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Yeah, about that tree...

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NobodysHome wrote:

So how bad is it around here?

Being between projects, I took the day off to try to work on the garage for Impus Major, as Winter Is Coming.

I moved the sawhorses and tools out front, took the bikes out back, moved the plywood to the sawhorses, cut the plywood to size, and carried it in.

And by that point I was out of breath and my lungs were burning.

The air is NOT good here.

I have to switch to paperwork, game prep, and assembling the drywall lift. Physical labor is obviously NOT a good idea today...

How can such a smart guy be such a dumbass?


From stupidity comes stories. From stories comes laughter. From laughter comes joy.

Or I'm just an idiot.

Take your pick.

A little bit from column A, a little bit from column B.

You's know columns!

And letters and countings too's!

That's some fancy learnin' there!

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Tree stumps you say!