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I like it!

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Dean HS Jones wrote:
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Will there be more mutation tables? cause I already have like, 2 or three Mana Waste Mutation tables.
Mutation table table. Roll to see which table you roll on.
Mutation table mutation table. Roll to determine how the mutation table is altered.

What is this? Warhammer 40K 7th Ed. Chaos?

I just want some cyborg goodness, and playable robots. Also some blood. You know... for the blood god.

lordofthemax wrote:
Kharn the Betrayer wrote:
I like them, but would have preferred something more like the thri-keen as my bug people.
Thri-kreen are awesome, but we already have one 4-armed race (which, fun fact, a lot of the community believes was based on le thri-kreen). Two 4-armed races would just be kinda dumb.

I meant more the lean predatory look they have gong on, but I see your point.

I like them, but would have preferred something more like the thri-keen as my bug people.

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MMCJawa wrote:
I somehow thought of Hexus from the Fern Gully movie when reading this...

Ever notice it is the bad guys that always get the coolest songs in kids movies?

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You mean I have to keep clicking on "last" on the page counts? And re-reading to find the last post I have seen?


Yeah the whole comma thing threw me off for YEARS. And don't get me started on the strange ways we measured a circle while in the U.S. Army(6283 mils). And telling people that my mortar had an effective range of 7.2 kilometers? I just started saying five miles because it's easier for us Americans to picture in our head. Even if it is closer to 4.5 miles...

Trying to picture metric measurements in my head just makes me want to burn MAIM KILL!! Blood for the BLOOD GOD!

Of course I can't wait to convert the build of, well, myself I did for Iron Gods.

Edit: Forgot one thing: Blood for the Blood GOD!

Robots. I want to play a robot.

Also... Burn, kill, and whatnot.

Magic is for the weak! Long range combat is for cowards! I will tear my foes apart with my chainaxe! (please let that be a thing)

Rip! Tear! Kill! Burn! Maim! BLOOOOOOD!

I want to play a melee soldier, or possibly a mechanic if I like the companion enough.


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