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The Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator...

I'm having the same problem as well. The process starts for personalizing the download, but after waiting 10 or more seconds, the download never starts.

I;ve tried this on Firefox and Chrome with the same result.

2. Considering what the Eldritch Scion gets from the bloodline, I'm thinking it should replace both Spell Recall and Improved Spell Recall.

Sharaya wrote:

I've sent you an email regarding this.

Thanks. Please see my reply for a follow-up question.


I'm hoping you can help me.

This morning I ordered four PDFs from the Paizo store, including the PDF for the Pathfinder rules-compatible version of "The Lost City of Barakus" (from Frog God Games), which was featured in the latest "This Week at Paizo" weekly store newsletter.

At least, I thought I'd ordered the Pathfinder version.

Turns out that of the two hyperlinks to the product included in the e-mail newsletter, the first one (which I clicked, thinking they were the same) points to the older D20 version of the material here, while the second hyperlink points to the new Pathfinder-compatible version here. As I was in a bit of a rush to get ready for work, I didn't notice the difference in the links.

The products were added immediately to My Downloads and I saved a copy of each from there to my hard drive before heading to work; I only had the opportunity to open the PDFs once I got home this evening, and realized immediately that the "Lost City of Barakus" PDF I received was not for the version I thought I had ordered. The other three PDFS ordered at the same time are absolutely correct and fine.

I'm wondering if there is any way to correct this and make the Pathfinder-compatible version of the product available to me instead. I do acknowledge that the error is mine, for not checking the link carefully enough.

Both product versions indicate the identical price for the PDFs ($19.99), so there should not be a price differential.

I used my credit card for the transaction and, as noted, ordered three other PDFs in the same transaction. Will that have any impact on your ability to make the change, if that is even possible at this point?

Really does bring to mind the sage advice to not judge a book by its cover...

I'm planning to step behind the GM's screen for the first time after nearly 20 years as a player, and I'm thinking of running my game group through "The Skinsaw Murders" as a standalone adventure.

For those of you who've run or playing through this part of the ROTR adventure path, how long did it take to get through it? What about playing through just tbe Misgivings chapter alone?

Forgive me if this has been asked elsewhere (search is not working for
me at the moment), but is there a reason the Caravan Guard campaign trait from the Jade Regent AP does not include the +1 trait bonus to attacks against foes who threaten your NPC connection (in this case, sandru Vhiski)?

All other campaign traits listed in the Jade Regent Player's Guide include text concerning the +1 bonus...

Jadeite wrote:
And yes, Trap Breaker and Vivisectionist are strangely compatible, although you end up trading all your poison abilities for trapfinding.

Forgive me if I'm missing something, but how are Trap Breaker and Vivisectionist at all compatible? Trap Breaker relies heavily on the Bomb ability, which Vivisectionist loses entirely in favor of Sneak Attack...

In the words of the great and powerful Peter Griffin, "Freakin' sweet!"

Seriously, awesome job folks. I look forward to seeing what's in the next volume!

We had two stores taking part in my community, and what a contrast.

MY FLGS cleared off a table and set out the free offerings in neat piles so we could see what was available -- including some products they'd thrown in that were not specifically released for the event. They had a limit of three items per person. The store staff was (as always) very helpful -- answering questions, pointing people in the direction of the minis, and keeping a genuine smile on their faces the whole time. Oh, and 25% off ANY RPG product in the store as well. There was no required purchase, no random d20 selection -- just good old-fashioned freeness and goodwilled promotion of RPGs.

In addition, they were holding a number of games in their basement adjunct -- they had DMs running Pathfinder, Eberron 4E, Castles & Crusades, Geist, Corporation, and Paranoia. (If only a prior commitment hadn't kept me from staying to play -- I really want a chance to play the Pathfinder rules, and Eberron 4E looks cool). Even less than half an hour after opening (and with rain pouring down outside), there were a number of people in the store --looking at the free products, checking out the other RPG materials in stock, perusing the comics on the shelves. I caught snippets of conversation about the merits of 4E versus Pathfinder, whether MTG was still going strong, and the return of "the one, the only, accept no imitations" Captain America (as one guy put it). Overall, a successfully planned and executed day.


The other "participating" store (which I only visited because I wanted some new dice and my FLGS had none that appealed to me) had just tossed the FreeRPG product in a casual and teetering pile on the corner of the sales counter, in amongst any number of other random bits like invoices and an empty pop can. I had no idea they were even participating until one of the only other two patrons in the store (which was deathly quiet) asked about it. The owner just said, "Yeah, just grab something from there" and waved in the general direction of the mish-mashed "display" before returning to whatever held his attention (and it certainly wasn't the patrons).

When the other patron asked about minis, the owner just said "Yeah, back there somewhere" without even looking up. Then, as I paid for the dice, the owner said, "Yeah, this Free Game Day is really good for places like mine, because I can always sell what I don't give away, and make a profit." All I could think was, "Unbelievable. Just one more reason not to come back to this place again." If I hadn't already given the guy my money and taken my change, I'd have left the dice on the counter and stormed out. Suffice to say, I'll never shop there again, and I'm going to spread the word.

When I finally got a chance to really look at the FreeRPGDay stuff I'd picked up, I noticed that every product had the FreeRPGDay badge on the cover with the word "FREE" clearly visible (though the Pathfinder Bestiary had it on the back cover, so as to not spoil the gorgeous art any more than necessary). I'd like to think this will keep the "other guy" from actually being able to charge money for this stuff, but I'm sure he'll find a way. I doubt my FLGS will have any left-over product from the day, but if they do, I'm certain it will be given away for free (to the DMs who ran the games, for example)

As I said, a study in contrasts.