular whip works fine once you have whip mastery.

Lore warden over brawler for more bonus feats and maneuver mastery, which adds +2 bonus on all CMB checks and to his CMD and it increases to +4 at 7th level, +6 at 11th level, and +8 at 15th level. Brawler maneuver training is a bit more limited.

To be honest, I built the lorewarden/MM before ACG. I'm sure it could be done with brawler, just not as quickly or efficiently.

I agree on reach for battlefield control The whip is a great weapon. It has a 15' reach, but only threatens your natural reach with whip mastery or +5' with improved whip mastery which is still a 30' diameter when large. Keep in mind that the magus has enlarge person on his spell list while a fighter/monk would have to rely on items/friends. Though you could make it permanent if you don't think you'll ever need to fit in small spaces :)

Tripping is great, but I wouldn't focus on it for your party because you have 2 ranged combatants. Prone enemies have a +4 AC vs ranged attacks. A reach build would still be good though but using a different tactic.

A "stand still" fighter, "come and get me" barb with dazing assault, or a whip magus using rimed frostbite (entangle, fatigue, shaken via enforcer). I think whips really fit the pirate theme. Try this out:

Human Magus (Kensai)
Traits: magical lineage (frostbite) & bruising intellect

1 (F) slashing grace: whip, (H) weapon finesse, (bonus) exotic weapon proficiency: whip, (bonus) weapon focus
3 (F) whip mastery, (arcana) flamboyant arcana
4 +1 DEX?
5 (F) rime spell, (bonus) enforcer
6 (arcana) arcane deed: precise strike
7 (F) improved whip mastery

If you still want to focus on trip, try out this build:

Hobgoblin Fighter (Loremaster)/Monk (Maneuver master)
Pit boss alt racial trait (for whip proficiency)
*could go half-orc with city-raised trait too*
Traits: reactionary, indomitable faith

1 F1 (F) Weapon focus: whip, (bonus) Combat reflexes
2 M1 (bonus) Improved unarmed strike, (bonus) Stunning fist, (bonus) Improved trip
3 F2 (F) Whip mastery, (bonus) Fury’s fall, (bonus) Combat expertise
4 F3
5 F4 (F) Improved disarm, (bonus) Weapon spec: whip
6 F5
7 F6 (F) Improved whip mastery, (bonus) Greater trip
8 F7
9 M2 (F) Greater whip mastery, (bonus) Improved grapple
10 F8 (bonus) Greater grapple
11 F9 (F) Sleeper hold
12 F10 (bonus) Greater disarm
13 F11 (F) Pin down

This build allows you to trip, disarm, and/or grapple :)

CMB using a +3 whip & large size @ level 13:
Trip: BAB12+STR6+DEX6+Race1+ManeuverMastery6+WeaponTraining2+ImprovedTrip2+Greate rTrip2+WeaponFocus1+Size1+Weapon3 = 42
Disarm: BAB12+STR6+Race1+ManeuverMastery6+WeaponTraining2+ImprovedDisarm2+GreaterDi sarm2+WeaponFocus1+Size1+Weapon5 = 38
Grapple: BAB12+STR6+ManeuverMastery6+WeaponTraining2+ImprovedGrapple2+GreaterGrapple 2+WeaponFocus1+Size1+Weapon3 = 35

Nu'Raahl wrote:

I was wondering if we might need a tank/DPs. The ability score generation is up there, so I could even make a MAD type class work if needed.

@ Mr. Pitt: I my original plan was a divination wizard, with conjuration feats. The teleportation school is great but I really like winning initiative.

A wizard with a focus on summons would be fantastic, especially with the skald. Inspired rage gives nice bonuses and your summons would greatly benefit from it while the drawbacks (-AC, skill limits) won't affect your summons much.

