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Just so you know while Monday is the best time for me and my sister we are open to other days and times for our Clermont games. If you are interested in playing PFS organized play in or near Clermont please e-mail me about the best times for you and those you know.

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My sister and I have been running PFS scenarios at Gamer's Emporium LLC in Clermont, FL every Monday. However our attendance has been very light. If there are anymore PFS players in the Clermont area we are currently starting the games at 2pm. Could you let us know that you are interested and if so when would be the best time for you to attend the game?

If you'd like to sign up we do have our scenarios listed on

We would love to see you there.

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And now the real question is does all of this stack with the 'lunge' feat from Page 130 of the core rule book?

Prerequisites: BAB +6
Benefit: You can increase the reach of your melee attacks by 5 feet until the end of your turn by taking a -2 penalty to your AC until your next turn. You must decide to use this ability before any attacks are made.

If so then with a little prep work you could have 20 feet of reach with just your arms and 25 feet of reach with a reach weapon, that would be frustrating.

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Yes! While I probably won't be playing a Kobold in regular society play for at least two more years, if not longer, at the very least I can play some pregens.

This is awesome, I hope to see more Kobold adventures in the future. They have to catch up with the Goblins after all.

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Sorry for dredging this thread up after months of dormancy but I wanted to get peoples reaction to my diminutive race. Which I loosely based off of the rat familiar in the bestiary I.

I wanted to make my race as close to this guide as possible. How did I do?

Here are the traits as I have made them.

Rat Racial Traits:
-4 Strength +2Dexterity +2 Intelligence: Physically tiny and weak Rats are nimble in body and mind.

Diminutive: Rats are diminutive creatures and gain a +4 size bonus to their Armor Class, a +4 size bonus on attack rolls, a -4 penalty to their Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +12 size bonus on stealth checks.

Continuous Movement: Rats have a base speed of 20 feet which does not diminish when climbing or swimming.

Low-Light Vision: Rats can see twice as far as humans in dim lighting. see Chapter 7 Pages 172-173 (Pathfinder Core Rule Book).

Keen Senses: Rats receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Scent: Rats have the Scent ability.

Spell Resistance: Rats receive a resistance to spells of 6+class levels.

Sure-Footed: Rats receive a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics and Climb skill checks.

Languages: Rats begin play knowing Common. Rats with high Intelligence scores can choose from any language.

and here is how I think they work out;

-4 (speed of 20)
-2 (-2 penalty to stat that already has an adjustment)
+2 (speed is not reduced when swiming or climbing)
+1 (Low-Light Vision)
+1 (Keen senses +2 to perception)
+6 (Scent ability)
+4 (spell resistance)
+2 (Sure-footed +2 to acrobatics and Climb skill checks)

What do you think about this, is it balanced or just plain nuts?