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Please cancel all of my Pathfinder and Starfinder subscriptions. Thank you.

I would like to cancel my Pathfinder Accessories subscription please!
Thank you very much

Bumping in case the thread's gotten a little buried.

I currently have 6 active subscriptions that have shipped items and my Paizo Advantage discount appears to be active but I'm not receiving both complimentary digital Society subscriptions. I appear to have only been receiving the Starfinder Society modules and none of the Pathfinder Society ones. Can the ones I'm missing be added to my digital library?

I'm curious how this works as well. I purchased an item the day after my order generated and it's sitting in my sidecart, presumably to ship the next month.

Just wanted to add that my complimentary SFS pdf's didn't add to my account either. I created a separate thread last week but it doesn't seem that it was addressed yet.

Bumping in case the thread's gotten lost.

Hello there,

I read the pinned thread about the issue with complimentary PFS/SFS pdf's not being added for people who signed up for subscriptions in July and I seem to be having that problem. Items from 4 of my 5 subscriptions have shipped but I didn't get the complimentary Starfinder Society pdf's.

Also, I encountered an issue while browsing the store earlier today. There must be something wrong with my Paizo Advantage status because the discount isn't showing up for items I add to my shopping cart and still isn't showing up during checkout. From my understanding, it should be active since 4 of my active subscriptions have shipped.

Thank you in advance!