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So I was shunted off another project that was proposed by a few players about (from what I envisioned) was an Indiana-Jonesish archaeology story about the fate of Azlant and Aroden.

I'm likely going to try and recruit for it and start the adventures in Absalom, including some custom traits, but this group of players was special in that they had already established they wanted to play together and just needed a DM.

Anyone interested in creating a GROUP for my game?

I will also impose some hefty restrictions on creation- only core races as well as a default stat array and if anyone wants to play evil, well the group would have to allow it.

What about a human blade bound magus, who's black blade turns out to be an Azlanti relic, or the vestige of an actual Azlanti psyche trapped in the blade?

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You should add some specifics to your post to clarify. Here are some questions that will have to be answered at some point, better for you to get them out of the way now:

Starting Level?
Starting Wealth?
What is the default stat array?
How many players are you looking for?

I was more trying to gather interest in the 'bring me a group, not a character' angle.

Level 2
Max wealth for first level by class
Default array- 16/15/13/12/10/9
3-5 players whose character backstories are related - they know eachother at least and work/adventure together at best.

I'm going to post some custom (reskinned) traits for this game as well.

Would you allow a blade bound and spell dancer magus? Blade bound reduces the size of arcane pool, and spell dancer changes what you're allowed to spend them on. The two don't conflict, but they modify the same ability so by RAW they might not go together.

To be honest I don't even know much about the magus to begin with. I'll look into it tonight to see, also I'll type out some of my notes later, to get a better idea of what kind of game it'll be.

Dotting for interest. Anything off limits?

Mainly I just limit to core races, as long as I can look up any rules or whatnots. Really I just want those interested to get together and work out why they'd be united in their journeys - but I realize now I should put more info - which I will.

More info is always good.

I can't really tell you if I'm interested based on what is here now ... theoretically, I suppose so?

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Sounds interesting, so you are looking for a group kind of like mission impossible each one with some specialty. So they have to work together.

Edit: I know you said core races, would alternate racial traits from the ARG be available.

Is this going to be more combat oriented, exploration and environmental hazards or a mix of both? I want to be able to make a concept that would work for the game.

How is magic being handled? None, low, medium or commonplace?
Which alignments are not allowed?
Would the group need a face or does this take place away from any political/social work?

Just a few thoughts that come to mind. I look forward to seeing your reply on this.

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