I'm working on something similar to Rambear's build, but using rageshaper archetype combined with primalist. If the campaign reaches level 16+ it's amazing. I feel that animal fury ragepower is not needed though (you get a bite attack when you're a dragon). Here's a sample of what the build offers:

At level 16, rage (free action) into a large dragon (via dragon form). Your attack damage dice are increased to huge (via beastial aspect). You gain one bite (2d8), two claws (2d6), two wing attacks (1d8), and one tail slap attack (2d6) with full strength bonus.

You strength bonuses at level 20: +8 mighty bloodrage, +6 strength of the beast (orc bloodline), +6 size bonus (form of the dragon), +magic/item enhancement and level could easily have a 50 strength. That's full strength bonus (+20 with a 50 strength) on 6 attacks during a pounce, you can fly, have a breath weapon, damage reduction, high AC, resistances...

Oh, you still get to have a free casting of a touch spell (via greater/mighty bloodrage). I like frostbite, which adds 1d6+lvl nonleathal cold damage. That's 6d6+120 EXTRA damage at lvl 20 on top of 6 natural attacks +6 x strength mod. That's sure to kill most things.

Did I mention that all happens as a free action? :)

BadBird wrote:
I thought the big problem with Precise Strike for the Magus is that the Magus has no Swashbuckler levels to add to their damage. Flamboyant Arcana and Arcane Deed allow a Magus to use pool for panache and pick deeds a Swashbuckler of that level can pick, but they never say you can use your Magus level as your Swashbuckler level. Come to think of it, I'm not sure there's any deed other than Precise Strike where that matters...

If that were true, then another popular deed (Evasive) wouldn't help you out too much either. Under flamboyant arcana (...the wording of the deeds has been altered simply to replace "swashbuckler" with "magus" for convenience and clarity). This should apply to using her magus level as swashbuckler level on other deeds taken via arcane deed. The ACG has a slew of missing info. Hopefully a FAQ comes out soon to clarify all this.


Matrix Dragon wrote:

I can see the logic on both side of the argument, but this post from Mark Seifter makes it seem like the FAQ on the subject of magus precise strike isn't going to be kind. Especially since Mark was the one in charge of FAQs last I checked, lol.

I'm wary about investing in a feat chain that is probably going to get nerfed, and then I'll have to use prestige to get out of it. If it were a home game it wouldn't be as much of a problem.

Based on that statement, Mark wouldn't nerf Precise Strike because of a mechanical issue but due to it being overpowered.

Chess Pwn wrote:

once you're level 2 and can use spellstrike you can use arcane mark and make a weapon attack for it. Thus getting you the 2 attacks a round.

I feel the advice you're going to get the most once they realize you're a lv1 dex magus is to wait a few levels and you'll be fine.

This ^^^

As you level, you'll be really glad you didn't dilute your caster levels. Be patient and the damage will come.

Chess Pwn wrote:
The precise strike isn't as clear cut. because you can't use armor spikes, which don't use a hand, and a greatsword, which uses two hands, with Two Weapon Fighting. So since spell combat is like two-weapon fighting with spells it might use up a "hand". Just like how armor spikes uses a "hand"

Armor spikes only "uses" a hand if you attack with them: " You can also make a regular melee attack (or off-hand attack) with the spikes, and they count as a light weapon in this case. (You can't also make an attack with armor spikes if you have already made an attack with another off-hand weapon, and vice versa.)"

Matrix Dragon wrote:

As soon as I saw the Eldritch Scion archetype for the magus, I knew that I wanted to build one. The magus class feels much more 'natural' as a spontanious caster.

The issue is that the Eldritch Scion cannot use any of the traditionally good options for the Magus. They cannot use metamagic because spontanious casters use it too slowly. They cannot use Arcana that cost arcane pool points because they need to save those points for activating their bloodline and spellstrikes.

Because this kind of magus is so different from most magus builds, I figured it would be good to come here for advice. The character is about to hit level 3, so I can still make build choices for level 3 and higher.

