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Vigilante 1 (Werebat Form) | HP 9 | AC: 16, T: 13, FF: 13| Fort: +1, Ref: +5 , Will: +2 | CMD: 12, | Init: +5 | Perception: +4 (+6 at night)| SM: +4

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Character Sheet

Julian was born to loving parents in Portland, but his father died before Julian remembers. Julian’s mother has to work long hours as a waitress so she wasn’t able to be home much with Julian especially as he got to be older. When Julian was 13, he had an episode at school. He was walking to class and all of a sudden it was as though his hearing doubled and he couldn’t take it. He collapsed with a blinding headache but no one could figure out what the problem was. Eventually, it went away and he moved on. But every once in a while, he would have the same issue and it took longer and longer to recover, but eventually, he realized that it didn’t hurt as much, he was getting used to the enhanced hearing. Slowly, he realized that he had other abilities as well. When he realized he could sometimes smell particularly well, he started to experiment. He could grow skin flaps under his arms and jump down extremely long distances without hurting himself and he could even grow fangs. These abilities amazed him, but he was scared to let anyone know, even his mother.
Julian was always a likable guy. The kind of person who got along with everyone. In school he was popular and charismatic but he was never very close to anyone, his fear was always that he would accidentally let someone in on his secret.

Eventually, he discovered that he could completely turn himself into a bat. He was jubilant at the discovery and soared across the sky, but he saw something that shocked him. He witnessed a mugging, and he had no idea what to do. He was scared to intervene and it was over so fast. But he could follow the perpetrators. He watched them and found out where they were staying. An anonymous call to the police ended with them locked up and Julian knew that he had a gift that needed to be used. He trained himself and continued to watch. Many calls were made to the police.

One evening, while he was patrolling, he spotted a group that seemed suspicious. They went to a building that he had thought was abandoned and broke in firing weapons. Terrified, he watched and was shocked when, a huge ugly troll emerged from a back room and attacked the people. The battle was brutal but the mysterious group prevailed and Julian’s interest was piqued. He followed them to their base and approached them after a week of monitoring, offering his services.

The Riot Crew accepted him in, giving him training with weapons and helping him to hone his innate racial magic.

Julian is now 21, and he still lives with his mom. He works by day at the library and works for The Riot Crew in the evening when he is needed. He is personable to all who allow him to be and loves the good that they provide to the community.

Julian provides surveillance and scouts for the team. He can provide some combat utility and neutralize individual threats sometimes but the others appreciate him for the intel he gives them about layouts of buildings and the like. He always works under disguise, not to confuse his teammates, who know his identity, but to safeguard himself and his mother from reprisal. Build in link under alias background.

1. Julian knows nothing about his werebat heritage. Is his mother a werebat? Was his father?
2. Julian would do anything for his mother, even betray The Riot Crew if that’s what it took

3. He would also do anything to keep his identity safe and private from the larger community