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The Quiet Lobster

Just after dusk at the Quiet Lobster inn and tavern. It's on a quiet street near the Absalom Docks. The smell of sear air fades and that of cheap but tasty ale and cooking food wafts in as you enter. A couple of serving girls tend to various patrons as the dinner rush sets in. There are a good many people here and clear tables are scarce.

Roog, the barman is laughing as he pours a couple of mugs for a pair of lightly armoured men.

There is a group of performers playing a soft song and a group of half a dozen men, all dressed in foreign clothes, seem to love the song. Surana sees Ryko and Kyan as they enter.

Eat, drink, be merry!

Let's go to Azlant - Each of the players will follow some guidelines and be somewhat affiliated with each other before game starts.

I'm gonna try to get my real-life themes into the game - they're like traits but a bit more detailed and restrictive. I would like one of each for a (somewhat) balanced party.

Each theme will have some guidelines which I'll expand on. Mostly it's just for character creation and to form a good starting group and make sure you're motivated to stick together and to the story. After that you can do what you want (I won't say "Your character wouldn't do that") but here's the basic rundown for this game -

Each theme has a couple of class options

The Inheritor
Taldan or Chelaxian Human Fighter, Magus or Paladin
Your family claims to be directly linked to a pure bloodline tracing all the way back to Azlant. Wield at least one sword, as it's part of the inheritance!

The Scholar
Any race Wizard, Cleric, Monk or Bard
Will need a strong focus on knowledge skills and possibly act as the centre of the group. You've been researching ancient history and made a few amazing discoveries..

The Dreamer
Taldan or Chelaxian Human Oracle, Monk or Fighter
You have amnesia and woke up in a capsule just large enough to hold you..Floating in the docks area of Absalom about three months ago. You can only speak common, and the markings on the capsule are apparently Azlanti writings, but seem to be only names.

The Afflicted
Any race Sorcerer or Barbarian
This character's class abilities (rage or magic) would come from some kind of magical disease or curse that came as a result of being in the wrong place/time - has been more than a bit inconvenient at times.

The Treasure Hunter
Any race Rogue/Bard/Gunslinger
Will get something shiny, and want more!

You have all found each other with a common goal in mind - to explore some Azlanti ruins that have recently been discovered by either The Treasure Hunter or The Afflicted (or both if they're already friends/partners)

This is a basic guideline - each character will also have a couple of other points I'll send to you once I get some interest.. This is a new campaign I'm hoping to run in real life group too.

Character creation rules will be posted if anyone is interested in playing.

Here we begin. I will prequelize each character before they arrive at Ravengro, Starting with he who is prepared.

He looked down at his manacled hands. They were pale, knobbly things that looked almost arthritic. A couple of weeks in the hole had made his skin appear paper-thin, a week without food and sufficient water shrunk the powerful muscle. He had all but chewed off his fingernails while in the hole, not that it had helped to stop the laughter that ringed quietly within his head.

A jolt of pain from the club the guard jabbed into his kidney urged him to look up, making him breathe in sharply. As he looked up at the faces in the small sentencing room, a feeling of rage welled up within him which intensified as the laughter became louder.

The Jurisdeclaris behind a high desk looked at him with detachment and breathed out "You are hereby sentenced to live the remainder of your short life in Harrowstone, which, I hasten to add, is a blessing compared to the extent of your crimes and the suffering of your victims." It looked like the man wanted to spit "There you will reside in the misery of your thoughts until such time as you are drawn, hanged, and quartered. May the gods have no mercy on your blighted soul."

The gavel clanged once, twice then thrice and the laughter got so loud he thought his eyes would leap from his skull just to get away. He closed his eyes but the gavel and the laughter kept getting louder.

Viktor wakes up uncharacteristically late to the sound of a southern woodpecker hammering its beak into the roof of the Number Three barracks. One of the faithful, Rufus, is looking at Viktor as he puts on his boots.

Viktor has spent either some time or a night in Vigil on his way to Ravengro.

So here's where we can roll stats and shoot the shoot.

So I was shunted off another project that was proposed by a few players about (from what I envisioned) was an Indiana-Jonesish archaeology story about the fate of Azlant and Aroden.

I'm likely going to try and recruit for it and start the adventures in Absalom, including some custom traits, but this group of players was special in that they had already established they wanted to play together and just needed a DM.

Anyone interested in creating a GROUP for my game?

I will also impose some hefty restrictions on creation- only core races as well as a default stat array and if anyone wants to play evil, well the group would have to allow it.

So I'm running a homebrew setting that is very low magic in general. Common people have no magic, though the ruling class are sorcerers. Divine magic is possessed only by a select few miracle workers/messiah types, as the gods are quite distant.

Enter the PCs, who are free to play any class. No one chose to play a healer, so I must find a (hopefully un-cheesy) way to get them healed. Also magic items may be difficult to justify being found.

Any thoughts on how I can keep the low-magic concept but maybe get some magic items in there once we get past the first few levels? The obvious is lost civilizations or alien/foreign invasion or travel..

So I was re-watching some Gentleman Gamer and decided I wanna do the same... BG2 'Inspired' type of game as a PBP (can't find an open one to play in). Keep in mind I'd only be starting in the same place as the game but would likely start out lower powered (lv 1/2) and loinclothed in a cage.

Probably use only races/classes from the core book (any archetypes though cause they're awesome, or class/race OPTIONS from apg, etc.)

Your character's backstory can be brief (one or two paragraphs) but try to include one enemy and one ally from your past in the realms somewhere. Keep in mind you can be of any core player race/class ass Bhaal wasn't too picky..

A basic knowledge of the Realms would be preferable - every character will have a free rank of Knowledge: Religion, Local and Geography as I think they should in most settings.

Any interest?!

So I wanna run Carrion Crown but the rest of the books don't interest my players (just from first look) and was wondering what other ap adventures I should add - someone told me to try and run book 2 of council of thieves but the hard part will be tying it all together, also where would I go from there?! any suggestions?!