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Greetings all and sundry.

Why Not Games is seeking playtesters for our upcoming Weird Planets line of Starfinder compatible products. Each title in the series will feature an entire star system, a section focusing on one planet in the system, a new race, new creature entries, story hooks, and whatever equipment, feats, spells, or what have you we fill best fit and flesh out the setting.

Our core team of in-house playtesters are toiling away on other projects. We are seeking up to four other groups to playtest the first Weird Planet, Catopia Prime. This title covers the Kätze System, the planet Catopia Prime, and the Caturday who reside there, as well as deadly creatures native to the planets and moons of the system, new equipment, and a terrible threat to Catopia Prime and beyond!

Those wishing to playtest will receive the text only pdf of the work, and when it is released the fully illustrated final cut.

Send an email to: for more information, or check us out at

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I have tried searching here and through the rules, but I can't find anything addressing characters paying for their cost of living upkeep during the time between adventures. Do they need to pay for rent, food, etc... until their next society gig (after all , the Grand Lodge in Absalom sounds like it has really poor accommodations and discourages freeloaders)?

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