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I also would really like to see a way to bulk download purchased content.

It is going to take 15-20 minutes to download everything I bought today. That is ridiculous.

Also, RSI exists. Please try to design your site to not cause it.

I haven't done too much but so far I've changed one thing.

Meerthan is a Cerebremancer (Psion[Seer] 3 - Wizard 3 - Cerebremancer 8 to be precise).

I've also changed the Striders (since I don't use the default deities) to a more general group of people who watch the region for events that may cause major changes. When they find such an event they see what they can learn about it then take a side.

I fully plan on making other changes. in my world magic and psioncis are about equal in use so I want to reflect that in the campaign. I just haven't gotten that far. Of course my group is only just into Jzardirune so I have time.