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Full Name



Shoanti Human (true dire werewolf)


Gestalt BbnDrd2/WarshaperEarth Dreamer4




Medium (large when shifted)

Special Abilities

Lycanthropic abilities, Warshaper abilities, BbnDrd abilities




The First Wolf


The Keep of the the goddess Ancora, in the Valley of Fincayra


Common, Shoanti, Wolf,


God Chosen, weapons trainer, animal handler, hunter.

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About Kiba

Actual background for a game in which all but one god has died...

At the age of thirteen Kiba shifted to his hybrid(and later his full wolf form) form and was almost killed by tribe because of his ghost-white pelt. He is on the run from his tribe.

About four years later, Kiba feels something pulling him in a certain direction. After a week of travel he meets up with Kitty(a female half-gold dragon half-elf [gestalt DrdWiz4]), and Rhia (a female aasimar [gestalt DrdSorc4]). After going into a valley surrounded by mountains (jokes are made in RL about meeting small talking dinosaurs), they find a run-down castle. Upon entering the castle they find a room covered in thousand of holy symbols(Kitty goes blind temperarily detecting magic) when a god appears and tells them they are to rebuild civilazation. He also says they are to protect the daughter of the gods. Ancora appears in the rooms and all the holy symbols fade away.

Kiba is now in charge of weapons traning and woodsmenship. Under his care are the godling Ancora, a feral unnamed dragon(now being worshiped by a needletooth swarm), two fleshrakers(MMIII), and a catgoblin named Gip. The people now residing in the Keep do not know his is a werewolf, and he has asked those who do know not to tell anyone else, fearing his tribe may find him and bring ruin to the life he has now.

The story thus far
January 16th 2009
After a little incident where Ancora decided she didn't need guardians and forced everyone out while putting up a force field, Kiba decided to leave for a while. Before leaving he asked Rhia to take care of his animals and said he would return should any danger threaten the keep. Ancora's powers were of course bound.

January 31st 2009
Something horrible has happened! Ancora has started to act like a normal 16 year old, and has started taking an interest in boys!!! I said I would very much like to go back to dealing with a god that has a five-year old mentality.
A new character has taken Kiba's place for the time he is away, a true dire eagle named Sky(gestalt Druid4/Spirit Shaman4,changed his name from Icarus). Swift with his kukri and almost to fast to hit, he is
most fearsome attacking from the air with his longbow. During his first adventure with the group, he travels to another plane and encounters a storm cloud that causes those under to turn to stone... unless the descended from above the storm. Later the group encounters a Quaraphon(MMIII), which disturbingly enoungh, took a ... liking to Kitty, who didn't seem to mind. After returning to their home plane with those that had been caught under the storm Kitty starts searching for a way to get the quaraphon to this plane, but not explaining why...
I know is that creepy or what?