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Kjeta Strongmalt grew up in Kubourg, to the West of Zobeck. Kubourg is notable among the dwarven communities in the Ironcrags, in that it isn’t near any rich mines; instead, it is a fertile valley where the finest hops and barley are grown and brewed into rich dwarven ales.

Kjeta was raised in a family of respected brewers, and relished her work. She had a gift (and enthusiasm) for brewing beer that stood out, even among dwarves. Her life was going well, until a gang of selang (twisted satyrs) started making raids out of the Western Wastes to terrorize the hops farmers that surrounded Kubourg.

After several grizzly deaths, many farmers decided it was time to leave town, and others were holing up inside, letting their hops wither and die on their trellises.

Seeing farmers she care for die--and that the valley’s famous hops harvest was in jeopardy--Kjeta did the first thing that occured to her: she went dancing with friends, and got thoroughly lit. That night--after many pints--she turned to her friends and said, ”Whoa! I’m soooooo druuuuunk. Does anyone else hear Ninkash taaaaalking to them right now?


The First Miracle was that Kjeta awoke the next morning refreshed, and without any hangover. She gathered everyone together in the Great Beerhall and shared her vision. With a rousing speech--her voice booming supernaturally, her eyes beginning to swirl like a kaleidoscope--she cajolled and inspired the townsfolk. ”Can we let those killers push us out? No, we cannot! Can we let the hops wither in the field? Sweet Mother of Ales, NO!! We must face our fears, drive out those selang...and then celebrate and make merry in honor of Ninkash, who is always by our side!”

Together--with Kjeta battering them with her glowing tankard--they managed to track the selang to their camp, kill most, and send the rest fleeing. They carried Kjeta home on their shoulders, chanting about the Hero of the Hops.

More recently, Kjeta heard Ninkash’s call the spread the Good Brews within the bustling city of Zobeck. She arrived half a year ago--riding among her kegs on a wagon pulled by her donkey--and has quickly built a reputation as one of Zobeck’s finest brewers. She is becoming a noted presence at many street faires and performances.

While she lacks any of the typical schooling of an acolyte, it doesn’t stop her from quoting the teachings of Ninkash (as best she can remember them)...and for any flaws in her scholarship, she stands out as an excellent brewer, competent healer, friendly face of the faith, and potent channel of Ninkash’s divinity.

Personality Traits
* I enjoy the praise I receive. Maybe a little too much.
* I love to quote the teachings and proverbs of Ninkash...even if I can’t quite remember how they go.
* I strive to share my talents with as many people as I can.

* I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost.

* There are people who are unable to protect themselves. I fight to protect those people.

* There's always time to raise a cup of ale, eh?
* I am inclined to think the best of a fellow brewers, even in the face of evidence to the contrary