I choose to go with the arcane bloodrager bloodline for its sweet sweet buffs. Because the very first bloodline power increases the concentration check DCs of nearby casters by 2, I am thinking of going with the following anti-caster build. By having the Arcane Bloodline, Disruptive, and a Distracting (lesser) weapon, I can force casters near me to have a -11 penalty to their concentration checks to cast defensively.

I'm not selecting the Arcana to get Swashbuckler's Precise Strike because there is some question of whether or not it actually works with spell combat.

Kitsune Eldritch Scion
Str 11, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 16 (Using Boon for exta +2 stat bonus to Dex)

lvl 1: Weapon Finesse, Disruptive Bloodrage
lvl 3: Dervish Dance, Familliar (+4 Init)
lvl 4: +1 dex, Arcane Bloodrage
lvl 5: Step up, Combat Reflexes
lvl 6: Disruptive Arcana
lvl 7: Following Step
lvl 8: +1 dex, Greater Arcane Bloodrage
lvl 9: Spellbreaker Arcana, Step Up and Strike
lvl 11: Improved Critical (Scimitar), Improved Initiative

So yea... very heavily anti spellcaster build, but thanks to the arcane bloodrage abilities which can give him Displacement and Resist Energy this character should be very effective as a melee combatant as well.

Any thoughts on ways to improve this build, or builds that may be superior for...

Arcane bloodrager bloodline has some nice benefits. You have the option to have blur or displacement on, so why not pick up moonlight stalker feat (blind-fight & combat expertise prereq). Would give +2 attack/damage rolls anytime you use blur or displacement.

Precise Strike absolutely works with spell combat.

Precise strike: "To use this deed, a swashbuckler cannot attack with a weapon in her other hand or use a shield other than a buckler."

Spell combat: "To use this ability, the magus must have one hand free....while wielding a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other hand"

TheBobJones wrote:
Duiker wrote:

You've got a melee-based character whose spells enhance his damage. You are instead using him as a really crappy mage. That's not the class's fault.

So you would have recommend that I engage the half-orc with the Falchion using one shot of Shocking grasp at a 50% fail rate (cast defensively) and only a +2 to hit plus a +2 to hit with my rapier for a min damage of 3 max damage of 13? (most likely 5-6 hps)?

What level are you currently? Shocking grasp does 1d6/lvl (max 5d6). Elves also get +2 bonus to casting defensively. You can also use arcane mark (0-level spell) along with spell combat to effectively give you 2 attacks/round. Are you vanilla magus or pick up an archetype? What traits do you have?

I know you were thinking human, but how's this setup for Catfolk?

Catfolk Bloodrager (rageshaper archetype, abyssal bloodline)
Alternate racial traits: cat's claws

1) Nimble striker, BP: claws
3) ?
4) Eschew materials, BP: demonic bulk
5) Arcane strike
6) (bloodline bonus)?
7) Blooded arcane strike
8) BP: demonic resistance
9) Improved natural attack, (bloodline bonus)?
11) Claw pounce
12) (bloodline bonus)?, BP: abyssal bloodrage

Assuming a 34 STR* at level 12 while raging, casting frostbite through greater bloodrage, +2 amulet of mighty fists, and a friendly druid/ranger (or UMD) to cast strong jaw on you, the damage would be:

Claw damage = base: 1d8 -> 2d6 (improved natural attack) -> 3d6 (rage shaper) -> 4d6 (large) -> 8d6 (strong jaw), +12 STR, +1d6 flaming (bloodline), +2 AoMF, +8 PA, +3 Arcane strike, +1d6+12 (frostbite)

Total: 8d6+25, +1d6 fire, +1d6+12 nonlethal cold = 72 average

That's per claw, and with claw pounce, you'll be attacking with both claws nearly every round for 144 average damage.

Lots of bloodline feat options still open. You could grab power attack at level 3 or get it through a bloodline feat.

