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Nice form, but now doesn't work with the redefinition of untrained skills.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
page 34 sidebar (Human ancestry) wrote:


One additional language, selected from those to which you have access
Everyone has access to all common things, by definition, so you can select any common language. Regional languages are all uncommon, but you can pick anything from the Common Languages table on page 40 (which includes Elven).

Thanks. That makes getting "Elven" on your language list a lot less special LOL

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I made up a Half-Elf to play in the playtest adventure. I took Elven Stride (+5 feet of movement) and Low Light Vision from the half-elf feat. Because the character's Human half is Taldan, I went to look at my language list. It is Common/Taldane and 1 bonus feat from my "available list" which is your ethnicity or region. Since my ethnicity is Taldan and has no other language associated, and my region is Taldor, and so isn't on the regional list, what are my options for my bonus languages? I gook Elven, but that seems cheating (getting three benefits from Half-Elf). But it is on the Common Languages list, which is supposed to common everywhere.

Is that okay? What "list" exactly is a Taldan supposed to choose from?

Thank you.

Thanks. Yeah, it seemed weird to me when I couldn't find anything.

I sat down to play my first game of Starfinder yesterday. It was the first scheduled game in our Society, though some had played at GenCon.

I played a Vesk soldier with an azimuth artillery laser, damage 1d10, charges 20, usage 2. I was told that because because it is usage 2 and shoots 2 charges, it is actually 1d10 per charge, so each shot was actually 2d10 of damage. I hadn't recalled that rule, but admittedly I had to read through the rules rather quickly to be ready and could have missed it, and they had played at GenCon and I hadn't. But I went back and scoured the weapons section and couldn't find anything that says that.

Were they wrong? Should I be doing only 1d10 damage instead of 2d10 when standard action firinh with usage 2?