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Very disappointed with the quality. The cards use cardboard and not cardstock, which means they will crease super easily. Have to sleeve if you want any hope of shuffling safely. Some cards were stuck together (from the cutting process I imagine) but wasn't terribly difficult to separate. Most of them are misaligned, but thankfully not cut off. A number of them have indentations from I'm assuming the packing process (on the card backs). Due to the cardboard nature of how they are cut a number of them have frayed edges on the rules side of the cards.

I like the handy reference the cards give, and the sample seeds that the books are sorely lacking, but the card quality itself is a huge disappointment, especially when some of their other card products are much better produced.

1.5 out of 5

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the OP has to be trolling, right?

Why do the digital 2E Crit Hit & Crit Fumble decks not have card back images?

Why do the digital 2E Crit Hit & Crit Fumble decks not have card back images?

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Mr_Shed wrote:
2e's rules have you generate income at the start of the turn, and any leftover RP is converted to XP at the end of the turn, so gaining a bunch of additional RP turn 1 is less useful since there's an effective cap on how much RP a Kingdom can spend in a single turn (they only have so many actions).

That being the case, giving some RP at the start like in 1E would help with the slow leveling. If you're supposed to spend a year (12 turns) catching the Kingdom level to the party level, consensus seems to be that is impossible RAW.

Also, I messaged Legendary Games and their Kickstart next week for Ultimate Faeries is going to have their take on the 2E Kingdom rules. I'm very interested to see how that turns out, and if they actually had playtesting.

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Legendary Games already said they gonna do an Ultimate line for 2E for the new Kingdom & Warfare rules... Probably going to wait for that before trying to run this.

CorvusMask wrote:
I mean the extended character entries were stretch goals in in the crowdfunder.

I was not a backer, but I thought I saw something about a backer exclusive pdf with leveled up companions? Am I misremembering?

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Iirc the 1e AP did give you BP, so I'm surprised to hear 2e gives nothing. Seems like an oversight?

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
If you have access to the original version then wherever possible use the original DCs, traps and treasure. You'll need to do some manual conversion work for some of the new sections though.

That is a big oof. Was hoping DCs would be usable at least. :(

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I do not have any experience with PF2, but listened to a few videos on YT about changes. Have run half of the original AP before, and new group wants to play Kingmaker and I like the expanded story of the new book. I know the PF1 Bestiary gives stats for the encounters in it, but what about converting other aspects of the AP? Skill check DCs stands out as the main thing to me. Comparing the same hexploration encounters between the two books some DCs are higher and others lower. This is all a long way of asking my question...

If running the new Kingmaker in PF1, can I just use the DCs of skill checks and other non-combat things, or do I need to do more work to convert the AP to PF1?

Is there going to be restock of singles for this? The Pegasus & Drake are sold out.


I haven't run it yet, but my plan is just to not calculate XP and when they get out of the sewers be all like "congratulations you hit second level!"