*34 STR = (17 base, +3 level bonus, +6 greater bloodrage, +2 demonic bulk, +2 abyssal bloodrage, +4 item enhancement)

Anything other than an antipaladin? I thought I saw a feat somewhere that let you override fear immunity? Maybe it was in 3.5? Or maybe I'm losing my mind...

Are there any class abilities/feats/spells/items to overcome a target's fear immunity (such as a paladin)?

Dipping might get you feats a bit faster, but you're losing out on caster levels and delaying spell/bloodline progression.

Ooo, nice find. Moonlight stalker is a nice feat and the entry feats aren't too bad either. Combat expertise has it's uses and allows access to other feats (trip) while blindfight can be very helpful.

Riving strike is okay, depends on the group makeup. It's the loss of a swift action that bothers me. The effects only last one round though, which is why demoralize is better. It effects more than just spell saves and has a chance to last longer, along with a possibility of setting the base fear effect for frightened/panicked depending on group strategies (i.e. bard with dirge of doom feat line).

I went the frostbite route with my hexcrafter as well, but I've been focusing on polymorph spells for multiple natural attacks to pile on the damage, so my scimitar is only used 25% of the time. I've been using arcane accuracy to boost my attack rolls, which helps when rolling 3-5 attacks depending on form. I had my hexcrafter built long before the ACG though.

That's what I love about the magus, so many options :)

Keeping all the metamagic feats you have for versatility, your build could like this:

(H) Heightened spell
(1) Elemental spell
(3) Power attack
(4) Flight hex
(5) Preferred spell (shocking grasp), (bonus)Intensified spell
(6) Slumber hex
(7) Cornugon smash
(9) Evil eye hex, ?feat?
(11) ?feat?, ?bonus feat?
(12) ?arcana/hex?

Some possible feats/arcana/hexes: intimidating prowess, arcane accuracy, spell-scar arcana, ice tomb

Any chance you can retrain your feats? Arcane strike is a waste for a magus as it requires a swift action. Most arcane pool powers also require a swift action. Extra arcane pool is a waste too. With a 20 INT you should have plenty of pool points (even with the bladebound archetype) especially with the ability to use hexes and save pool points.

You can find other ways of lowering an enemies saves or applying debuffs to help slumber succeed. Many magus go for frostbite/enforcer trick (fatigue + shaken). I personally prefer power attack/cornugon smash (shaken effect) because it applies to all hits as long as you are power attacking, which you should be if your focus in dps. You can still frostbite too for the fatigue effect, but it looks like you want to focus on shocking grasp burst.

You can use arcane accuracy arcana to apply INT bonus to attack rolls for the round to help cushion the 3/4 BAB and power attack penalty. Flight is an excellent hex as well to fly around the battlefield and avoid obstacles. What hex did you take at level 4?

shroudb wrote:

1:arcane strike
3: riving strike
5: whatever
6: combat reflexes
7: whatever
9: whatever
11: whatever

Bloodrager does not qualify for arcane strike until he can cast spells (level 4), so it could be your 5th level feat, then riving strike at 7. I like blooded arcane strike at 7 to save your swift action for something else though.

Adriel Mistleaf wrote:

Moonlight Stalker is a brilliant feat chain.

Blindfight is a pretty useful feat.
Just be a Human and you can go combat Exp and Blindfight at 1st level.
Moonlight Stalker at level 3 because at that level it's +2/+2
Power attack is -1/+3 at that level. So take it at level 5

Moonlight stalker requires low-light vision or darkvision as a racial trait. Humans have neither.

Here's an interesting quote from Sean Reynolds (Designer, RPG Superstar Judge):

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
I personally think the "proficient with weapon" prerequisite of Weapon Focus isn't necessary, for any weapon. *shrug*

It's amazing how this thread has turned into a rules debate on weapon proficiency and supernatural vs. spells/spell-like abilities.

Weapon focus requires +1 BAB and weapon proficiency. So when does the bloodrager become proficient? It never says he does at all, unlike the druid ("They [druids] are also proficient with all natural attacks (claw, bite, and so forth) of any form they assume with wild shape").

