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For an upcoming campaign, I'm working on a complex Wood Elf society... with lots of great houses / families for the players to navigate.

Problem is, I'm having a difficult time thinking up enough cool Wood Elf sirnames. I'm looking for solid-sounding sirnames / family names / house names with a strong Wood Elf / Nature ( / Plant :p) theme and would greatly appreciate some help. :)

A favorite 3e PC of one of our group members has inspired one of the family names. So I know Thistlefoot will be one (from his character Kalis Thistlefoot). ...but many I come up with are sounding either cheesy or ...I dunno ...oddly too Dwarven lol (Oakheart jumped to mind, but I swear that sounds like it belongs on a Dwarf :p).

Any help GREATLY appreciated. ...I'll have MANY houses / families represented, so I need all the help I can get!

Just wanted to bump this once... my original posting was kinda soon after the release of Haunting of Harrowstone - figured now more people have run it and might have an opinion of it to share. :)

Dragonchess Player wrote:
Not to knock the Falcon Hollow modules (D0, D1, D1.5, E1, D4), but they are probably not a good choice for an introduction to Pathfinder RPG. They are all 3.5 products and will require some conversion to Pathfinder RPG rules.

Yeah, kinda wanted to avoid 3.5 stuff, etc... I mean, I HAVE a good amount of 3e-3.5e stuff and just wanted to try something fresh and made specifically for Pathfinder. :)

Dragonchess Player wrote:
You may want to pick up Master of the Fallen Fortress as a free PDF before starting an Adventure Path or series of linked modules...

Just DL'd it to read for myself later, but the reviews of it on the site here are kinda underwhelming... sounds a bit predictable and not particularly exciting from their assessments (again, I'll see for myself soon enough when I read it heh).

As I'll be running this for a group of mostly new players (myself being the only vet, I believe) I don't want to go too "out there" (so nothing like We Be Goblins, which I believe is the players playing goblins, etc)... but I do want it to be interesting-enough for them to say "this is awesome, I want more!" :p

Thanks for all the opinions thus far, keep 'em coming. :D

Don't know if it's been mentioned yet (have to run and didn't finish reading the thread yet hehe), but the shiny new Arcane Blast feat in the APG looks like it could work very well for blasty-Witches (maybe not the most min-max'd thing possible, but sounds fun & handy in a pinch). :)

Hi all :)
Longtime roleplayer (particularly D&D), new to Pathfinder (and LOVING what I'm seeing/reading thus far ...way better than D&D 4e IMHO)! :D

Here's the situation...
I've been generally away from tabletop roleplaying for a few years now - after moving out-of-state / away from my long-time gaming group. I've been dying to play, but have only managed a few meager virtual tabletop sessions in the meantime.

Finally I have a group of people interested in getting a campaign going... but I'm a tad rusty, as I haven't GM'd in like 3 or so years. I'm not totally positive if I want to roll with a homebrew world or to just go with the standard Pathfinder one... but regardless, I feel a good "Paizo-official" Adventure or Module would be great in helping me hit the ground running.

To that end, I've started looking into the official Pathfinder Adventures/Modules. Two that stand out as interesting and generally well-reviewed (on the site here) are: Haunting of Harrowstone (the first part of the new Adventure Path, of course :)) and Crypt of the Everflame.

Both sound nifty in their little blurb, but I'm uncertain of their details as I don't own them yet heh.

Which of these two would you suggest (or any other for that matter, if there's another you absolutely love)? Yeah, it's a subjective question, but as I'm sure either would be fine it might help me make up my mind. :p

Note: If it matters to your suggestion, most of the players I'll be GMing for here are new to tabletop roleplaying, but from gaming in general at least have a solid handle on typical fantasy gaming terms & concepts. As for campaign themes, they seem up for whatever I want to toss at them (from classic D&D-esque fantasy to horror to whatever).

Thanks a ton in advance for any info/suggestions!

Liz Courts wrote:
The files listing the errata between printings are for people who want to make notes in their physical copy of the Core Rulebook.

*smacks himself in the head* Gah... of course. lol

I guess I was just associating those DLs with my purchased ones (due to their location under My Downloads) and missed the blatantly obvious answer that they're simply the errata downloads between printings and for those to use with their physical copies of the books. :)

Thanks for the swift answer. :D

Wasn't sure where best to ask this, so figured I'd drop it here on the General Board. :)

I'm new to the whole "buying PDF books" kinda thing (and I didn't see my question answered in a FAQ anywhere... maybe I missed it).

Question 1: Once I purchase a PDF Pathfinder Roleplaying book, can I download it an unlimited number of times on an unlimited number of devices I own? (I mean, can I DL, for instance, the PF Core Rulebook on my two home PCs, my laptop, some other device such as a tablet, etc... as much as I want?) Basically... Is the number of times you can DL a book capped in some way? ...and is there some cap on the number of devices you own that you can DL it to?

Question 2: It seems Paizo commonly puts out new "printings" of their books to incorporate errata. i.e. the PF Core Rulebook I just downloaded is the 4th printing with all the errata. However, I saw there are files that appear to "upgrade" your previously DL'd edition with errata (correct me if I'm seeing that wrong). Why wouldn't you just re-download the book instead?

Thanks for any answers (and bearing with the possibly silly question heh)