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change the name ??
i really don`t think Glimmerhold is too close to Glitterhame. I think both are pretty cool, memorable names that can exist parallel. Probs though for remembering it.

Great work once again. Cool plot and the encounters promise to be action packed. Can`t wait to read or even play the whole thing.

nice little classic encounter. Low-level encounters tend to be one-dimensional, but this seems to play out quite interesting. Good work

the map disappointed me at once. Then when I read on, and noticed that more than 10 people plus the PCs are supposed to fight in there I really didn`t know if that would work out well. And why should the ceremony take place in such small rooms?
The many names confused me too, and if I would run this encounter in my campaign, the players would`nt even know what is going on, since the only hint they have is Hadina smile and that she doesn`t turn into a monster. But neither do the townspeople.
The location turning evil is probably the only thing I would include in my campaign and redo the rest.

I have to play this encounter. It is so full of action, and not close to any encounter I have played before. I thought about including a chase in my adventures, but with this setting it might actually work out well. Awesome.

well, although the monsters are kinda cool to use, the introduction didn`t grab me at all.
It starts like a christmas tale and doesn`t make me think of monsters at all. You might have wanted to show that contrast, but I would have liked a more precise introduction to those monster. The descriptions later are nice though.

Works a lot better as a city. Could be used as a traveling-device for the PCs. If it would be only a city, the PCs would also be more cooperative when defending it. Should be the main city of a county, with a little shortening.

Great work, many cool ideas. Keeping a bleeding head alive the remain the ruling power of a country; awesome and very fantasy.
I also like the formatting. The important facts and names can easily be found. I could see myself using this in as an adventure.
Of course the main characters could have been described more thoroughly, but with the word-limit you have to leave out something.

I like this country, the family-tragedy of the king has a shakespearian flair, which i like a lot, because it is always actual.
The names are cool, although Stavros is a commom greek name meaning cross. But since I love greek names like Stavros or Petros its fine to me. This setting could work in a campaign with the many greek gods.

although i like the prison colony setting you really have to careful with the names. Players can really get stuck on weak names and this can ruin hours of good roleplaying. On the opposite a cool name adds a lot of atmosphere.