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Thanks for your answers, it all seems legal, the thing surprising us is to get to defeat almost without rolling with basic cards, so early in the AP. +6 with the brilliances and +1 arcane makes basic spells 1D12+2D4+7, and you can recover spells from discard.


Just started WotR. A player built Enora with two brilliances, when do you recharge the random spell? Is it when displaying or when you recharge the brilliance. Also, is there a rule against stacking +skill spells? With a villain cornered Enora played into herself 2 brilliances before exploring for +6 combat and autorecharges. It seems really powerful with her role card too.

Good! Gives us poor fellows far from stores a taste of what is to come.

Is there a chance to have the OP mini-scenario released to the non-store players? For some of us there is no option to play at a store, and waiting a month seems too much.

Regarding this printing issue, is this affecting greatly the distributors? The release dates are set to January 15th,2015!
I am an international customer and the only affordable way to obtain the ACG is through this vendor, besides the Spanish translation of RotR is just hitting the shelves, quite a wait.

This game is a pillar in our gaming group and I am the dealer, I, figuratively, fear for my life if I cannot produce more ACG fun soon.

Two person team, no deaths, but had to repeat Approach to thistletop and Them Ogres aint right. The ride became easy with auguries and revelation quill. Holy candle made things quite easy too.

Defeated Karzoug in the first run at 3rd encounter with cards 2-3 cards left on deck, last combat 40 check was just 40.

We had a very good time from september, only problem is the gap between adventure decks.

Character Name: Kyra
Role Card: Exorcist
Skill Feats: Strength +2, Wisdom +4.
Power Feats: +2 hand size, Weapon Proficiency, +2 Healing, +1 Turning, Recharge blessing, put on top blessing.
Card Feats: Spell +2, Armor +1, Item +1, Ally +1, Blessing +2.
Weapons: Flaming Ranseur +3, Karzoug’s Burning Blade
Spells: Augury, Swipe, Mass cure, Cure, Holy Light
Armors: Magic Full plate, Magic Full Plate, Invincible breastplate
Items: Robe of Runes, Sihedron Tome
Allies: Eagle, Ayruzi
Blessings: Sarenrae, Sarenrae, Sarenrae, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Nethys, Lamashtu, Gozreh

Character Name: Merisiel
Role Card: Acrobat
Skill Feats: Dexterity +4, Constitution +2
Power Feats: +1 hand size, Weapon Proficiency, Evade on top, Sneak attack +3, recharge blessing
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Armor +1, Item +2, Ally +1, Blessing +2.
Weapons: Deathbane light crossbow +1, Venomous heavey crossbow +2, Venomous dagger +2
Armors: Elven Chain Shirt, Snakeskin Tunic
Items: Emerald Codex, Crown of charisma, holy candle, sihedron medallion, sihedron medallion, chime of unlocking, revelation quill, wand of enervation
Allies: Clockwork librarian, Tiger, Blackarrow ranger
Blessings: Gozreh, Abadar, Nethys, Lamashtu, Lamashtu, Lamashtu

I just looked at it for the base set initially, there was no choice and I assumed that the charge would be the same for the AD.

Comparing the same shipping rates now, for me the $5.80 rate is 20-46 days plus handling. 7$ in Amazon is 14-22 days and it has taken 15 days in average for the previous adventure packs. Even with the discount from Paizo makes Amazon more affordable. The promo cards are sacrificed in the process.

I got mine February 7th in Spain from Amazon due to their screw up. This is the only way to get it in a reasonable time as Paizo shipping cost for subscription outside US is too high, 26$ per pack opposed to 7$ at Amazon. Local game stores do not carry this, they are waiting for a spanish translation of the APs and the ACG that may not happen in years.

In conclusion, if you make the shipping cost for international orders lower you would recieve a lot more subscription orders from overseas.