So the bloodrager, and all the other claw/bite/slam/... hopeful classes out there are nonproficient and attacking with a -4 penalty.
Wait...that can't be right. So the bloodrager must gain claw proficiency at some point. Is it only when he rages? Well, if a player wants to spend a valuable resource (feat) on a power that he can only use a few times a day (rages/day), let him.

Does demonic bulk stack with polymorph spells/SLAs? I'd love to hear the developer's input on this. If it doesn't stack it is near pointless to include it. Look at the bloodrager spell list...lots of polymorph options (animal aspect, beast shape, monstrous physique...) that would negate one of the powers? Wouldn't make sense. Demonic bulk is NOT enlarge person. "as enlarge person" is included so players/DMs know what happens when it's used ("gains a +2 size bonus to Strength, a -2 size penalty to Dexterity (to a minimum of 1), and a -1 penalty on attack rolls and AC due to its increased size").

This is nearly the same debate players/DMs have with monk's flurry of blows ("when he uses flurry of blows, as if using Improved Two-Weapon Fighting"). But monks never actually gain Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and can't use flurry to qualify for feats. The "as" is merely included so players/DMs know what to expect.

And chbgraphicarts brings up the point about claws not allowing iterative attacks is suboptimal. But the OP wanted to use claws the best possible way...on a bloodrager...using abyssal bloodline. That's what we are (or should be) trying to help him with.

Demonic bulk is a supernatural ability and stacks with a size increase from a spell or spell-like ability (enlarge person or large size from beast shape II or monstrous physique II). Remember that animals lack speech and can't cast spells with verbal component. Going monstrous humanoid through monstrous physique allows spell casting... and 4-armed gargoyle with 4 claw attacks with MPII!

If you picked up feral combat training (Improved unarmed strike & weapon focus prereqs) then your claws would gain every advantage (including feats) that are applied to unarmed strike.

You could even tack on Dragon Ferocity to get +1.5x STR to claw damage then (Dragon style & Stunning fist prereqs...could always dip monk) and/or take the blood conduit archetype to apply spells (like frostbite) to unarmed strikes/claws.

Sample feat progression without monk dip:

Abyssal bloodline
(1) Weapon focus: claws, Improved unarmed strike (blood conduit bonus), Feral combat training (human bonus)
(3) Dragon style
(4) Eschew materials (bloodrager bonus)
(5) Arcane strike
(6) Power attack (bloodline bonus)
(7) Blooded arcane strike
(9) Stunning fist, Improved trip (bloodline/archetype bonus)
(11) Dragon ferocity
(12) Improved grapple (bloodline/archetype bonus)

Dragon style adds some nice bonuses too (ignore difficult terrain on charge, bonus on certain saves) while Ferocity beefs up damage and can add on a shaken effect. Dipping monk gives easier access to dragon ferocity, place slot would be level 3 and go MoMS. This would delay spell progression and bloodline powers though.

Mathwei ap Niall wrote:
Re-read what you just quoted
Using a scroll is like casting a spell for purposes of arcane spell failure chance.

It's only like casting a spell for arcane spell failure, everything else is like using an item and items do not cause your charges to go away.

Maybe this is a better statement (from the scroll description): "Using a scroll is basically like casting a spell." Then from holding the charge description: "If you cast another spell, the touch spell dissipates."

I'm not trying to argue against you, I really like the idea of using spell-scars in the manner you described. I just want to make sure it's legal so I can show my DM if I use it that way. Is there a something that states item use as being different?


Mathwei ap Niall wrote:
STR Ranger wrote:

Yeah, probably a solid green.

Awesome for utility and endurance (though hexcrafters have the best endurance of any other magai)

Blue is reserved for balls to the wall awesome.
It's pretty sweet but not moronic to not take it.

Here's one other advantage to that is awesome for the non-shocking grasp focused magus.

