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Honestly thanks for the advice and I understand it was a loaded question I wrote it late last night after a very bad day I just wanted general information about what people had played in the system so thank you for the information

Good evening everyone just out of curiosity as the dm has forced our campaign to pathfinder 2 (which i am fine to give it a try, but a bit uspet with lack of choice we have, but no matter)

What is the strongest character you can build the, sort of character that can take on anything and walk out of it?

i am open to all ideas, have fun.

honestly i forgot you can do that but no i would only use it for the feat hahaha

thanks for the tips but the only problem with Dervish Dance is you need a perform (dance skill) and you dont get one as a magus

Hello everyone i am playing a new campaign soon and i am playing a ratfolk (or mouse folk using ratfolk stats) magus, so he will be a dex based build but i am struggling to find stuff that will allow him to attack and damage with dex.

Bonus points the world is quite a dark spooky setting and we are playing witcher esc character and they all use longswords, so if there is a way to damage and hit with dex using a long sword that will be a great help.

as we are starting this new campaign we are starting at LV3

Azata starts with exotic weapon prof so will that plan work with it?

hello everyone have had to change my summoner to an unchained summoner as my DM says i am to over powerd (i do mind doing this) but that means i need your help as i want to build a 4-armed weapon weilding (one in each hand), bipeid, with the Azata sub type at level 4 but and not sure how to do it.

also how does weapon attacks with ediolons work? if they have a maximum of 4 attacks per turn does that mean it is 4 weapon attacks if that is all there using

Thank you for the help this has given me a great start

Hello Everyone!!

I am starting a new Lv3 pathfinder campaign and i have chosen to play a human summoner but unfortunately we dont have a hard hitting tank, so it falls to me to make one (which i dont mind doing) but i need some help what it the strongest, tankeset or just the best combat ediolon i can make at lv3.

Thanks for any help