A spell-scar is considered a scroll so it's not a spell you cast. This means it won't cost you any of your remaining charges from chill touch or frostbite. This lets you double dip and have both of those spells running at one and STILL be able to drop the occasional intensified shocking grasps on top of the damage & debuffs from the other two.
I think that ability (though not cheap) is well worth consideration.

Is this really legal? The scroll activation description states: "Activating a scroll spell is subject to disruption just as casting a normally prepared spell would be. Using a scroll is like casting a spell for purposes of arcane spell failure chance."

If it is "like casting a spell" wouldn't it cancel the held charges from touch spells? I know that passage is referring to spell disruption and failure, but is your proposed use of spell scars open to DM interpretation?

Hey stuart, thanks for the suggestions. Improved familiar and Enforcer are feats. I did plan on improved familiar later. Not sure if I want to include enforcer, it looks good in theory just not sure if I want it or if DM will let it work with frostbite.

Anyway, Arcane accuracy looks nice, but is it better to use arcane strike? It costs 2 arcana instead of 1, but is against touch AC. I don't want both obviously, so if I hold out for arcane strike is spell-scars, evil eye, swamp's grasp, or natural spell combat (claw) worth it? Is hasted assault a good choice for level 9 arcana if I grab arcane accuracy at level 6?

Thanks again :)

I need some advice on hex/arcana choices. I just hit level 6 and playing an elf hexcrafter, so I get 2 arcana (or hexes) this level. An obvious one is flight hex, but I'm unsure of the other choice. Here's my build so far:

Elf Hexcrafter Magus
Traits: magical lineage (frostbite), metamagic master (shocking grasp)

Stats (with magic enhancements):
STR 18
DEX 16
CON 12
INT 20
WIS 12
Cha 7

1 - Rime spell
3 - Blindfight, Arcana: raven familiar
4 - Hex arcana: slumber
5 - Combat expertise, Moonlight stalker
6 - Hex arcana: flight hex, ???

The other members in the party:
Dhampir Inquisitor (melee/face/skill monkey)
Ifrit Sorceress (controller/blaster - uses stonecall and web a lot)
Elf Alchemist (new player, but mostly ranged and has chirurgeon archetype for heals)

I'm loving the hexcrafter. The versatility is amazing. I can fight in melee with a keen scimitar or shift into a troglodyte for multiple attacks of frostbite, even changed into a merfolk for a river battle before. Can stay ranged with a mighty bow. Slumber hex has won us a few impossible battles. The raven makes an awesome scout.

But I'm not sure what other hex/arcana to take for my 2nd choice at level 6. Here's some I was thinking of:
Arcane accuracy, Spell-scars, Evil eye hex, Swamp's grasp hex, others?

At level 9, I was thinking of Hasted assault or Accurate strike?


I have a question about hex mechanics. Are there verbal or somatic components to them? I assume you have to at least see the enemy. Sorry for my ignorance, but all my info is limited to the pathfinder srd.

Mirrel the Marvelous wrote:
Master Summoner gets Augment Summoning for free at 2nd level.

Ahh, I didn't realize that master summoner was an archetype. Thank you for clarifying :)

Mercurial wrote:

1st - Skill Focus: Knowledge (Planes)
1st - Extra Summons
2nd - Augmented Summoning
3rd - Superior Summoning
5th - Improved Initiative
7th - Extra Summons
9th - Eldritch Heritage (Primal Bloodline - Air)
11th - Improved Eldritch Heritage (Primal Bloodline - Air)
13th - Extra Summons
15th - Quicken Spell
17th - Greater Eldritch Heritage (Primal Bloodline - Air)
19th - Extra Summons

The first Eldritch Heritage feat gives you a minor electrical ray attack which by that level is relatively useless, but the second one grants...

How are you able to pick up a feat at 2nd level? Also, how are you able to get Augmented Summoning without Spell Focus (conjuration)?

Put my hexcrafter through his first ecounter and was very pleased. My DM started us on lvl 3 with $1000 gp worth of gear. We fought some ratlings and wererats. The whole party did well vs ratlings, but the wererats have DR 10/silver. We don't have silver weapons and everyone's attacks seemed to bounce off. Our sorc was pretty much out of spells by the time we fought the wererats so I looked like a god when I struck one down with a shocking grasp crit (using spellstrike with scimitar). I then knocked the other one out with a couple hits from frostbite, which also allowed us to capture the creature for information. I also dropped a color spray on a cluster of ratfolk thieves, which saved us a lot of battle time and injury risk.

I still don't have any hexes, but the magus abilities have me fired up! Can't wait til lvl 4 and my first hex :)

Martiln wrote:
KnotAguru wrote:
Dhampirs can not be healed by cure spells. But yea, infernal healing looks good.
You're half-correct. Dhampirs can't be healed by spells that use positive energy, but infernal healing doesn't do that, it gives the target Fast Healing. Fast Healing =/= positive energy.

Right, that's why I like infernal healing. The healing hexes on the other hand wouldn't heal the dhampir, unless the DM would allow that since it's a hex and not an actual "cure" spell.

Quick question about frostbite. Says "You can use this melee touch attack up to one time per level." Does that have to be used in the same round or your next x number of touches/attacks regardless of number of rounds?

I went Elf with arcane focus and darkvision (I know it come with light sensitivity, but I thought it very fitting for a witch-like class and character concept. Plus, all the other characters have darkvision).

Stats: 14 str, 16 dex, 12 con, 18 int, 12 wis, 8 cha

Still haven't finalized a build, but took rime spell at lvl 1, familiar (raven) and blindfight at lvl 3. I'll pick up slumber hex at lvl 4. I like the idea of being a defiler but I don't want to dip witch and weaken my magus abilities. Looks like transmorgifist or a version of it, is my best bet.

Traits I'm still unsettled on. I have magical lineage and spellhunter, but should I add them to the same spell (shocking grasp or frostbite) or split them between the two?

I'll have to see how the campaign plays out before I add any healing hexes. I'm hoping to get away with wands of infernal healing. Inquisitor plans on taking inflict spells (to heal himself) before adding traditional healing spells. Sorc can also use infernal healing wands.

Any suggestions on future feat/hex/arcana progression? With a low intimidate (-1 cha mod) is enforcer worth it? Is power attack/cormugon smash effective? I like evil eye and agony hexes, maybe cackle to keep them rolling. The hair hex sounds cool too. Is it still useful in the transmorgifist build?

STR Ranger wrote:

Well looking at that group the healing hex takes a bit more importance. Ask the inquisitor how healing focused he will be. You may have to share healing duties.

A wand of infernal healing is better than CLW.

The defiler or Melee transmorgifist seem best suited.

The defiler owns singles target control.

The melee transmorgifist is more versatile but can still entangle/fatigue/demoralize with a Rime Frostbite.

Elf is always the superior choice.
The alt racial bonus is 3 EXTRA ARCANAS wwhich can be used for
Evil Eye, Ice Tomb and Summon Spirit at the levels they are available.
Plus the alt Arcane Focus +2 to concentration is great (since you trade elf weapons and Magus is martial proficient)
Add to that free Spell Penetration and there is no contest.

Dhampirs can not be healed by cure spells. But yea, infernal healing looks good.

Hi, I'll be playing in my first pathfinder game soon and I like the idea of a defiler hexcrafter. The other memebers of the group are:
Dhampir Inquisitor
Ifrit Socreress
Goblin Gunslinger

No one is optimized, but I want to be. What are your suggestions? We have 25-point buy, start at 3rd level, DM allows anything paizo from the srd website.

I'm thinking elf hexcrafter but haven't gone much further than that. Or would a different class/race be better based on party makeup? We don't have a controller type class and have limited melee so magus seemed like a good fit. Thanks in advance.